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Aug 212011

Chelsea’s signing of Juan Mata looks to have spelled the end of any deal for Tottenham’s Luka Modric, Harry Redknapp gave an interview to talkSPORT and also admitted he tried to bring Mata to White Hart Lane a few weeks ago. Modric has been subject of bids from Chelsea all summer but now thinks Chelsea will give up their pursuit of Modric.

“Chelsea have signed him?” he said. “I didn’t know that. Well, I would think that’s the end of the Modric deal then, surely. I would [think the Mata deal has killed the Modric move]. I had no idea about that.

“We tried to get [Mata] to be honest with you. We were in for him strong about three weeks ago.

“I was driving back from the pre-season game with Brighton and the chairman said that he was confident he was going to sign the boy that night.

“He obviously turned it down but [the Chelsea move] has come out of the blue.”

“I think Daniel [Levy] has said he will sit down with Luka in a month or so and have a chat with him and a look at his contract.

“I want to keep him for sure. I just felt that if he didn’t want to be here that much that maybe we might have to sell him. If people don’t want to play for you, you might have to sell him and go and get three or four players in.

“As a player I couldn’t be happier to keep Luka Modric, he’s a fantastic footballer and as I’ve said many times you couldn’t meet a nicer boy.”

So Harry is convinced that the Modric deal is now dead and he will be staying put but I am not so sure, Chelsea still have plenty of money to spend if they wish.

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  20 Responses to “Modric Is Staying With Spurs As Chelsea Sign Mata”

  1. Wow. Chelsea want him crazy badly. I can’t believe they wont take no for an answer. United did the same thing with Berbatov. They dont respect Spurs enough to take no for an answer. Maybe its because we’re not in Champions league or something. I dunno. I’m not sure how this will play out. In all honesty, I want Modric to be sold so we can splurge on some amazing signings that are under the radar. some real gems that nobody has taken a punt on. Redknapp and Levy have a secret plan under there…and no ITK knows what it is. I suspect that:



    EXPECT some big name signings, but get off the forums and give yourselves a break (ME INCLUDED…I’M OBSESSED). Nothing will happen until the 27th or 28th. And expect one or two crazy wild coups on the deadline day. We’re in a for a good one!

    • sure, and pigs can fly!

    • Your round the twist and far gone mate.
      Football isnt a magic realm where bubble gum grows on trees.
      David Levy doesnt have imagination he is an accountant. Numbers matter much more than silverware to him.
      There is no money unless Harry sells, we bought all the dead wood for too much and therefore price them too high to sell on. So there is no money.
      If we do not aggressively seek 20 million plus players now and keep Modric, we are finished as a top 4 side. Liverpool wont relinquish their grasp if they get it back, City certainly wont and if Arsenal sack Wenger or not they are still absolute contenders every year regardless. Spurs fans need to wake up and smell the coffee, Football is a money game now and only those with the money will win anything.
      The best thing we can hope for is to sell the club, lose our identity and win everything without a soul. That is the future of football.

  2. Chelsea have just put a £30mill bid in for ratboy

  3. i thought with all that money that bent oligart pumpt in to their club those stupid chaves would have at least bought them selve’s some deacent hearing aids, or tryid the nhs they are pensioners after all aint they, so for the last last time modders is not for bloody sale.

  4. If modric did what he did playing for a club abroad, his career would have been severely damaged, there is a FIFA ruling, if a player refuses to play for his club with no valid reason such as his clubs failure to comply with any of his contractual clauses ie. Not paying the player as agreed, then his club can freeze his contract and stop him from playing anywhere in the world for the remainder of his contract ,anyone would like to check Fenerbahce v Ortega case ,be my guest..Ortega was ordered to pay back absolutely millions of dollars back to Fenerbahce which ended his career and Fenerbahce still received their entitlement..if chelsea and modric agent don’t take no for an answer then levy should go to fifa and freeze his contract immediately,that way he won’t get paid and can’t sign for anyone else for another 4 years, which will literally end his career…end of.

