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Jun 212011

Yep, it’s me with another late thought on something which happened last weekend, but owing to knackeredness at work, this is a rare opportunity taken to air my thoughts.

Firstly, props to Levy on standing firm in the face of approaches from the likes of Chelsea. If that’s not a demonstration of ambition for the club in itself, I don’t know what is.

Has Modric been uncovered as another mercenary owing to what’s gone on this past weekend?

The Croatian is highly sought-after by many top clubs in England and across Europe I’m sure. Barcelona fans would think Johan Cruyff walked through a top-secret time machine in Area-51 if they were to see Modric in their shirt.

Chelsea decided to test the waters of Levy’s no-sale stance by making an official £22million bid for Modric. That bid was swiftly rejected. However, Luka has allegedly stated that he wants to go to Chelsea because it seems that even after winning the League and FA Cup numerous times in recent years, they still have more ‘ambition’ than Spurs, who have gone without either of those trophies for over two decades.

But surely Modric could be a part of Spurs’ ambition to win that calibre of trophy once again and feel like he earned those honours as part of a team who have given him regular starts. Now that Yossi Benayoun has recovered from injury, can we see Modric automatically taking his place in the playmaking role? Would Chelsea be so bold as to replace Frank Lampard with Modric to accomodate both of them??

Seems a little far-fetched and almost cynical of Chelsea to bid for Luka when they don’t really need him.

If you asked me if there was any deal I would accept for Modric, then I’d actually say yes but Abramovich wouldn’t like it. I’d accept £20million PLUS Didier Drogba and nothing less. I think that leaving Drogba on the bench in preference of a £50mil flop upfront was what got Ancelotti sacked, not elimination from the competitions. So if you want rid of Drogba, get rid of Drogba…

I can see what Modric means if he just wants personal honours, but it’s not like clubs above Spurs get seeded further on in the FA Cup rounds is it. Money can buy you the odd trophy in Chelsea and Man City’s cases, but it can’t buy you an automatic place in the final.

On the other hand, I don’t know if Modric was planning to leave Spurs at all.

He could’ve been pulling a Rooney. Kicking up a stink to get a rise in his wages. But I thought he enjoyed football more than being paid for that football. Surely he knew what he was letting himself in for – a wage-cap of £70,000 a week which is enforced with military consistency. If he’s already on top wages but wants to join Chelsea, it indicates another mercenary mind. But I didn’t want to think of Modric in that way.

I have not personally seen a quote in the news from Modric which says he hates it here and is desperate to leave. He has said he’ll remain respectful by not handing in a transfer request, but what’s the difference now that he’s openly considered leaving us in what would only be a sidestep as Chelsea won the same number of major honours as Spurs did this year – 0!

If he had said something along the lines of ‘Chelsea are a bigger club with bigger ambitions than Spurs’, it might – in true journalistic fashion – have been twisted or sensationalised to match the attention-grabbing headlines that their readers eat up like Fern Britton on Ryvita.

Sometimes, players can’t avoid being asked questions in press conferences for example.

If in the case of Modric he was asked if [he’d] be ‘better off at Chelsea[?]’, as antagonistic a question that would be, he’d be screwed whatever his response would be;

If he said yes, the fans would turn on him. That might have happened already. The media would take that quote and use it to say ‘Come and Rescue me Chelsea, Says Modric’.

If he just said ‘No, I wouldn’t be better off’ or the commonly-said-but-not-always-meant ‘I like it at Spurs’ (which Modric had said just before renewing his contract!), the media would turn that statement inside-out to make a headline like – ‘I HATE CHELSEA! SAYS CROAT-SCROTE!’. If you’re a Daily Star journalist reading this, feel free to take the above as a headline idea seeing as you like to blow stuff out of proportion so much.

I particularly remember you labelling Eidur Gudjohnsen as a Neo-Nazi using a rather pixelated image and a drunken night out as your source of information. I applaud the time and effort it took then and still takes to write your world-renowned content….

Daily Star rant over. It should be renamed the Daily STIR.

