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Dec 072011

As a Spurs fan, I can’t help but go to bed smirking about the Citizens’ short-lived and somewhat underachieving exploits in the tournament. I think I’ll take an opportunity to speak my mind here:

As soon as Manchester City thrashed Spurs 5-1 at White Hart Lane, the Sky Sports pundits quickly started to compare them to the likes of BARCELONA! Well I wonder if they’ll now stop counting someone else’s chickens before they’ve hatched. One swallow doesn’t make a summer.

Barcelona would start their season with a thrashing and keep it up across the board [Champions League], not in one particular competition [the Premier League]. If Manchester City are Barcelona, then Tottenham Hotspur must be the new Manchester United….Exactly, it hasn’t got to that stage and won’t for a while!!!

  50 Responses to “Man City: Money talks, but for once it can SHUT-UP!”

  1. Spot on,going to bed an even happier Yiddo,It just goes to show money does`nt buy you happiness hahahahahahahaha! COYS!!!

  2. Money may not buy them happiness, but I for one will be a lot happier with the £20 I got off a mate who thought city would go further than spurs did last season. He’s in for a bad day tomorrow, he’s also a Utd fan :). COYS TTID

  3. I’m smiling ….. THFC have been the most successful club outside the traditional top 4 otherwise known as Sky4 in the Champions League…. I remember pundits predicting Man Citeh were certainties to WIN the Champions League this year…. Adrian Durham aka Dickhead predicted that the same Man Citeh were better than Barcalona !!!! EAT your words – makes me laugh so much and so hard…. so COYMS!!!!!

  4. Seems funny to me that TH fans are smirking about City going out of the CL with 10 points in the group rounds. Have you twats never heard the saying “He who laughs last….” ? Just to point out City are still unbeaten in the PL this season, thats the league you lot are in. Chances are we will be back in the CL next season, stronger and better. Looking forward to the visit of the mighty Spurs to the Etihad. How many do you reckon we’ll score? Six or only five??


    So what you had one more game than us in the CL we did ok first team in 6 years to not go through with 10 points, but yep thats are fault, we will just have to settle for the domestic treble, and maybe the Europa…. MUGS

    • ONE – none of us ever said we will in the league, we have said we have a chance.

      TWO – YOUR own manager has said after YOUR game that the Europa league is not important, you will be fielding weaker teams unless you reach the final.

      THREE – We finished better in our début champions league season by spending a lot less money than any other of the top 6 clubs and in the group of death that year, we are having the best run in the league we have ever had (as our you) WHY ARE WE NOT ALLOWED TO BE OPTIMISTIC. go back to your own blogs!!

      • No

        • mature -.-

        • And actually we had 4 more games than you in the Champions League seeing as we beat Milan over two legs then played 2 more games against Real Madrid, this is all after beating the reigning champions in the group stages whilst you had no runners up or winners in your champions league group! If i were a City fan,after all the money you have spent at least a runners up in the group would have been good!

    • One more game? Are you some sort of moron? AC Milan x 2 plus Real Madrid x 2…. hmmm… think that’s 4 games… not to mention top of our group…

      • Dont worry about it. In all honesty I lived near manchester for a few years and they define a calculator as a roll of toilet papaer and used crayon (if you have a unused roll of toilet paper your were ‘public school’)… Show mercy..

        • Yeah and i visited Tottenham once, well i think it was, it could of been anywhere in the world……. shit hole lol

    • we played 4 more you bellend ac milan twice n real madrid twice we got to quarters u failed miserably to get past first round youll not be laughing when ade is top scorer n we win league coys

  6. This is a THFC blog. Do supporters of other clubs really have nothing better to do? Sad…

  7. Go for it – after all you have the talent don’t you – you are SO good! Spurs last year got to the quarters – that means 4 extra games…. the one thing I am having a go are at all the pundits not at you lot – they are the who predicted you would win the CL this year… you lot are respected so please don’t behave like your quieter neighbours – bragging away. Btw that game in August was when we were in total disarray – I’m looking forward to the January match – just booked the tickets – game on mate! Answering to Northern Monkey if you score six we will score seven !!!!

