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Sep 072010


The transfer window has hardly had time to mist up before the latest rumour hits the surface and it involves our very own Jermain Defoe. Sources in Italy are circulating rumours suggesting Juventus intend making a move for our pocket rocket come January.

Defoe, 27, is on the Italian club’s radar as he continues to impress for both Spurs and England. The hit-man’s hat-trick against Bulgaria at Wembley last week — after previously scoring twice in the second leg of Spurs’ crucial Champions League play-off game against Young Boys — has seen his stock rise sharply around Europe, and he could be the answer for Juventus, who have been looking at signing a striker.

La Vecchia Signora are said to be keeping the spotlight firmly on Defoe, whose contract with Spurs expires in 2014.

A January transfer could arise, but the Bianconeri would have to offer the Premier League outfit at least €16 million (£13.3m) to garner attention and overcome Tottenham’s likely resistance to a sale.

The Old Lady added Jorge Martinez and Fabio Quagliarella to their forward ranks this summer, but Luigi Del Neri is looking for the pace and shoot-on-sight instincts Defoe offers, reports Tuttosport.

What a week for Defoe, hat trick for England, being compared to David Villa of Spain by Ian Wright (thats what friends are for) and now apparently on Juve’s wanted list. Although Defoe is known to happy at White Hart Lane after his reunion with Harry Redknapp and Spurs, Juve will remain hopeful that their status as one of the biggest clubs in Europe might persuade the 27-year old to make a move.

Defoe added goals 13, 14 and 15 to his tally on Friday night in his 44th appearance.  Defoe is one of the most prolific scorers within the English Premier League and has scored 29 in 50 starts and 7 substitute appearances since his return to White Hart Lane after scoring 17 in 34 starts and 2 appearances off the bench with Harry Redknapp at Portsmouth.

Could the desire be there to now prove himself on the continent whilst in his prime? Following the World Cup there was a belief England player’s experience and effectiveness is limited to the Premier League.  Defoe could be the first player to make a leap from the safety of the Premier League into the uncertainty of Europe for some time.  We as a nation import many players but very rarely export.  Is this because we over price them, or is it simply we have something in our make up which is fatally flawed?

However this plays out, we as a club must make sure any deal benefits all parties with the emphasis on the fee involved sufficient to enable the financing of a suitable replacement.

  26 Responses to “Make us an offer we can’t refuse.”

  1. how long you been supporting spurs or are u like a lot on these webs armchair suppoprters
    you are a right pleb ,a deal benifits all parties what planet you on nothing would benifit selling players in jan
    numpty neaver mind the team disruption just get the fee why dont you sod off this site no spurs supporter in their right mind sell in jan except Keane

  2. Utter rubbish. I’m a Spurs and Juve fan and could never see this work for either club or JD.
    Contact me when it happens .

  3. This ain’t championship manager. You don’t just ship out first team players and ship in better replacements.

    Look at Berba & Carrick. Quality that was not properly replaced despite big money replacements – Zokora (£8m) and Pavlyuchenko (£14m).

    Who could we get in January to replace Defoe. It has not been possible to buy a striker this summer and would be even more or a task to do it in January.

    If still in the Champions League, the choice of quality replacements who would qualify to play CL would be almost zero.

    Come on, grown up!! How about some thoughtful comment

  4. Might as well sell our soul and ambitions whikle at it. No-one goes in January window.

  5. Ha!ha!.you tell him spur1950..defoe going nowhere 4 eny price..numpty..gone are the days when spurs were merely a stepping stone to the bigger clubs..we are a big club going places..COYS

  6. He only scored once in the champs league 2nd leg but i still wouldnt sell him no matter what they offer

  7. Whether we like it or not there are rumours regarding the approach for Jermaine Defoe it is not made up and I’m pretty sure we all agree he would not be sold in January but that doesn’t mean it wont go on into next summer especially if we are not in the Champions League,Wishboner is merely asking for your opinions on this mater,be gentle.

  8. Quite agree the second part is where teams hope to either be there, or there abouts and push on so the last thing on your mind would be to sell off your best players defoe has already said he wants to finish his playing time at spurs .so this is really a none starter story!

  9. Be gentle? Christ, we’re all adults aren’t we?

    I think the author(s) on this site should be willing to take criticism where it’s due. Plenty of times I’ve clicked on here and had to endure some pretty shocking articles. This is actually one of the better ones. At least it’s spelt correctly.

    Be gentle? How about grow some thicker skin or write bettter. Which ever comes first.

