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Jul 152012

Pretty simple one really, Luka looks like he is off and when that happens we will probably go all out to land Joao Moutinho from Portugal as his replacement. Moutinho played under AVB for Porto and has been tipped to replace Modric at the Lane and would welcome the chance to link up with AVB again and have a crack at the Premier League.

AVB has confirmed his interest in Moutinho. Moutinho is similar to Modric but maybe a bit more adventurous in the final 3rd and has more goals to his game.

I put the question to you, as much as many of us love Luka, many of us will fall out of love with him when he departs but given the choice would you rather Luka stayed with us or would you rather welcome the chance and see Luka go and what Moutinho could bring to our club? We all know what Modric can do but for those of you who haven’t seen much of Moutinho, go and have a look on youtube and base your opinion on that.

Personally I’d like to play it safe and keep Modric.

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