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Jul 182011

Another summer, another high profile Spurs player wants out and has well and truly jettisoned the toys from the pram as a result of the chairman’s refusal. It happened with Dimitar Berbatov and it’s now happening with Luka Modric. As a Spurs fan it feels as if it’s become a depressing recurrence however there is, as always, a silver lining.

Modric wants to go to a ‘bigger club’ in order to further his career which is a perfectly understandable aspiration. Unfortunately he, as Berbatov did before him, has conducted himself in a fantastically unprofessional and undignified manner. Telling the press Levy ‘threatened’ him with sitting in the stands and that he’s gone back on a ‘gentleman’s agreement’ poor little Luka, everybody feel sorry for him. It’s a little naive as nothing is definite, Chelsea may not come up with a sufficient bid to pierce Daniel Levy’s resolve and the player may have to tuck his tail firmly between his legs. The more likely outcome however is that Chelsea or another suitor make a large enough bid and off the little Croatian goes, this is where the silver lining comes in. Modric goes and is replaced.

The old cliche that no player is bigger than the team or club is very true in this instance, as good as Modric is he isn’t irreplaceable and when a player’s heart isn’t in it, he’s not worth keeping. Levy must avoid making the same mistake he made with the sale of Berbatov, yes we got a very handsome fee of around £30m but we got it at the death of the transfer window. As a result, we were unable to replace him and were light up front the following season (Manchester United sent us the extraordinarily average Fraizer Campbell on loan as part of the deal which frankly I found insulting). If Modric is to be sold it has to be at least a fortnight before the transfer window closes so we can find an adequate replacement.

What constitutes an adequate replacement for Modric is highly debatable but there are certain requisites: must be about the same age, must be a very good passer of the ball.

In my humble opinion I believe Riccardo Montolivo to be a perfect replacement. He’s 26 years of age, a very talented passer of the ball and is widely thought to be open to moving on from Fiorentina. Also he looks a bit like Luka so we might not even notice he’s gone! Hypocrisy I hear you cry. Not quite. A large proportion of the fans want him out as they feel he has gone back on his commitment to the club by not signing a new contract, with sections of them urging him to remove his captain’s armband during the end-of-season game against Brescia. Conversely you would be hard pressed to find many Spurs fans that ‘want’ to lose Modric. Whether or not he would want to come to Tottenham is another speculative point especially as he recently attracted praise from AC Milan manager Massimiliano Allegri who said “[Montolivo] is one for the big stages, one of the best Italian midfielders blessed with great skills and athleticism” Although Spurs are an ambitious club in a healthy financial state so have a fair chance of luring him to London

A fee of around £35m may tempt Levy into selling Modric and about half to two thirds of that may be sufficient for La Viola to sell. A replacement, profit and a player who wants to play would be a very nice conclusion to the whole sorry affair.

  30 Responses to “Modric Malaise”

  1. Levy – Don’t sell Modric !

    • I agree. Let’s do something different for a change and be strong. show ambition and hold tight!

      • Show ambition hahahaha typical Spurs – want Adebayor on loan and city to pay most of the wages ……Help a rival whilst financing it

        DREAM ON

  2. First?

  3. We still haven’t replaced Berbatov, what makes you think replacing Modric would be any easier?

    He must stay.

  4. Sell moders buy Ganso for £25m, Bale, Ganso, Huddlestone, Lennon, VV Mid Field, Palacios, Kranjkar and Pienaar also in the mix, Job Done

  5. Modric is not for sale, end of.

  6. I understand where you are coming from mate of course there are adequate replacements out there but you are missing the point. There a few reasons why it is imperative we keep Modric whether the little bastard is unhappy about it or not. This is the most important summer of our great clubs recent history.

    1. If we sell our best player to Chelski we are strengthening one of our rivals while seriously weakening our team.
    2. Selling our best player sends out the wrong message to any prospective players we are after.
    3. Selling our best player sends out the wrong message to the rest of our rivals about the availability of our best players and lets face it we now have a handful of players who could walk into any team in the premier league.
    4. If we sell Luka and fail to achieve CL football next season Bale, Rafa, Azza, Sandro could and will do the same as Luka.
    5. I could go on but wont.

    It is important we sign a proven world class striker whatever the price we missed the boat last summer we had everything to offer a player and now our negotiating tool is weakened without CL football as we cant offer stupid wages. Levy I think/hope has realised this.

