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Aug 182010

After an extremely rude awakening in Bern last night at the hands,or rather feet,of some of Switzerlands finest Young  Boys,I took to looking for some positives’ which I could then take to offer some kind of comfort to all Spurs fans,and I believe I may have found something quite wonderful.

OK,so we have the basics of two away goals which will undoubtedly help us in the return leg,we shall also be playing for pride on what will be a return to grass o natural,not to mention the thirty odd thousand Tottenham fans which will I’m sure be belting out their very own rendition of When the Spurs go Marching in.

But more importantly I have found within our ranks a force that though may still by many be considered as a man in a bairns shadow.Yet I have to disagree and state otherwise as for me finally Tom Huddlestone can step out from beneath that darkness,which has for so long threatened to see him considered too soft to be a top class midfielder,and step forward to take the mantle held by some of the best footballers out there.His passing and movement has improved beyond recognition as has his desire to control those around him after finally finding his voice and directionality.

Again though we were poor last night,especially in the first thirty five minute or so,As Young Boys had our midfield and back four pushed against the wall threatening to add another goal every time they went forward,Dawson and Bassong seemed totally unsure as how to cope with what was coming at them,and our midfield could not keep control of the ball.Que the Hudmiester,as soon as he stepped onto the pitch everyone seemed to settle,whilst at the same time taking a belief from his very presence,his ball retainment inspired those around him to do the same and we finally began to look a much more cohesive unit.

Then came Bassongs’ goal just before half time which certainly gave the lads a lift,add to this the educated verbal Harry must have given them during the break and we then began a lot brighter after the re-start.where we took control of the game with most of our better work going through Tom.Yes there were still a few nervy moments toward the end before Pav scored a peach after some nice link up play with Keano.

But for me the main influence behind our turn of fortunes was the involvement of Tom Huddlestone,and I only hope this will aid his development even further so that finally he can take on a lighter shade of grey that befits his own towering persona.

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  8 Responses to “Man in a Bairns Shadow.”

  1. I could not agree more huddlestone without a doubt has become one of our best midfield players where palacios has become a liability (that backpass what was he thinking). The team is much more fluid when he plays esspecially at the lane.

  2. I always said Tom Hudlestone is not replaceable, He will be Englands midfield general in a year or two when English Football Media finally realises that Lampard never does it for England and Gerrard is only good for friendlies and qualifiers. Huddlestione is an exceptional talent, he makes the ball do all the work, he doesnt need to be quick because of his passing ability , he doesnt have to run with the ball, his vision is brilliant..Sometimes i really feel that our fans should get away from that run your heart out, tackle and challenge mentality to appreciate the big man..last night was a warning to Harry and Levy duo, every spring you need to clean and refresh things at home, some old useless stuff will go to car boot sale, some thrown away, you go out shopping and buy some new stuff to keep your house fresh which will keep you energetic, dynamic, happy and motivated..Last night must not be seen as a blip that will be a huge mistake, it should be taken on the chin as a very usefull and stern warning…Some old and useless stuff must be replaced, Levy and Harry , i think it is time for shopping and before the sale ends please.

  3. Regarding Palacios,I’m hoping that when Sandro arrives they will be able to work together in training to help improve each others game as they are both players with a similar style,with the exception of Sandros’ ability to be that more effective in the final third of the pitch

  4. I suppose It was a tough draw getting one of EUROPE’S SUPERPOWERS in your FIRST champions league game ever!!!! hahahahahahahahha So much for getting further than the Arsenal in europe……….yidiots,Welcome to the big boys playground you muppetts!! Hardly Barcelona are they………………………. I hope you get into the the group stage as it will be even funnier watching you getting spanked EVERY game hahahahahaha

  5. yeah would like to see your lot DPT try playing on that wet plastic surface !!!! The second leg at WHL will sort out the men from the boys.
    Huddlestone was a steadying influence on the team. I think Harry should pair up Keane And Pavlyuchenko, they play well together, so much better than Defoe and Crouch. Hopefully he will start with them next wednesday.

  6. I thought you lot were not gonna blame the plastic pitch…………………………………..

  7. Big Tom has not dropped any of his momentum out of last season. He IS the midfield general and sadly Wilson looks quite pathetic nowdays. Yes Hudd has improved his workrate and PRESENCE in midfield. His physical presence is not of a softy anymore. He is prepared to show his studs ans swing an elbow and this is buying him even more space in the middle. More importantly to me, teams are paying attention. No more is allowed that space outside the box when a corner is being taken.

    But Tom has what Hoddle always said was missing. He has skill in both feet – you can buy athletes, but you cannot beat skill. The team sees him as the quarterback that he is.

    Final point. Barry, Lampard, Fabregas, Scholes, etc etc have all looked rather ordinary when occupying the same piece of turf as Hudd. Maybe there is an England coach out there who will see this for what it truly is. Maybe like Hoddle he will get just over 50 england caps.

  8. Yep there’s no denying it, Thudd stood out like a man aginst young boys……….

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