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Dec 072011

As a Spurs fan, I can’t help but go to bed smirking about the Citizens’ short-lived and somewhat underachieving exploits in the tournament.

I think I’ll take an opportunity to speak my mind here:

As soon as Manchester City thrashed Spurs 5-1 at White Hart Lane, the Sky Sports pundits quickly started to compare them to the likes of BARCELONA! Well I wonder if they’ll now stop counting someone else’s chickens before they’ve hatched. One swallow doesn’t make a summer as we have just seen from the Champions League.

Barcelona would start their season with a thrashing and keep it up across the board [Champions League], not in one particular competition [the Premier League]. If Manchester City are Barcelona, then Tottenham Hotspur must be the new Manchester United….Exactly, it hasn’t got to that stage and won’t for a while!!!

  11 Responses to “Man City: Money Talks, but for once it can SHUT – UP!!!”

  1. Dude that’s some bitter rambling. So some pundits called us Barca, boohoo. Clearly still struggling to get over being demolished in your own back yard…

  2. Most football fans are glad to see moneybags get their come-uppance.

  3. Not easy is it, we too had a hard group but the difference our manager played to our stregnths, whilst the Italian was trying to be! Well too Italian. City and utd on Thurs love it, I do hope we slip quitelyout of EL, with one game a week I can see us improving on the two mancs!!!

  4. Fans leaving before the final whistle instead of applauding the team off after their first Champions League outing, Shows that money just can’t buy class

    • well said… always surprises me when people say city is such a well supported team…BOLLOCKS!!!! they hardly ever used to sell out their home games, with 5 or 6 thousand empty seats every week. and i remember 1 uefa cup game a couple seaons back where there was 30,000 empty seats!!!! plastic fans at a plastic club

  5. 1-5…….HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!

  6. So City fail and the usual pathetic blogging begins. You all hate City because we have money and you can’t compete financially but it’s ok that the likes of Everton, Newcastle, Stoke etc can’t compete financially with you? So basically it’s ok for Spurs to spend money, you just don’t like teams that have more than you so constantly have a pop. Yeah you’re right it’s ridiculous spending all that money when you have it, we should have continued to aim for mid table obscurity or even the odd relegation battle.

    A billion to play in Europa league? Your not short of money and your not even in Europe.

    As for shit support @Cartel ‘They hardly used to sell out there home games with 5 or 6,000 empty seats’ Average crowd of 42,000 for a club that hadn’t won anything for 35 years with Man Utd on our doorstep, yeah crap support that mate. Look at you jumping on anything you can to have a pop. I’ve followed my team through tick and thin, down the divisions as have most City fans who are you to question our support? Just like Arsenal fans you lot bitter, pathetic, jealous, whining, soft arse wankers!!

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