Mr. Modric, can I make a deal with you?

There’s no denial you’ve given great service to this club, and apart from the goal count, Hoddle fans have been given a chance to relive his magic on the pitch as your style looks similar. I know that Spurs haven’t made it into the top four this year, BUT we did it last year. Isn’t that enough ambition? Working towards something we want is defined as ambition. Instant success and systematic winning is defined as ambition being over and done with long before.

The deal is this:

If you can stay with us for another season (and Levy has made it clear that you will anyway) and put your shift in like you have done, I won’t begrudge you leaving if we fail to make it into the top-four/win something by the end of next season.

That is up to you, but don’t end up like Berbatov. You’ll regret it as the very fans who loved watching you play may turn against you in their droves for using us as a stepping stone.

I’m hoping one of our Croatian fans can translate the above.

  35 Responses to “Modric – Thoroughly Modest Mercenary???”

  1. Modric is not hoddleesque. He does not have the pin point accuracy of Hoddles long rane ge passing and neither dioes he have the shooting abiltiy of Hoddle. He has a better touch on the ball and better movement through the middle and probably a much harder work rate.

    • Tommy Hoddlestone!

    • The way they move and handle the ball is similar imho.
      And the way they shoot, letting it bounce and then just taking a lash at it with the top of their boots. OF COURSE Hoddle scored more goals, but watch a video of each and tell me again that they don’t play anything like each other…

  2. Good article. Yet the fact remains that Chavski pay more and win more than we do. You’d be a mug to not want to better yourself. No doubt that the recent Moddle quotes in the rags were in response to some very clever questioning styles. He is too good for Tottenham, so i am grateful he will grace the lillywhite for at least one more season. The ball is now in Levy’s court to strengthen the squad and look towards a top 3 finish.

  3. I don’t understand why there is such a big issue about someone who has scored 3 goals and has produced 2 assists in 38 PL games and he couldn’t help his team to win any of the 22 PL games that Spurs have failed to do so.
    I’ve watched all Spurs games and almost in none of them he was the best player of the team.
    He is incapable to change positively for Spurs the course of a game solely with his individual performance like VDV and Bale can do.
    There are many other players who can have a more efficient impact on the team.
    Let him leave and buy a better one!
    The interests of Spurs are above any individual player!

    • The fuss is because he was he had one of the best stats in the prem for successfull passing (3rd or 4th?), and that is what he was told to do – keep the team ticking like a well oiled swiss time piece… As for his assists / scoring he was somewhat hampered by lack of Thudd / Sandro to play more DM role next to him and had to do a Carrick role, more than a Scholes role (excuse the ManUre comparisons). This has improved his game significantly and proved to all he can play in CM in EPL. Move him 20 meters up the pitch and see those stats change…

      • So, in that case then why would you accept £35 mil + Drogba, a 33 year old!!!

        • Maybe because 35m + drogba is a good deal….?? Taking into account how much we need a striker who can compliment VDV as a lone striker. Also, taking into account that the fact we scored 14 Prem goals (I think?) from our front guys ALL season is a slight concern (maybe a frekin HUGE concern), maybe just as much as whether Modric stays or goes… EVERYONE has their price – would you turn down 80m
          ? 100m? 120m? I DO NOT want him to go BUT is he is then 35m + Drogba is a fair deal BUT there is NO WAY Chelski will accept that cause they know how important Drogba is (even at 33!!)..

          • You can buy a striker without selling your best player. You thought about that?

            • Yes, but our manager and chairman between them haven’t tried hard enough to buy a striker anyway.

  4. I was getting into your post until I read that you would take 20 mil plus Drogba for Modric and then swiftly discarded the rest of what you had written. I’m sorry mate, but you are off your rocker. A 25 year old kid that has not reached his full potential and therefore can only get better, barring any unforeseen serious injuries for 20 mil and a player that has had he’s best years and ready for retirement. You must be a chavski fan trying to broker a deal like the daily mail has been for the last 4 weeks!

