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Apr 152011

Once again, there’s been another call by the FA to clamp down on football-focused racism, but a more specific type. Another can of worms has been opened about the term ‘Yiddo’ being used simply because opposition fans have been known to chant anti-Jewish songs at Spurs fans. However, this is ruining it for Spurs’ own fans who adopted the term ‘Yiddo’ to defuse the racist element behind the original insult.

Take a look at the video here:
Kick It Out….

In the advert, there are Chelsea fans featured chanting an anti-Jewish take on ‘Spurs Are on Their Way to Wembley’. They have used the word ‘Yids’ in the lyrics. Let me remind you now that had the word ‘Yids’ been replace with the word ‘Jews’, the snippet would not have been featured and the chant would go on unnoticed as it has done for the last 30 years!

As both a Spurs fan and a descendant of Adam, Eve and everyone’s favourite biblical drunken-Uncle – who takes the command ‘sacrifice’ way too seriously – Abraham [in Lehman’s Terms – Jewish], I feel that the term ‘divine right’ couldn’t be better placed as I am the ideal type of fan to listen to on this sticky issue.

Tottenham Hotspur waded in to personally help David and Ivor Baddiel create that rather hypocritical short advert about what shouldn’t really have been an issue. Ledley King and Gary Lineker starred in that advert, two Spurs legends who were constantly referred to as the very thing they’re so ‘disgusted’ at!

They never complained about it when they were playing for us; and they shouldn’t even complain now. When Spurs fans chant ‘Yiddo’ at their players, it’s meant as a sign of affection for that player and an indication that they are fan favourites there, one of ‘us’. Surely Lineker and King couldn’t forget that so speedily.

What’s even stupider is that this harmless term is considered as offensive as the N-word (which is really just an abbreviation of ‘Negro’ which is the Spanish word for ‘black’) and the P-word (which is really an abbreviation of ‘Pakistani’ that got out of hand). The very assumption that those two words are comparable to the ‘Y-word’ is RIDICULOUS, particularly when the supposedly ‘offended’ group are NOT offended by the term anymore and additionally call THEMSELVES that!

I think that whilst there is an unsavoury connotation with the term ‘Yid Army’ being the name for the hooligan fan firm of Tottenham Hotspur, the terms ‘Yid Army’, ‘Yiddo’ or ‘Yids’ are used regularly by SPURS FANS THEMSELVES to give themselves a nickname which is as harmless as ‘Gooners’ (Arsenal), ‘Luddites’ (Leeds United), ‘Hammers’ (West Ham United’ or ‘Fans-who-are-getting-annoyed-with-wasting-millions-on-going-nowhere-and-laying-off-good-managers’ (Manchester City).

Judaism is a religion, not a race. So technically racism doesn’t encompass anti-Jewish references. But that’s just me splitting hairs.

The term Yiddo was coined by us to defuse the anti-Jewish connotation behind the original insult, so there’s really no issue if the group the club think they’re helping never raised the issue in the first place!

I could do a better job than that! Tottenham Hotspur’s suits need to listen to fans more to gain a more realistic perspective of what’s really going on and how serious something may be. Otherwise backlashes occur.

The quotes from different clubs’ executive make me laugh so hard I want to vomit:

Spurs’ Executive Director Donna Cullen said: “We are committed to eliminating all forms of racism and we shall support efforts to kick anti-Semitism out of the game….”

What kind of club representative doesn’t know their club’s own history and demographics!!!??

“…A small number of both Jewish and non-Jewish Spurs fans use the Y word in what they consider to be an inoffensive manner…”

Well that would be true if you consider 30,000 as ‘small’! What a naive assumption. It’s more popular than you think.

“…We look forward to an informed and proper debate with Kick it Out, stakeholders and the key authorities to raise greater awareness….”

Why not consult the actual fanbase as well? Or do they fear losing the argument? I mean, they recently had the nerve to pursue legal action after the OPLC decided to let West Ham have the stadium which 2/3 of Spurs fans don’t even want. Spurs would have nothing to lose now that they’ve further alienated those around them.

Chelsea Chairman Bruce Buck said: “Chelsea FC has been campaigning about issues around anti-Semitism for many years. We have, and always will, take the strongest possible action against anyone found making any kind of discriminatory chant or taunt. It is great to see the football world come together to support a project that will raise awareness of the problem.”

Well that worked didn’t it! It has continued to this day without retribution. Your own manager in 2008, Avram Grant and his wife were receiving death threats from YOUR own fans. How vigilant of your club, Mr. Buck.
Stay out of it if you’re going to remain inert. Thank you!

On a footnote, I will say that naming the hooligan firm ‘The Yid Army’ has thrown a real spanner in the works. THAT is what I don’t like about the term ‘Yid’. It has been attached to what is an unnecessary and unsavoury part of football – Effectively a football-bourne type of extremism.

Whoever named the club’s hooligan firm ‘The Yid Army’ is the real idiot/are the real idiots in all this.

Still, it seems that we as Spurs fans are less easily-offended than others. It looks like the ‘Yid’ badge is one of honour and of great effect rather than one of vulnerability. I swear, if there were sackings for naivety and a lack of initiative in consulting those affected by policy changes, our club would save enough to pay Robbie Keane’s pension!

