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May 312011

I stopped caring about the rumours but when they guy comes and admits that he could actually leave, it makes you wonder what surprize we will have this summer… good? bad? or both?

Here are the words from the midfield magician:

Everybody wants to know what will happen with me. I’m trying to stay calm as my national team has a really important match coming. So I will tell you the same as always – my club status is the same as it was before.

‘But of course, if there will be an offer which will be good for Tottenham and for me also, then a transfer is of course possible.

‘That doesn’t mean that I’m bothered with leaving Tottenham – I’m not thinking about that every hour and every minute. I’m happy at White Hart Lane – my status is great, the fans like me and I do have everything I need.

‘But then again – when you experience playing in Champions League, you want to keep playing in this tournament.’

Harry and Levy have both stated that big players are not for sale but he have seen it before. I have heard a lot of times in football “he is not for sale” and then whoop after a big bid, he’s gone (Carroll in january is just one example).
When the most important player of the team says that if the right offer for him and the club comes, he might leave, what will the others think? I am sure Bale and VDV will miss Champions League aswell so could you really see them reject an offer that triples their salary? I know Levy wants to keep them, but if they will eventually want to leave, you can’t force them to stay. It is their right to play in Champions League, it is their right earn 150M or 200M /week because they deserve it. The reality is that as long as we can’t afford paying big wages like the other top teams in Europe, we can’t keep hoping to keep big players, especially without Champions League action. Even more, the truth is that they have more chances to win trophies at the big clubs.
I think it is going to be a shaky summer. I am prepared for anything, as long as we improve with the proper new players. COYS
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  15 Responses to “Modric admits he could go”

  1. If we sell Modric i will bin my season ticket, end of.

    • I will buy it, Luka is good but not world class. 35-40 million then we should condsider selling especialy if he kicks up a fuss and wants to leave. We could get a more complete CM someone who can score goals and provide more assists not to mention get a tackle in.

      • I don’t know how to be nice about this, but I’m going to try…YOU ARE AN IDIOT!

  2. Unthinkable ! He needs to stay.
    If we are in the same position 12 months from now with no champs then we are at risk of him going, but he will be essential to us if we have the ambition to get there again. We will se if levy is as good as his word!

  3. He isn’t being at all petulant and he’s been a magnificent servant to the club, his ambition is totally understandable…what I really hope is that he’ll give us one more season to make the champions league and if we miss out then he can go(for an enormous fee I might add, 40-50m)…with that being said it is essential that we get rid of the joke of a manager that is Harry Redknapp if we are to stand any chance of getting top 4 next season.

  4. Saying if an offer comes in which suits me and the club then I could leave is simply stating the obvious. He’s still saying he doesn’t want to leave and Redknapp has again said our best players are going nowhere.

  5. What happens if we dont get in the top4 next season? Modric et al will go. I blame harry and levy for this happening. Its unbeleivably simple, not replacing one or two of our strikers with quality players has cost us in the year when we finally get cl and with that had a chance to buy real quality from being able to offer cl football and who do we buy? Pienaar!!!!

    • That is Arry for you, anything for a bargain, even if you dont need the player.

      • You know what they say, old dogs can’t learn new tricks…he’s a manager that only knows relegation battling teams, he’s so far out of his depths it’s not even funny.

  6. Everything we have achieved over the past 2 seasons could be ruined. Modders is the heart of our team. We can’t let Manure rip the heart out of our team. Stars must stay to get us back into CL.
    If one goes the team will fall apart.

    LEVI stay strong and tell them to F*ck Off.

  7. of the 3 modric vdv bale he is the one we would miss most. harry has to get this one right after costing us cl this year

  8. Harry was so far out of his depth, he was doing back flips and swan dives in the deep end, all the way to the Champions League Quarter-Final. What we obviously need is a Karlos Kick-a-ball manager, with a big rep looking for a fall, rather than an experienced successful Englishman. Sometimes I wonder about some of our supporters…

    Levy has done great for us. Kept players who want to play for us and got well over the odds for players that don’t. Modric and Bale are tied to long term contracts, we don’t need to sell, but we do need to offer CL football again very soon.

    Even if we got £50m, I can’t think of a player we could buy who would replace Modric and improve us.

    • No way should we sell Luka, however here are 2 players we could bring in if an offer is too good to refuse. ie £40M+.

      Marko Marin is a nifty playmaker and out played Modders in the Europa cup two years ago, when we played Werder Bremen. This season he played 40 games and scored 5 goals, with 10 assists.

      Another player linked is Milan Badelj another Croatian. He’s 22 and is two footed playing for Zagreb.
      Modric appeared in 42 games for Tottenham this season and scored four goals.
      Badejl appeared in 48 games for Zagreb this year and netted nine goals.

  9. Luka is world class and will attract attention.

    If we strengthen he will see that staying is a way to improve.

    But if for example Pav and Defoe are our strikers again next season I think he will run for the door.

    Whats the point of being world class if the strikers are donkeys?

  10. The wee man is world class – no doubt about it.

    Not sure what the whole panic is about though – his statement is as honest as you will get in football today, for which he should be applauded.

    Where did he say he WANTS to leave? Where did he say he WILL leave? He waxes lyrical about being happy at Tottenham and having all he needs there (bar CL football for this season) and yet everyone gets their knickers in a twist thinking “oh f uck he’s off”

    The media are a bunch of c unts – read the headlines from last night or today and you would think Modders said “fu ck this, im off”

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