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Oct 302010

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Firstly sorry for the confusion, someone was pulling my plonker by telling me Bale wasn’t playing which made me angry.

The Tottenham team is somewhat as expected, Gomes starts in goal, Hutton keeps his place at right back, Kaboul and Gallas pair up in central defence with BAE on the left. Lennon starts on the right wing with Bale on the left, Modric and Jenas are in the middle with Rafael Van der Vaart just in front and a surprise inclusion up front as Robbie Keane plays the loan striker.


  11 Responses to “Manchester United v Tottenham – Starting Lineups”

  1. no bale- then bale right there. top notch.

    and fucking keane? i really hope you made this up

  2. i see you spotted that. my bad

  3. Redknapp must be an absolute only need VDV as a ball player today, lennon, palacios, sandro, bale behind Vdv and pav as the lone have to stop them in the midfield and not allow them into either flank or final third then break quick..with keane on his own now one of their centre halves is always free pushing forward pressurising our weak players like modric..fancy football? Fuck fancy football i want hard and gritty spurs, standing firm and getting a result from OT..modric and keane are the last two players i would consider for this game..

  4. keanooooooo! he is gonna score i bet anything hes gonna score.what a line up:)come on u spurs

  5. Keane??? Fuck Off

  6. Keane???????? Jenas???????????? got no chance we play with wingers so where is our heading ability in the box?

  7. Marinizcy you are a bigger mug than redknapp if you think Keane is going to score, to me it just shouts negativity. Jenas is also a cock, the most useluss player i have seen in a spurs shirt, and there has been a few

  8. we are still a million miles away from competing at the top of the table, no win since 1989 shocking statistic. Playing Keane and Jenas to me was the biggest mistake, now VDV injured does it get any worse, 2 shots on target, no belief in the team to actually come here and get something, a draw would still be a great result for me, no sign of any commitment to push for the equaliser, you may as well lose 2-0 and push on for a goal.

  9. another fucking dodgy goal given against us at old trafford…….fucking cunts!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Fucking sick of this shit, we might as well not bother going up there, just give them the 3 points. save the bother of getting shit ref decisions year in year out.

  11. Never mind clatterbolox there is more pressing news and its got to do with the word W yes W is a word that should be levelled at Portugal and UTD and Ferguso all had a part in this Utd win . Why Portugal well they allowed Nani to fallout of his training Camp window and like his Captain did a few years ago run of home away from the testers who where being stopped by UTDS ex coach the Portugal manager well he got sacked and Fergie was thinking of giving him a job after he flew to his aid with his statement he his anti drugs the testers disagreed with Ferguson the same Ferguson who was against Target testing in the premier. Why did Utd deny Spurs space in the second half when a few of there players also played Wednesdaywhere did they find the extra tempo from the Answer could be in the thin faces of Berbatov Fletcher Nani Carrick Park and the rest of them. and the lastWhy is left for the referee who has also got previous not for energy but another bad decision this time it was a Goal against us but just has bizzar has the other one but the biggest reason he should not like Nani be on the field is he was suspended for having 40,000 thousand o Gambling depts somthingno referee should have when the ongoing Police investigation for gambling on fixed matches up-to now this has uncovered scandal has high has the championship. This is why i will not be watching football because of to many unanswered whys.. So good luck lads we will need it if we are going to keep our stars from heading to the Theatrical of cheats with a manager who is a bad example of a manager i have ever seen in sport everything this club does is covered upto protect the product Sky Tv who all of us pay the fat over paid prossy shaggers wages any sports man or women who loses form like he has would be shrouded in suspicion or Target Tested.sad mad DAVSPURS WISHING ALL SPURS FANS A GREAT YEAR AND GOODBYE.

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