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Aug 242010

After searching through today’s news I found that the majority of articles Regarding transfers have concentrated themselves around one Lassana Diarra formerly of Chelsea, Arsenal and Portsmouth but more recently of the Spanish giants Real Madrid.

At first my thoughts were more than a little optimistic after all he is a wonderful player,one that whilst some refer to him as a defensive or holding midfielder which concerns most of his time breaking up the opposition attack before giving the ball with simple, if not guileful passes to those around him that can do more effective damage in the attacking third and yet others see him as more of a box to box type winning the ball then setting of on a marauding run deep into the opposition half,although both sets of views tend to agree that he has an eye for a pass,works hard and can score the odd goal or two. Well to be precise it is in fact two league goals one for Portsmouth and the other for Real Madrid.

Goal scoring aside though I agree that he would be another quality signing for Tottenham,one that would add even more strength to what was once commonly, if not comically considered by many pundits as Spurs soft underbelly. I also took to wondering how we would accommodate such a wealth of power in our side apart from the ever obvious injury cover and replacement to loss of form. After all lest we forget our very own Wilson Palacios and one newbie Brazilian Sandro Ranieri, both of which though slightly different in style are full on midfield enforcers.

For me then the way forward has to be the use of a midfield five as most if not all the top sides accommodate this system of play, although just for the sake of debate would there be any possible case for employing all three in the same starting line up? perhaps not,as to do so you would most likely have to relinquish the golden haired magician Modric from his favoured position in the centre of midfield, unless of cause said Croatian was moved out to the left with Bale reverting back to the left side of defense this though in turn takes away a major part of our attacking threat.

Either way the acquisition of our French enforcer would give us or rather Harry a bit of a dilemma, although what a sore head to have after all who could possibly live with the midfield minefield of Diarra, Palacios and Sandro should Harry ever decide to twist rather than stick.

What then would be your preferred line up? Would it differ home or away, not forgetting there is also the plastic pitches of Europe to consider.

  10 Responses to “Midfield Minefield?”

  1. let’s not forget the one undroppable CM we have in Tommy Hudd…!

  2. would luv Diarra but don’t see us getting him, so once Sandro has settled our best midfield will be like so… Lennon Hudd Sandro Modric Bale. all we need is a striker to match!

  3. I think that he would fit in to our squad very well and would compliment both Wilson and Thud, Bale could play from full back making his runs forward harder to track and we can play with gio supporting Defoe or any other striker. Diarra will help us get get to that next level we have all been looking for.

  4. This time last year we were saying that Palacios was indispensible, now it seems he is not first choice with Hudd and Modders running the midfield. Therefore if we bought Diarra, I can’t see how him, Palacios and Sandro will fit into the equation, even with potentially lots of games. Playing 5 in midfield is okay but have we really got a striker to lead the line? – certainly not Defoe or Keane, so it will bu up to Pav or Crouchy to run round like headless chickens!
    I am still going to boo Gallas tomorrow night by the way…

  5. ChesterSpur,if we are lucky we might just end up with a certain Brasilian up fornt.

  6. chesterspur. I agree with your post apart from the last line. Anybody who boos the wearer of the Lilywhite is a dope in my book.

  7. JohnM – thats interesting, because I’m, sure I’ve been at the lane many times when the Lilywhites have been booed off at half-time…can’t be just me.

    • I think that is just to show we are unhappy with the performance, it’s our only way to show our disgust at a bad performance and not booing the players themselves. Players take the cheers when they play well so they have to take the boo’s for bad performances but planning to boo a player before he has even kicked a ball hmmm i don’t know about that. I don’t like Gallas but it’s a fresh start for him now.

  8. chesterspur. Plenty of dopes around.

  9. I think Diarra in for Jenas isn’t a bad swap of personnel, I think like many a strikers the most important as scoring seems like are main issue. Were going to create chances with bale and Lennon, plus key through balls with hudd and modric. On another note does anyone else think van der vaart is worth a punt?? I really really hope all the talk of if we get past young boys levy will sanction a striker is true. It’s a massive game but if we do it I think we need to think big, any of Suarez/fabiano/huntelaar are perfect. Can you imagine a 4231 formation of: Gomes, corluka Dawson king bale, palacios hudd, Lennon van der vaart modric, fabiano. With cudicini, gallas, bassong, walker, krancjar sandro, gio, pav and Defoe waiting in the wings on the bench. It could easily be changed to a traditional 442 as an when required. Think big spurs I say!

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