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Jul 102012

According to one of the most respect Spurs ITK’s (yes sorry chaps its only itk) Phatom Of The Lane (POTL) talks between Moutinho’s camp and Spurs are underway and have been for a few days now.

Talks are underway and have been for a number of days between Porto, JM and his Agent and DL and DE our end. Porto know his time is up and player ready to leave Portugal. AVB’s number 1 target. Progress in motion. Hold caution on the responses and getting too excited but this move is underway.


As he said don’t get too excited but the rumours are gathering pace day by day now and it appears as though AVB is desperate to like up with Moutinho once again, the only problem would be that if he joined then Modric would almost certainly be gone but then again Levy has supposedly said Modric can go if we get a replacement.

Fair enough it’s only ITK but tell me you don’t enjoy it….

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