    • I was trying to imply that Chelsea wouldn’t accept that offer. Whether or not Drogba’s past it is arguable. He didn’t have long goal droughts like Rooney did for example.
      Berbatov was in his 30s and scored a fair share of goals for Spurs until he moved to United. Recently, he was United’s top scorer!

      Therefore, age is not an issue and to say that every player who reaches 30 years old is ‘past it’ is a bit ageist. And even if Drogba statistically has had his best years already, I think his ‘worst years’ still have goals in them.

      • I don’t think you can accuse me of being ageist at 42, almost 43. But I can tell you that I train with weights 4-5 days a week. I can tell you for a fact that I had a lot more stamina and recovered from injuries far quicker and easier in my twenties than I did in my thirties or fourties. ! Now, that’s got nothing to do with being ageist, but a fact of life and I’m sorry, you don’t give up a player in the prime of his life for someone close to retirement… whatever the figure!!

  5. I agree with all said, but 20m + Drogba – surely 25-30m + Drogba due to his age..? I wont begrugde him next year at all (as long as we get 65m+, as he will have another 4 years stil to run! 😉 ) ) ) Please dont translate that last part into Croatian !

    • After reading others, definately 35m + Drogba (I was previously being polite)…

    • You’re delusional too mate. No deal would benefit Spurs in this case. You don’t give your best players to your premiership rivals and then accept the players they have no use for anymore! Otherwise we will always be a feeder club!!

      • We wills ee how much use they have for Drogba next season – back in the team – with Torres!

        • Yeh ok, lets see how many games he will play next season, provided he doesn’t get a knock. Cos if he does, he’ll be out for months!

      • Pete, you’ve severely missed the point of what I was trying to say lol.
        Of course I don’t want Modric to go, to Chelsea or anyone else, but it seems he wants to leave; and if we don’t gain anything positive from next season, he’ll be off like a shot and there’ll be nothing we could do about it except get the best deal possible for him and that could be a large sum plus a player from somewhere.

        I repeat as in my previous comment – Of course Chelsea wouldn’t accept that offer anyway, even if Drogba has lost his edge. If my proposed deal was being put to Chelsea, they wouldn’t take a second look at it.

        Try not to take everything so seriously next time.

  6. I would say 40 mill plus Drogba..i would prefer that Modric stayed but one player doesn’t make the team..if he wants to go and we get collectively stronger by getting Drogba in return then so be it. All we would do is drop VDV into midefield and go back to a 442 with the Drog and Pav or Defoe up top..looks good to me. However if he wants to stay and give us another year then even better..COYS

  7. I think you all need to go and have a look at some of the games from last season. Modric was man of the match in most of those games. The kid is sheer class! Make no mistake. Take modric out of the team and that will set us back 2 years, just like when Carrick first left and then Berbatov. You CANNOT be selling your best players to the likes of Chavski. As for Drogba, what happens to a player when he gets older? He takes longer to recover from injuries for a start and I can vouch for that. NO DEAL is the best deal. We should pay 14 mil for Damao and f*ck chavski and their aging team!

  8. Modders is not a Mercenary. A mercenary chases the buck. He joined us on a really low wage. We doubled his wage last year, and he still was not top earner. If he was a Mercenary, he would not have signed new contract, and would have left on a free to maximise his next salary and signing fee. He is very un-mercenary-like by trying to get a deal that suits everyone – Spurs, Chelsea and Modders. Do I need to remind you Mr Campbell who engineered a scenario that suited Arsenal, suited mostly Mr Campbell himself, and left Spurs with nothing. Campbell is a 10 out of 10 a mercenary, and Modric is 2 out of 10.

  9. Chelsea are on the decline and a new manger may just tip them over the edge. We have a relatively young squad with a few real gems. More importantly we need consistency in the squad with just a few additions. However, not sure our present mangemnet team and coaching staff are the ones to take us all the way. Come to think of it I have had a few blokes like that!HHXX

    • Ha ha ha… I just hope its meant as ‘they didnt take u all the way’, rather than a few guys like the coaching staff… Arry and Joe are no spring chickens like

  10. Make sure that the price is the right price, squeeze every last penny out of them, don’t accept cash + player deal, for a player they want to get shot of, negotiate for a player you want!