    So COYMS!!!!!!

  8. I remember in summer a city twat giving it loads how they would beat Madrid & barca he’s probably looking in his wardrobe 4 his chelski shirt so he can wear it this morning..
    Did use hear the guff city were coming out with tonight about 10 points been enough other yrs to qualify. Dress it up how they like with money spent It’s a massive failure & trying to pass it off as lack of cl experience don’t wash either yaya polo toure sanga dzeko aguero silva de jong bolatelli Tevez clichy kompany have all played in cl b4 so there’s loads of Exp there.
    When mancini was at inter he only reached quarrels finals once one season not making it out of qroup with practically same team mourinho won it with says it all a spoofer.
    Look at those ten points 6 against villareal a shadow of side they were last season a point at home to napoli who are good side but id fancy us to beat them & Madrid barca would wallop them & 3 points at home to a bayern b team who had already quallified.
    No doubt about it a massive failure.
    Did anyone watch the utd game? There keeper sommer looked the business really good on crosses hope harry has looked at him. Utd were awful no desire or tempo. It can only b good for us that both city&utd are in uefa. A stat for Ye no team has gone on to win LG after failing to qualify for knock-out stage of cl. But on a downer last time utd failed to qualify arsenal reached the final but can’t c that happening.
    With lvpool drawing & suarez facing a conduct charge for giving fingers to fulham fans, gerrard is going to b out for a longtime yet there’s even questions of wether he’l play again this season. It’s been a good wk all round so far I’d say.

    • AC Milan
      Zenit St P’sbg
      Apoel Nicosia
      Bayer Leverkusen
      CSKA Moscow
      Inter Milan

      Half of the teams that qualified for the group stages (above) qualified with 10 points or less… inform yourself.

      • U missed the point completely dumbass those teams u listed didn’t spend a billion to fail to qualify for knock out stages your game against bayern 2nd team was a easy 3 points if bayern had to win and played there first x1 it would b a different story so in competitive games its 7 points.
        6 points against villareal who are struggling la liga & a shadow of side they were last season due to injuries & sale of carzola who made them tick.
        City only managed 1 point against napoli who are hardly world beaters.
        So for amount of money spent it is a massive failure

      • Piss off back to your Shit-ed site, you´re as Plastic as your neighbours. You´ll start to fall away after new year.

  9. its funny when citeh fans come on here shouting their mouths off about how citeh are going to do the treble,if only we had a sugar daddy to buy us the league and every thing else he wants you lot are just as bad as the chavs a team with no history,
    champions league your having a laugh! COYSSSSSS!!

  10. I find it quite funny that you are taking the piss now, just after our boys beat Bayern 2 – 0 (although could have been 4 or 5) rather than when we lost to Bayern or Napoli. We may not have gotten as far as Spurs did last year, but that is what I think is commonly known as ‘living in the past’. Did you write about it when Peter Crouch scored that cracking header for us last season…?
    Your team didn’t even get in to the competition this year… possibly because you did so well last year (i personally enjoyed the games against both Milan teams a lot, and can’t wait until City buy Bale :P).
    City will be in the Champions League come next season and who knows, maybe Spurs will too. Then we will see who’s better (in Europe) and I know where my moneys going. Between the squads and the possibility that Big Harry might be taking the England job after the Euro’s I think my money would be safe that City are still performing the same or a better level of Football thank they currently are, which even compared to your own good record (largely helped by our good friend Emmanuel), since we dragged you around your ground, quite frankly puts it to shame. Bring on january… Eastlands is a fortress that will not be breached.

    btw I found this thread on a Man City news aggregator. This is a Spurs fans blog, but you are writing about Man City… so we get it too. And whats the point in talking about it if you only get one viewpoint… just saying.

    Rant over.

