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Jul 112010

HARRY REDKNAPP has reportedly agreed a new three year deal to mastermind Tottenham’s Champions League challenge.

He Stays !!! - 3 year deal for 'Arry !

Redknapp had held talks with ambitious side Al Ahli of Dubai last month, but has opted to stay with the lillywhites.

Spurs chairman Daniel Levy put the finishing touches to Redknapp’s new deal just as the club began their pre-season preparations with a comfortable 4-0 win at Bournemouth.

He has taken up a two-year option to extend Redknapp’s £3m-a-year deal as they aim to consolidate their position as a top four team.

Redknapp has been given a 10 per cent pay rise after lengthy discussions with Levy.

He had a year left on his existing contract, but he now has a deal to stay at Spurs until 2013.

Redknapp had been tempted by the £3m-a-year tax free deal on offer in Dubai, but the club refused to pay his £8m release fee.

The Arab side offered the former Pompey boss various incentives to sign, including a villa, chauffeur-driven car and healthcare for his family as part of an amazing package.

Instead, Redknapp wants to finish the job at Tottenham and has turned his attention to boosting his squad for their debut season in the Champions League.

What he wants …..

Levy has another meeting with Joe Cole’s agent in the diary, but his wage demands would break Spurs’ strict wage policy.

White Hart Lane’s top earners pull in around £60,000 a week and Cole left Chelsea on just short of £80,000.

He has been offered a deal by Arsenal, but has been playing a waiting game after the World Cup.

Redknapp is also on the lookout for a top drawer central defender as doubts continue over Jonathan Woodgate’s future.

Woodgate returned from a long-term treatment plan in Australia two weeks ago, but there is no return date set.

Ledley King’s appearances are also restricted with his chronic knee condition, leaving Redknapp with no alternative but to plan for the worst case scenario.

  13 Responses to “Major Deal Agreed …..”

  1. Thought there were positive vibes regarding Woody, and its such a shame if its the end of the road for him. In any event a centre half was always going to be a priority at some stage, so the sooner the better if that’s the case.
    Its too easy saying that we’ve got cover, but Charlie and Kabul are not the best in that position, and if Bassong is injured, we cannot reply on Ledders with the non-stop games early in the season. Our entire season could depend on getting this right now, so its more a question of who than when.

  2. Is it just me that believes we don’t need Joe Cole, although he is a talented player, we have too many mid fielders and playing with him could result in an in-balance in the team. Apparently he is insisting on playing in the middle. That would mean a lennon cole hudd Modric midfield and dropping bale back to left back, which is a risk in itself. Were does kranjcar fit in? same with major Wilson
    A top class striker and solid versatile defender is what we need
    Diego Forlan, Cavani, ?
    Kjaer Richards ?

  3. Definitely not Alex, My concerns over Cole are why Chelsea have allowed such a quality player to go in the first place?.It’s not as though he’s rubbish, he’ll meet the new rule, he can only go to a competitor and all of this for free!, well about 15-18 million if that’s new’ free’. Anyway if it looks like a pig ,smells of pork and grunts then its a pig. Secondly its where he’s meant to play, if it’s left side, then where does Bale play?, as an ineffective left back again as opposed to something of a revelation further up field? or lets play him middle, oh well that’s Modric’s position I thought?. No when you really get down to it, its a transfer that makes no sense and threes no sense in buying him free or not!, well he’s not is he?

  4. I don’t think we need him but I do think he would make a great addition to the squad

  5. If we need him buy him but i am more concerned about the defence ,WE NEED A GOOD CENTRAL DEFENDER.We also need A PROLIFIC[25 GOALS A SEASON] STRIKER. There are strikers for sale at the momemt but i am struggling to think of a good defender at present.Instead of going for a 10to 20 million striker how about 30 million striker or has all the money been allocated for Joe Coles wages. As has already been said we dont need Joe Cole but it would be good as a message to others that we have got him but at what cost to other areas of team

  6. Essexian – I thought I was alone in this one. Everyone seems to want him, but it is strange how they are letting him go. He is insisting on getting first team football – but that worries me. Modric & Lennon are undroppable, and Hudd will improve and making himself hard to drop too. Add Cole to that and we have a major headache.

  7. And also his wages will cause disharmony with the players that have got us this far. Ok I know he’s a quality player and all, but Spurs played as a team last term, not a bunch of individuals as they have done before. But I cannot for the life of me understand Chelsea’s attitude towards him, it doesn’t make footballing or economic sense at all?
    That aside its now essential that the centre half position is dealt with before anything else, this and perhaps a quality striker is far more important than Cole who’ll disrupt our team I feel..maybe that’s Chelsea’s cunning plan after all?

  8. The best news ever, if it’s true, is that Harry’s staying. Joe cole not essential in my view, I don’t think he’s any better than what we already have. As for woodgate, look what we achieved without him last season. I’m more worried about our strikeforce with Pav and Keane almost certain to leave and now I here that crouchy is open to a move back to scouseland. We’ve been linked with a whole number of world class strikers recently, will we get one, let alone three?

  9. We 100% don’t need Joe Cole. I can see nothing but major problems if this deal is allowed to go through. We have more than enough good midfield players who, dare l say it, offer us more than Cole would, good player though he is. We should concentrate our efforts on bringing in a central defender and a decent striker (Forlan). Why oh why do we need to invesr further in midfield? Don’t forget we have Sandro to come in. Please Harry, don’t be blinded by the Cole hype and the fact he is a free transfer – this move could end up costing us, both financially and through disharmony.

  10. right, mr levy will not do a deal that is of no benefit to us and harry knows what he is doing. i personally feel cole would be a great buy( champions league experience and won’t mind being in a rotation policy because thats what he was doing at chelsea) and also ever heard of a 5 man midfield like the dutch: 2 holding players- Thudd and palacios att mid- modric right mid- lennon left mid- cole and that can be rotated to bring kranjcar and bentley in and may even bring the best out in jenas. so lets stop worrying and let harry and levy do the business.

  11. Worth also noting that we have signed Sandro who could be a revelation, and Dos Santos should get game time after a great World Cup. Perhaps Harry see’s u s switching to a 4-5-1 after the success of it at the Wold Cup. Not a bad midfield Sandro and Palacious holding with Lennon, Modric and Bale storming forward. With Kranjar and Dos Santos in the wings – got to agree Joe Cole great player but cant see the fit.

  12. In reply to Nathan, there’s nore than adequate players at Spurs, overloaded if we’re honest. But taking on board your point, Cole has expressly said that the system at Chelsea wasn’t to his liking and therefore wouldn’t accept it there, so why would he at Spurs?. Keane for example gave out similar vibes on his return, and soon found out that that he wasn’t as good as perhaps he thought?. You state that Harry knows best and I find it hard to disagree, but he played Bale at full back against Utd, this after the guy tore Arsenal and Chelsea to shreds playing midfield, so many of us would suggest that, and pretty much cost us any chance of taking anything from the game with a poor team selection, reverting back, the very next game. Every manager has a favourite or two, but sometimes its a mangers blinkered vision that ultimately causes his and his teams downfall. This is one victory I hope Arsenal win, as I cant see where Cole would fit in there either!, and really they’re struggling for cash, so its also a drain on their resources as well.

  13. And where exactly do you get details of a contract supposedly offered to Harry? On what date and where did he meet them? Total poppycock, he wouldn’t be in the slightest bit interested with Champions League football on the horizon and a chairman prepared to spend some money.

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