  11. I honestly believe that the writing is on the wall. We have 3 world class players in Bale, VDV and Modric. If we can keep 2 then i will be happy.

    What we must do is drive the hardest deal and secure the most funds, but not on the last day of the transfer window like we did with Berb. We must have viable replacements lined up now.

  12. I just fail to understand why we keep debating this issue about what price we’d accept for our top players, if one of the cxxx clubs came in for them. It’s a sure sign these other clubs are setting our agendas, and if we look back to our great successes, it well illustrates how far we have fallen as a club, because we never would have debated this issue when we bought Ardiles and Villa, for example, or when we had our great double team. Really, it’s utter crap, and all this talk about Levy making a stand is rubbish, because when we gave in to Berbatov, the amount we got for this pitiful specimen was the yardstick we used to justify selling him, as if because we did well out of the deal, it was ‘good business’.

    Instead, Berbatov should have been told in no uncertain terms that he plays to his contract or gets dropped. Who was paying the miserable fxxxxx his wages each week, for Christ’s sake?

    If Chelsea were prepared to pay 100 million for Modric, we should still be telling them to fxxx off.

    • Would you rather have a berbatov who was playing in the reserves or 30 million?

      If a player wants to go, nothing is going to stop them. No point chopping the nose to spite the face.

      • No contest, Berbatov in the reserves, every time.

        And neither are you chopping your nose to spite your face. You are telling the conceited fxxxxxx to remember the people who are paying their wages.

        And as for their wanting to go, in the last year of their contract I’d be offering them to all-comers, and kicking them a fond farewell, too.

        In fact, I wouldn’t even let the little cxxx play for the first team again, not unless he came out and proved he had what it took to be a man.

        Apparently, this little runt has come out and said, in relation to his possible leaving United, that he’ll fight to stay to show he’s not a quitter. I mean, you couldn’t get a better example of one.

        • spot on,if we took a stance with berbatoss and let him rot it would have put out a strong signal.I used to think if a player wants to go let him go,but now i think we should only sell on our terms and show these pampered pricks who’s in charge

  13. Read a good article on where Modders should go, I sincerely hope he stays, would be gutting to lose him:

  14. simple keep him buy leandro watch us go…top 4 there 4 taking i think chelsea r getting on abit,man u arent as good as they were ,man c gonna have 2 juggle champs league n prem like we did,n if it werent 4 r strikers n gomes we would have finished above the scum ,with friedel in net n leandro up front i think were gonna have good year…only time will tell……coys

  15. The whole problem with selling modric is if you get a large fee for him everyone knows you have that money and every player you try to sign will look for a higher price than they would have Liverpool being a prime example with Carroll, if It’s drogba+cash the money would be eaten up with his wages and signing on fee not worth it for a 33yr old and he’l be at african cup in febuary when we have important games and who’s to say he won’t pick up injured out there and if that happened you’d risk been left a massive wage while season falls apart, if modric is sold you just declare open season on bale sandro lennon Dawson and ekotto, what levy has done so far is spot on time will tell if it stays that way It’s imperative we don’t get bullied, what chelsea utd and city is doing is to make it look like are team is falling apart so players won’t join us, these teams realise were a threat not just for top four but the title I just hope harry and some fans talked up our chances more if you look at utd van der sar could prove a big loss de gea is very young to join a team like that especially if Ferdinand and vidic were injured at same time they could start to struggle at chelsea terry and luiz are slow and villa boas likes his team to play a high line asking for trouble in my book add in essien does’nt seem same player since injury lampards legs have gone we should not fear them, city will have cl league to contend with and I believe were a better side all we need is strikers and a top class defender to mount a real chance its the same as arsenal it could go either way depending on signings we should be brave the title is there to be won next year and we are real contenders

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