    CTID (City Till I Die for you Yids)

    • The point I was getting at was the pundits hailed you as the new Barcelona after beating us 5-1 and some of you must’ve believed it. Just the one good game from you then. If we had beaten YOU 5-1 in August, the pundits wouldn’t say anything about us being the new Barcelona and would at the least say City were ‘unlucky that day’, simply because you have a squad full of top individual players and Spurs were just Spurs who got ‘lucky’.

      I was half angry at the pundits analysing the August game between our teams.

      I’m hoping Mansoor will now learn from this experience that he can’t just throw money at a faltering club to make it into what it never was. Your club should build from the ground up a little bit more whilst spending within their means (£192m debt and for what – One FA Cup!?) and maybe I won’t take the piss next time.

      • we are not in any Debt the 197 million is a loss which is owed to nobody, next season it will be more than half that.
        We spent alot of money over the two transfers last year and we have a lot of high profile players on loan on high wages, Ade being one of them, once the dead wood has been removed and all the sponsers are in place we wont be a a loss.
        Mansoor wont spend 400 million on players, without also employing the best office and finacial experts.
        Just look at the Etihad campus that they are building next to the ground and the billion pound investment surrounding the stadium.
        We are 3 years into a 10 year business plan, come back then.

        • Must be fun sucking off the Arabs for success!

          • …funny I don’t remember sucking off an Arab. I do however distinctly remember Brad Friedel picking the ball out of the net 5 times. lolpwnd

            • You don’t remember, so they drugged you? I’d be embarrassed if my team sold out to the Emirates. Rather not have success than be a chav. Plastics and still can’t win!

              • Oh, and you won the last two, does it make up for you and Noel Gallagher getting it up the pipe every year prior? Plastic?

                • Ha Ha my god you really are bitter……. You worry about your team being Londons number 4 at best….

              • What are you talking about? Sold out to the Emirates… They were owned by an Ex-Prime Minister of thailand who was extradited and forced to sell the club, now if I was selling my house, I would go for the highest bidder… it may be that you are different, it may be that you are an idiot. Your petty, ridiculous, childish comments do amuse me though.

                Plastics and still can’t win! win what? you act like you won the champions league last year when in actual fact you stumbled past milan and were humbled by madrid.

                Nice one Dave

      • Fair comments but I think it’s obvious why they hailed us as the new barca, We have consistently annihilated opposition in the league, we’ve all seen the squad list and everybody admits it is impressive (even by barca standards). As for building from the ground up, City have had a brilliant youth setup for years and have provided the rest of the Football League with a lot of players. Since the Sheikh took over though those players have had to take a back seat due to the influx of cash and talent, but the spending will cease now, bar the odd player in and (god i hope) out. Still… you are in fact directly profiting from our cash as there is no way you could afford Adebayor (scored a quarter of your goals so far) on his current wage packet and will have to hope he drops his excessive demands (face it, hes no Aguero… or Dzeko for that matter)

        And when you say 1 FA cup, that could easily be 1 FA cup + 1 League cup in January and Possibly the Premier League title in May… and that’s after 3 years of the Sheikhs development.

        I’m actually surprised it’s only that much debt (although we can’t really call it a debt), but im sure it will be turned around in no time.

        I still think City are the next Barcelona, even if it hasn’t quite happened yet… David Silva is worth his weight in gold, he is our Messi… until we buy Messi 🙂

        Thank you and Good night

        • If your youth setup is so brilliant, why isn’t there more than three players from it regularly in the first team right now?

          • Our youth team is currently top of their league, having only dropped 3 points out of 18… which is in a league with Liverpool and Man United. i had a quick look at how tottenhams youth are doing, 8 points out of 18. We have plenty of players from the youth playing in the Carling Cup (of which we are in the semi final) but they are our future, not present.