    Keep Modric and our other players will take notice, sell him now and fail to achieve CL next summer and there will be an exodus especially with the Spurs hating media stirring the pot they will be all overs like Vultures and we wont stand a chance.

  7. Im a United fan (yes from Manchester before you question), and just wanted to add that Modric is a fantastic player, and at all costs you have to keep hold of him, regardless of whether my club United, or Chelski, or Citeh. or anyone in fact comes in for him no matter the money offered.

    The plain and simple reason for this, is that spurs are creating a really good team, and if you let one of your best players go now, then more will go, and last years Champs League will be a distant memory.

    I thought your days of a selling club were gone, and i hope that for your sake, as i think you play decent footy, that you finally have got Levy to have bigger balls than the words that come out of his mouth.

    Listen, “T’up North, we think Spurs are the best of the lot from the London Clubs”… so for god sake finish Arsenal off, and dont give in to Chelski… and by keeping hold of Modric, and getting only a couple of more players in… you will be genuine contenders.

    Anyway take it easy …. from Failsworth Devil (M35)

  8. Have you ever watched montilivio play for Italy useless is the word that comes to mind, now if banega gago dzagoev seydou keita goetze that arrived we’d be in business

  9. Modric has lost the respect of every tottenham fan, however we should be supporting whoever pulls on that shirt (as long as they give 100%), and that includes that little git. We need to make big signings to show him he can achieve his sucsess here! A player will never out grow the club, any club, but the club can out grow the player. Sandro and marin would do nicely… Atleast marin knows where the net is.

  10. Football, like all sectors of human activity, is always subject to improvement.
    Great is a club that can sell any player (specially those who for any reason don’t want to play any more for that club) for the right price and replace him by someone who has a better or a more effective impact on the team.
    I think that if you sell a non creative, not regularly scoring midfielder and without a leader’s personality to your rivals and replace him by spending even less money by someone more affective, regularly scoring, creative midfielder with a winner’s character and eventually having also a leader’s qualities, then you weaken your rivals and strengthen yourself.

  11. You’re not going Modric- so keep thinking up more ankle injuries to excuse you not playing. Several long, long years with us, and its completely up to you to be a ‘gentleman’ and apologise.

  12. Some complete tosser has suggested 15m plus Drogba.What a complete load of bollox.Modric freely signed a long contract and is going nowhere and Drogba is at the end of his career so fuck off you Chelski money over history and class wankers.Cant wait for that Russian crook to get locked up or waxed.

  13. I go along with the not to sell him view, and add thanks to the United fan.

    Modric has shown himself up to be a very shallow man.

    He needs to do some serious thinking, and I reckon the very best thing he could do is apologise to Spurs and tell that Russian mafia thug to eff off.

    I must admit, I thought he had more about him.

  14. If Levy had thought about it a bit more, he would have given Luka a big salary bump….you can’t expect a kid not to be tempted by being offered triple his current salary.

  15. Its a catch 22 situation guys.Its a bit like catching the miss’es in bed with your neighbour.Who just happens to be filfhy rich.Now you have decisions too make.Keep plodding on,after beiing shafted,or move out and leave them holding all your debts.Unfortunately greed is a major factor in most things in todays world.And Modric just wnats to line .his pockets,.And just like the Miss’es situation who’s to say,it will end up happen ever after..In both cases they may well finish up with nothing(Trophies).In ovher words good riddance.

  16. Shaqiri, Vidal and nzogbia. Get them 3 and we’d be laughing with the modric money

  17. Keep Modric, bring in a top striker. It’s that simple. We’re one world class striker away from the top 3. A world class striker takes pressure off the defense, strikes fear in the heart of the opposing defense and SCORES GOALS!

  18. No disrespect to you Coxie, but I have now become totally sick and tired of anything to do with the Modric Saga!
    The media are making up their own news re this situation, ie will he won’t he leave, has he hasn’t he handed in an official transfer request?
    I now have the attitude of what will be will be !
    I will now wait until news comes from official channels.

  19. I just want to say that Modric is a very good player…….a GOOD player…….not an outstanding player……….certainly not the best midfielder in world football……I love the guy, sometimes he is outstanding but how many times has he gone missing when we play big teams like ManU or Chelski. I have wanted him to dominate matches from the middle against the top four and it hasnt happened enough.

    He wants out, so we should sell…..but NOT TO CHELSKI!!!! We should inform his agent to find him a club from around Europe that will give him the wages he desires and CL football. We move on, get good fee, invest in replacement and send out a message to all Premier League teams that we will not sell to our rivals. SIMPLE!

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