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Jul 142011

Harry Redknapp has confirmed, for the thousandth time that Luka Modric is not for sale. As both the player and Chelsea don’t seem to understand this I have taken the liberty of translating that message into various languages, maybe they’ll understand one:

Modrić nije na prodaju

modric не для продажи

01001101 01101111 01100100 01110010 01101001 01100011 00100000 01101001 01110011 00100000 01001110 01101111 01110100 00100000 01100110 01101111 01110010 00100000 01010011 01100001 01101100 01100101

— — -.. .-. .. -.-. / .. … / -. — – / ..-. — .-. / … .- .-.. .

The message is in Croatian, Russian, Binary and Morse code. Hopefully that will help get the message across. As Harry has rightly stated “We know he wants to leave and whether he writes it down on a piece of paper doesn’t really make any difference to our stance. He’s a great player and we don’t want to lose him”.

Should we decide to do any business with regards to selling Modric, it should by no means be with any of our competitors. Our competitors of course are anyone in the EPL who could afford him. If he must go, sell him to Barcelona or Real Madrid and try to get some kind of player exchange. Personally though I believe we could do well in the league again this year and if we keep Modric, he may well decide that actually, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

Written by Davyid

  24 Responses to “Modric is not for Sale!”

  1. I love Modric, but I find myself sitting here hoping he gets sold just so that I then know Tottenham will go and sign somebody.

    I expected us to break our 16.5 mill transfer record this summer but it doesnt look like happening.

    We need to keep Modric but more importantly we need to buy a striker otherwise we will be struggling like last year to get goals, we wont get top 4 will the bunch we have.

    If Modric goes I agree sell to Madrid for a swap deal involving Higuain/Benzema and Diarra

    • Swapping him for Snieder at Inter Milan was my call, get him playing with his pal Rafa. Dont think we’d stump up the wages though.

    • Spurs Signing?!!!!!

      From the Express: Meanwhile, Spurs have beaten United to the signature of Ivory Coast starlet Souleymane Coulibaly. The Siena striker, who won the Golden Boot at the Under-17 World Cup, is set to complete a £2m switch to the club


  2. Somebody said on another forum ‘He is on the same wages as Bentley and a few others who have been sat on the benches, so we wouldn’t loose much if he sat on the bench’ He needs to be taught a lesson, harsh or otherwise.


  4. “we wouldn’t lose much if he sat on the bench”????? What, except one of our best players..

  5. IF Modric does leave…Could Krankie fill the role? Just food for thought

  6. If the situation becomes Berbtov like then sell him abroad. Not to a rival! Man Utd are being slimey in their not wading in with an offer too. Everyone knows they were tapping him up long before Chelsea. Seems their trying to act like the ‘good guy’ to me so they can steal him, either that or the more likely idea that Levy has told them a down right know, especially after what Fergie called him after the Berbatov transfer. Dont think he’d do business with them again unless it was very much in our favour.

  7. Its about time Levy and Redknapp stopped messing about they should have sold the unwanted players who are mostly Redknapps sigingings last year and bought the star siginings in the last two transfer windows whilst we were in the c/league. Also messing around with the stadium issue to save money via RGF, the only time ENIC have spent money is when they have issued shares which they then bought to increase stake in the club. They are only interested in buying players to sell at profit!

  8. It is unbelievable what happens with Spurs.
    Everybody is busy with a player who has an insignificant end product, he isn’t a leader and he can’t change the course of a game positively for Spurs with his personal performance.
    The difference between Spurs and the teams above them has to do only with the end product those teams are producing.
    You can’t improve your team with players who don’t produce a significant end product.
    Please support the well-understood interests of Spurs and not those of individual players.
    After all only players who have a significant impact on the team with the end product they produce are important for Spurs.
    Three goals and two assists during 38 championship games last season can’t be a significant end product by a player who for the mass is the best player of the team. By no means!
    Let’s sell him and buy a better one. It is possible and soon he will be forgotten.
    I can propose a number of other players (like Mauri 6 goals and 9 assists in 30 games for Lazio, Götze in this season 34 games scored 7 goals and produced 14 assists, Sanchez 12 goals and 8 assists, Vidal 13 goals and 12 assists, Prieto, Inler, Pastore, Badelj and others) playing in a similar position with a better end product or/and a leader’s character.