        • True you have an enviable squad, true Ade has scored a qtr of our goals thanks for that. Lets be honest his wages are citys fault , Ade is never £160k a week forward. you made him that, and you gone on to do the same ridiculous thing to other average players , Milner, Barry, Lescott, Johnson and priced everybody else out of the market, it is no longer competative. You had a good game against us but have looked very average against others, Liverpool being a prime example. The team we fielded against you in aug is not the same team you will face next time. ( minus Ade of course!) We will hand you your well paid asses with a team that cost less then your gold plated midfield!
          I as a spurs fan I am gutted you are out of the CL and I’m not bitter about your “success” its obvious if you spend enough to buy a small country you are probably going to do quite well…. but ask yourself, Spurs were loved by all last year in the CL even some arsenal fans. EVEYONE was waiting for city to fail and I dont think it is just the money!

    • You´d be Red without the Green!

  11. As a Spurs fan I do not take pleasure in City’s downfall. They are a good team and will likely win the premiership by a street. I get more glee from Utd’s shambles. The media as well as SAF have been soft-pedalling just how weak they are. Their midfield is sub-standard and nowhere near the days when Scholes and Gggs were in their prime. The downside is that they will be battering at Spurs door in the january window to buy any or all of the Spurs mid-field plus VDV. Of the likely teams currently I think Utd will not finish in the top four.

  12. As a Tottenmham fan,I do not begrudge City there present success.But to have some of there fans come on here and dish us.There history does not compare to ours, in europe,and as for comparing it to there great rival sover at United.Well its a pimple on an elephants backside.get a grip City fans.many of you are starting too sound like arrogant gooners.And i know you never used to be like that.perhaps the sudden influx of riches has turned your heads.The way the world ecomony is going you may well be broke next week,if your sugar daddy decides to pull the plug.

  13. SHITY will always be a shit team regardless of how much u have.

  14. I & many of the Spurs fans are proud of their achievement. A team that does not spend big , yet achieves the same or even better than their big spending counterparts.
    Rest assured that our next meeting with Man City, the results will not be the same. Remember, the lesser clubs are getting the jist of the way your are playing & they will not be a walk over in the 2nd round.

  15. Some very valid points raised on here from both sides of the fence, but for sure City must view that first first into the champs league as a failure because it is and the money that was spent to get them there makes it all the more galling. I wouldn’t want to be Mancini when he goes to his employers to explain how he spent all that money and didn’t make an impact in club footballs richest and most prestigious competition. Fact. It’s a failure. On the subject of the drubbing you heave us in August you have to give credit where its due you beat us in our own house and did so at a canter but really is that such a bad thing? Not really because it was early in the season and we hadn’t even kicked a ball yet but the thing to remember is we don’t play you lot week in week out we play you twice over the season so we will just keep going about our business picking up the points and we see where we at in the final shake up because it’s not where you start that counts its where you finish. And purely from a selfish point of view the two manchester teams in the europa cup its of much more benefit to us as itmeans them having to play more games which will stretch their squad depth and also they now have to play on wednesday or thursday and then on the sunday which is also going to test the squad. Be careful what you wish for as you might just get it. No doubt city will throw more money at it but it doesn’t matter how much cash you throw at something you’re dealing with people and on any given day any team can beat any team regardless of how many hundreds of millions the team costs.

  16. I am getting sick of us bringing up city time after time. Who cares what they do, thats there business. lets concentrate on our selves, and report on our own events as and when they happen. Pissed off seeing Man shitys on our sites.

  17. Not to mention our group had the reigning champions in it last season. City can enjoy it because the owners will lose interest after a couple of years and you’ll be the new leeds

  18. Just love this…. Enjoy

    Man U number 5. (Sung to the tune of Mambo number 5) A little bit of Chico’s broken toes. A little bit of Fergies whìskey nose. A little a bit of Evra crying ‘race’. A little bit of giggsy’s pixie face. A little bit of Vidic seeing red. A little bit of Rooney’s baldy head. A little bit of Nani taking a dive …you can see it all on Channel Five.=D love this ….

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