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Aug 182010

First of all, i know we had about 55% possession vs Young Boys. However we kept giving it away cheaply and didnt keep it for long enough to dictate tempo and rhythm. We never settled till we were 3-0 down!

Think about Spain and England at the WC – both had lots of possession but who were the better team? Why? because England kept going straight up field and losing it whereas Spain passed and probed and pulled defences out of position. (Spain also had a much better team but you see my point)

There’s been a lot of criticism flying around and the usual players are getting stick; you know, the likes of Bassong, BAE, Palacios, Gio, Pav whereas other players played shocking and didn’t get mentioned. For me the whole team needs to put their hand up.

Now i actually didn’t think BAE was that bad so i watched the game again to have another look and yeah ok i changed my mind. He was poor without a doubt. But as for Palacios, he’s been accussed of hardly putting a pass together last night and i have to say thats absolute crap!

Two biggest problems for Spurs were defensive mistakes and losing possession so here’s some facts from the game;

1st half mistakes; Bassong 2, BAE 2, Dawson 1, Corluka 1
1st half Losing possession; Pav 5, Corluka 4, Modric 4, BAE 3, Dawson 2, Gio 1, Defoe 1, Palacios 1

2nd half mistakes; Dawson 1, Palacios 1
2nd half losing possession; Palacios 5, Hudd 5, Krancjar 4, Pav 4, Dawson 4, Bale 2, Corluka 2, Gio1, Bassong 1, Keane 1

Sometimes i feel that as fans we don’t like certain players and so we look for negatives and of course find them. The reverse is true of other players of course. Let’s not just abuse players out of habit – Modric Dawson Krancjar Corluka all had poor games as well. Even Gomes didn’t play well.

  4 Responses to “Maintaining Possession In European Games”

  1. I think most of our players are too slow and slow-witted. Also the set up of the team on the field was totally wrong. On the contrary YB were set up very clever by their trainer. They were pulling towards the middle line our 4 slow defenders and with their 3 fast forwards they were taking advance of the empty space behind our defensing line.

  2. Why are so many people reading so much into this? There were too many variables in the equation to give a balanced assessment of our players. Before we go into the pitch, no one actually mentions that Young Boys are well into their season – admittedly they haven’t started it well, but there is a difference there. Young Boys have also played an extra qualifying round, so they are all in the swing of Europe too. They were at home too. Palacios was playing his first game of season, and didn’t feature much in pre season. It was Pav’s and Dos Santos’s first starts. All this before we get to the pitch – which caused Harry to ‘rest’ Lennon, Hudd, King to protect their knees etc. Now, I am not using these as excuses – YB Berne were the better team on the night, and should be disappointed not to come away with a better result. These are all reasons why we shouldn’t get carried away with it. Judge them next week. The one thing that maybe we can take away from it is our apparent reliance on Hudd.

  3. The entire team lacked speed & agility generally. We need to strengthen in these areas and the relevent coaches need to emphasize this to the team. Obviously the home team had their advantages but let us not forget their speed , accurate passing & atheleticism. They outclassed us in these areas particularly in the first half. My question is : Are we going to take advantage of our the home ground advantage & support we have in the 2nd leg ? The players themselves need to answer this question.

  4. The writing was on the wall when YB’s beat Fenerbache away, some people need to get theirs heads out of the sand.

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