    • That would be serious. I understand that he wants to go to Chelsea but he signed a 6 year contract last year! Players go on strike when they dont get what they want. Its insane. He said he was happy at Spurs and now we’re not good enough. Our best players always betray us in the end. He will go to Chelsea and NOT be a revelation. Its unfortunate.

  5. Fenerbahçe were forced to file a complaint to FIFA in April 2003 as Ortega had failed to return from international duty since 12 February 2003. [5] In June 2003 the FIFA Dispute Resolution Committee (DRC) ordered Ortega to pay Fenerbahçe USD 11,000,000 as compensation for breach of an employment contract and suspended him until 30 December 2003. [5] Ortega appealed to the Court of Arbitration for Sport in July 2003 but the case was dismissed on 5 November. [5] Ortega served a 4 month suspension from that day. [5] After the ban he was without a club..

  6. Modric has now apparently gone on strike and will not be travelling with the team to Manchester. Modric knows how important this match is to the club, his team mates and fans, and has now decided to throw his toys out of his pram.
    According to Harry, Modrics head is not in the right place at the moment! Obviously it must be up his own ar*e, someone is definitely pulling his strings!
    But where does this leave Spurs and Levy now, will “player power” yet again prevail?

    • I wonder what it says in his six year contract about refusing to play. Can we demand his future earnings if he goes on ‘strike’ ? I know it won’t happen but rather than strengthen Chelscum even more I would prefer to see him lose match fitness by sitting in the stands like Dan the man suggested. I for one am seriously dreading the ‘I told you so’s’ from the blueski’s… grrrrrr.

      • Gees I wish I had read Ivor bigguns comments before. That would work, I would hate to see him play for Chelski. Thanks for that clarification Ivor. I hope someone presents ratboy with that information too. I read somewhere that he was refusing to play for us somewhere all we need is that directly from him in some form then he is in very thin ice.

  7. havin an unhappy playa on a team is insanity!, i wld advice dat modric shld b allowd 2 join chelsea.rada dn been unhapy in d squad. Dere re other great talents out dere who cn b pikd up at cheaper prices,wit such big amount offerd by chelsea…jst tink abt it nd see hw gud it ll b for us.

    • I would be all sympathetic and all that but he is stabbing the team in the back so … I am would prefer to see him unhappy than go to Cheatski.
      Does that make me a bad person?… if it does .. I dont care.

      • Besides .. we have to many players already we do not need to get a whole load of other teams unwanted players. Besides the amount offered is way below the amount we valued him. I just dont understand why we are concerned about his feelings or the feelings of poor old cheatski while they are busily bending us over and shafting us furiously.

  8. dont be surprised to see Modric go to Unied for 35 million, my ITK has been saying it all summer.

    I just hope we use the money to get Marko Marin fom Werder Bremen

  9. If its true and he is failing to perform then sell the little prick to the Manure or better still freeze him out of the game for the remainder of his contract (thatl fuck im!!)

  10. I am really annoyed with ratboy, how dare he refuse to travel. He has signed a six year contract and one of the resons he will have done this is to provide him and his family with some security, for example if he gets injured or he has a drop in form he still gets paid alot of money. He can not have it both ways the sucurity of a lucrative long term contract and also the ability to move from the club when he choses. I am right in thinking that Modric has only had a couple of good seasons at most and before that he was on the bench alot, I am sure at that point he was happy that he had a long term and lucrative contract with spurs. I think Spurs have to make a stand on this one whatever the consequences, even if Modric is sat in the stands for the remainder of his contract, yes Spurs will lose alot of money but it would send a message to the players that they will stand for this kind of behaviour in the future, If they do decide to sell him then they sould offload him abroad as I believe he wants to stay in London.

  11. Oh dear, I thought you were a bit hopeful with this one. And true enough Harry has admitted it aswell. Although not really a shock, AVB wants Modric in the middle of the park, Mata out wide.
    I hate to say it but Luka is as good as a Chelsea player, just as Berbatov was a United player; just depends on how many extra pennis Levy can get for him.

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