  10. Juve are not in the CL, Spurs are, get a grip man.

  11. Not gonna happen. Defoe won’t want to go, Harry won’t want to sell him and, bearing in mind Bent cost us £17m, we won’t have a chance in hell of getting a player of equal quality for £13m. Also can you see a board room brawler like Levy letting an asset like him go for that price? OK, as has been mentioned, he sold Carrick and Berbatov but he screwed almost £50m out of United for those two.

    All it is is a compliment. Some of the best teams in Europe are coveting our players such as Defoe and Bale. Good. It shows we’re going places.

  12. footballers having a brainless chat lol

  13. We’ve spent the entire summer looking to bolster our strike force and we didn’t achieve it. We’re looking for one more world class striker to complement what we already have up front to take us to the next level and your asking our opinion for the best price for Defoe? Are you off your rocker or what!! He is one of the most prolific goalscorers in the premiership and he plays for us. Hasselbank believes that he is the most natural goalscorer of any english players and he plays for us. AND YOU WANT TO NEGOTIATE THE BEST PRICE “FOR BOTH PARTIES”!!! I think you should negotiate yourself off this website mate. You must be a gooner!

  14. I don’t mind selling Defoe…just pay me £40mil and he’s all yours…Put up or SHUT UP Juve…

  15. When he’s on form Defoe is probably the best finisher in the Prem. The fact though that he has long spells when he isn’t on form and that if he isn’t scoring he doesn’t do much for the team stops him from being a £30m player. If Levy could get someone to pay £30m for him I’d say sell, but realistically £16/£17m is probably the max we’d get so it wouldn’t be in our best interest.

  16. defoe is hugely overrated, this is not just my personal view, look at the stats. he has never scored over 20 league goals in a season, for a striker who never passes, and offers little to the team when not scoring it isn’t good enough. the problem would be replacing him.

  17. LOL, Nah! be as vicious as you like, probably the closest you’ll ever come to confrontation is behind a keyboard….. The article is from an Italian newspaper and its up to the individual whether they believe its content or not, these articles are posted with the deliberate intention to stimulate debate, rather than upset anyone, therefore I make no apologies for posting it.

    As for how long I’ve been a Spurs fan and whether I’m of the armchair variety or not, well I could say anything couldn’t I ? Suffice to say I will be at the Hawthorns on Saturday and cordially invite anyone who wishes to have a shant under the away stand, you can pm me with the deets on the forum. 😉

  18. OK Squirrel and thanks,I do try to improve with every article I write and with a bit of luck I’ll get there in the end.

  19. Constructive criticism is welcome, vitriol is not, especially from someone who uses text jargon and cannot string sentences together. If that plank from the 1950’s had read the article in context he would have realised the comments were not mine. My summary at the end was a generalisation on all transfers being beneficial in particular to the club. Personally I think the story is bollocks but it was available for public consumption and I felt obliged to print it.

  20. Apart from a lack of full stops I saw nothing wrong with Foggy’s first post. As for what Wishboner wrote I recognised it as an existing article as I’d already read it on the Spurs news page.

  21. Defoe has never quite lived up to his full potential IMHO, but having said that he is still our most prolific scorer at present. I can’t see the sense in selling him until we have signed his repacement first.

    I still believe that Pav should have an extended run in the team. We all know what Crouch can do and until we can see if Pav can offer us the same or better options, I think playing Defoe and Crouch week in, week out, is like the Heskey experiment (that went on far too long) with England.

    To quote Benjamin Franklin “The definition of insanity is to perform the identical experiment every day hoping for a different result”. Don’t get me wrong, I like Crouch, but he always reminds me of an octopus wearing football boots that is missing four tentacles when he move movements.

  22. David Baddiel said he has to look away when Crouch falls over as he has a fear of spiders lol.

  23. come on guys did you ever see the amount of times defoe is clean through and hammers the ball straight at the keeper hes good but hes no villa,torres or rooney .why you think rednapp was so keen to get a top striker in.

  24. To compliment JD shadey not to replace him, Harry is one of Defoe’s biggest fans its the other 3 who should be looking over their shoulders…..

  25. firstly to shadey,

    defoe is a killer, he is dangerous and shoots on site why compare him with rooney when rooney shoots on site aswell, defoe adds something different to spurs and secondly, we would be foolish to let him go, what utter nonsense oh and for £13 mill, your having a laugh more like £23 mil, btw he loves london anyway so cant see him going

  26. Not trying to insult the guy and would not sell him ,as was said who would you get in to replace him for 13mil. just think if we are going to step to next level we need someone thats going to finish every time .A 30 to 40 goal man rather than a 20 odd man i believe this would mean less of those horrible days eg wolves and wigan .i was gutted when fabiano didnt happen.

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