  15 Responses to “My Turn: Yid Barmy!!!”

  1. I see difficulties arising when the police have to arrest 30,000 fans in one go…………….

    • what you have to understand is most people do NOT realize that the term yid is offensive. Spurs fans tweet, go on facebook, walk down the street and shout it and do not see this as. It is – simple. MOST away fans do not chant this. Chelsea WILL being this, West Ham WILL be showing this and Arsenal WILL be showing this. We should show it too, it is an education for many who do not know what they are chanting.

  2. I think the problem they have with it is, what about jewish supporters of other clubs? who DON’T either ‘get it’ or know anything of the fact that us Spurs fans have coined the term and turned it into a positive / badge of honour to spite the scum at other clubs who sang the anti-semetic songs.

  3. Could people stop saying that “Judaism is a religion, not a race”, because whilst that statement is technically correct, it misses the point that “the Jews” are an actual race of people. It does not need to be based on colour to have an ethnic background. So yes, you can change religion (become Jewish), but race is something that you cannot change – and you cannot change the fact that you are ethnically Jewish. So People like Baddiel are being offended because they are ethnically Jewish.

    • Have to disagree with you Tony: Being Jewish is more of a cultural issue than an ethnic issue.

      Jews vary in appearance from very black, such as the Falashas of Ethipia, to the Aryan dream of blonde hair and blue eyes. The same can be said of Moslems. Recently watched a documentary about Irish Moslems, and there were converts who had red hair. On the face of it, if it was about ethnicity, then pure blood Jews would all look like Arabs.

      Nevertheless, the idea that you should discriminate against people on grounds of religion makes even less sense than discriminating on grounds of race. Religion is about faith, and something we are never going to know the answer to, at least not in this life, so why we should discriminate on an issue where none of us knows the answer is not only wrong, but stupid too. I am not excusing racists when I say this, only that if you discriminate on grounds of race, you can see what you are discriminating against.

  4. having just read donna cullens statement, she makes a very, very good point.

    why don’t we just ban chelsea and other scum fans from sining spurs are on their way *** etc if they sing that and don’t use the yword……is that OK?? or course bl00dy not.

    the “y-word” is NOT actually what badeil was complaining about, he was offended really because they thug behind him was shouting yword this and yword that….the WORD did not offend him??? it was the context.

    • I never said that if Chelsea fans didn’t sing the word ‘Yids’ it’d be ‘OK’.
      I said that the chant wouldn’t have been featured in the video if the word ‘Yids’ was left out of it.

  5. What language do orthodox jewish people speak amongst themselves? I’ll give you a clue: It begins with a “Y”.

    • No one is wanting to ban the use of the word ‘Yid’ or ‘Yiddish.’ This is very specifically about anti-semitism in football. Don’t worry yourself John, the Jewish population of the world are not going to be sanctioned by the ‘Kick It Out’ campaign. There is a difference between saying “I can speak Hebrew and Yiddish,” and saying “you dirty Yid c*nt.” I think a lot of Spurs fans have made a storm in a tea cup over this. Even the clubs official statements from what I have seen have not called on Spurs fans to stop using the chants. This is about anti-semitism in football, not Spurs fans using the word ‘Yid’ for themselves.

      • Darren, I know of European away games where the club specifically banned any banners bearing a Star of David or ‘Yid’ on them. I think it was our away games in Milan. So this would only be the tip of the iceberg imho.

    • Hebrew, mate.

  6. The most divisive issue we have had for years, and probably in the club’s history is Stratford. Did anyone notice how the club made a press release about racism just as we were about to face RM, then announce the Judicial Review application, then before the blogs start about the JR, we see the invention of the “Y word”?

    I have said elsewhere, that I have never felt comfortable with the use of the word “Yid”, but it has been in use for about 30 years now. You might have thought that someone Jewish like Levy, if he were offended, or was getting reports from other Jews who have taken offence, and Sugar and Scholar before him would (and should) have raised the issue before now.

    Without wishing to trivialise matters, I have a suspicion that this is about news management, and what we may or may not call ourselves, is not that important. Personally, I think if Levy were to go on the record and state that he finds it offensive, (or otherwise), then the majority of us would respect that and the sensible debate is over. However, while we are talking about this, we are not talking about Stratford. I think this may well suit some people.

    • What I’m gathering from your point is that it’s just a distraction from the lawsuit they’ve filed against Newham Council.

      I wouldn’t worry about us being distracted from the Stratford issue. Someday, Levy will realise that we’re not idiots and hopefully stop clutching at straws on a stadium which 2/3 of us don’ want.

  7. I have seen and heard racist remarks, and the hitler salute, amongst our own fans in the early seventies.Them times I rarely heard the yid word, then towards the late seventies, early eighties, when hooliganism was at its peak, we started to use it when confronting rival fans. The worst anti semitism I have heard, is the westham fans, calling us yid c””ts and hissing sounds to resemble the gas chambers. KIO and the FA should come down hard on the likes of Chelsea and Westham, who use the yid word in offence to jewish people.

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