    • Modric is the man for possession, we used to be back in our own half most games and play on the break after Carrick left.

      Against teams lie Arsenal it was mostly one way. It did work in our advantage sometimes but id rather dominate games like we do with players like Modric in the side. People cant get near him and he dictates play.

      He does need to work on goals but does set up more opportunities than most, just our fwds didnt capatalise this season.

      He is an excellent world class player and I dont think we should sell him because it will make players like Bale think twice before saying they want to leave, knowing that they could end up in a similar situation.

      We simply cannot sell. Levy is doing the right thing. Its a dangerous game but one that has to be played. To dare is to do : )

    • Sorry, I disagree. You cannot rate player based on goals/assists. This is not Football Manager.. However, Modric doesn’t score enough goals or have enough assists, but then again, that’s not his role in Spurs


    Its not even about Modric anymore, Its about players not getting their own way. I want this to be an example to every other manager out their that CONTRACTS ARE BIGGER THAN THE PLAYERS! He should never have signed that contract last year if he wanted to leave. Well played Mr. Levy.

    Dotn forget, we would officially be down as a feeder club if we lose Modric, We are in touching distance of a high finish, dare I say it, Title competitors. If we sold Modric now, we will be taking 7 years steps back, Bale will leave, VDV will leave, Sandro will leave. PEACE xx

  10. Sod it. Let him go for 35 mil and use pienaar or kranjcar in centre mid. Put in a 25mil bid for Sammy Eto’o

  11. If Spurs wants to challenge “top 4” on a regular basis and one day be a part of the top clubs, we have to start act like one. Selling Modric, especially to a side that is a top 4 in PL, is to digging our own grave.
    We have to keep our best players at all cost.
    Look at Arsenal as an example. Fabregas has been linked to Barca for many seasons now, but the Goons have no intention to sell him.
    Chelsea is pretty desperate after a replacement of Essien as he is off injured for at least 6 months.
    I don’t think Modric is th only player on their list. Hopefully they will get another MF in and Modric will calm down his Chelsea request.
    However, if Chelsea can’t find the replacement they are hoping for, they might be desperate and offering Mr. Levy a ridiculous sum of money the he can’t turn down.
    What I don’t understand though is why Modric is so eager to join this aged Chelsea squad.
    Obviously is CL play tempting, but in the long term I think Spurs is a better alternative.
    The only reason we didn’t qualify for CL last season in my opinion is due to the strikers lack of form. The good news is that it’s an easy issue to solve!

  12. LoanX, there’s an old saying – ‘lies, damn lies and statistics’. The work and impact Modric gets through and has on the way we play is unquantifiable in 2 statistics, goals and assists. As with Carrick 5-6 years ago (I think he only scored twice for us!), Modric is our heartbeat and all our good stuff goes through him, his creativity not always recognised in goals/assists. To suggest otherwise is criminal! Thats all!

    • Joey Barton scored more goals and had more assists than Barca’s Xavi this season….That is how much stats mean!

  13. Selling Modric to the Chavs could make the difference between them performing better than us or not this coming season.

    They have a new young manager but roughly the same set of players, many are approaching 30yrs or over and none getting any younger. They have already lost Essien until the New Year. If they added Modric they are massively improved, while we are significantly weakened.

    I genuinely believe that a quality CB, CM and 2 FWDs and we can consider ourselves on a par with them, and Arsenal and City. Utd, with Sneijder, will be the ones to catch.

    Chelsea’s start will be of massive importance….a new manager needs a good start to build momentum. A few scratchy poor results and instantly people will wonder is he out of his depth, too young etc and the pressure will ramp up. regardless of who we bought to replace Modric, we cannot afford to strengthen a Chelsea team that needs some freshening up.

    IMO Chelsea are vulnerable and now is our chance to step up!

  14. Simply put Modric should be allowed to go for 40 million in cash—if Chelsea then in one pound notes, and not 30 + expensive troublesome rejects like Drogba. Otherwise lets kick off.

  15. We won’t be a feeder club if we replace him by a more effective player.
    The most important aspect is to replace a player by a better one.
    Then you are not a feeder club but a clever one.
    With 30 m we could buy even two proper players.
    It is a gold opportunity to sell a player who can’t help the team improve or win a game and replace him by two other players who are able to do that.
    To dare is to do and to win points you have to win games.
    In order to win games you need players who can contribute significantly on that.

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