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Mar 112012

How much longer is Harry going to keep on doing this? So what if Lennon is injured, put anybody in his position, Rafa, Gio, Kranjcar but for Christ Sake Harry stop pulling our best players out of their most effective positions and killing any chance we have of winning games.

Harry said he put Bale on the right because there’s nobody else to fill that position, well Bale can’t either so stop doing it! He could have had a field day running at Phil Neville yesterday but at no point did Harry realise this. Modric is one of the best CENTRAL midfielders in the country so stop putting him out wide where he can’t do any damage. If you put Kranjcar out wide right and he doesn’t have a great game it’s not going to be as much of a problem as if Bale and Modric have a poor game and that happens 9 times out of 10 when you play them out of position.

If someone get’s injured then put someone there to try to fill in from the bench, don’t take our best starting players and start juggling them around. It’s starting to wind me up now as I am sure it is many of you, if we aren’t going to play our best players to their strengths then we might as well sell them and sign Emile Heskey.

We know Redknapp is worried that Bale always gets double marked on the left, so what! that will just free up more space for other players and Bale is such a good player he is still capable of beating his men, you don’t see Barcelona playing Messi at right back so he don’t get marked up front do you? No because he’s that damn good he will just mug anyone off and put the ball in the back of the net anyway. Harry you have got to start playing to our strengths Bale on the left, Modric in the middle, if Lennon is injured for crying out loud don’t unbalance the team because it’s absolutely killing us.

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