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Aug 212010
Hi folks, this information is courtesy of Reuters and very enlightening it is to. Yes finally UEFA have relaxed their rule on the movement of player to club during a Champions League or Europa League campaign.
The executive comity consisting of one Gianni Infantino have now found to allow a player to move to another club at the ceasement of the preliminary round if his former employers have been eliminated before the beginning of the competition proper. So whether it be that a player either signs during the summer transfer window or the January opening it is now permitted for him to partake in his new employers European campaign.
This new rule which started at the commencement of this season is great news for all clubs who either make it through the early stages of the campaign should they wish to strengthen their squad with top quality experienced players yet operate on a tighter budget or those who are fortunate enough to enter the competition proper later on in the year but may want to buy an up and  coming prospect.

However as they say there is often a dark cloud attached to any silver lining dependent of course on your point of view,this being then that of the three new players a club may add in January only one might be permitted to enter the fray of the European adventure who has previously played in the competition regardless of whether their clubs where knocked out in the preliminary rounds.

This of course gives us a renewed hope regarding Suarez and Fabiano,there is also the creative midfielder Turan. Should we progress next Wednesday and their current clubs fail to do so.

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  12 Responses to “New Champions League Ruling”

  1. Hopefully we’ll win the second leg and buy a talented striker who’ll help us move forward, but if your info is as reliable as your spelling I think I should research all this myself 🙂

  2. I’m not sure whether your post is serious or not, as I have no specific knowledge of “Gianni Infantino” (seems like a made up name like “Biggus-Dickus” in Life of Brian).
    However, if this means that players can appear for more than one club in a single season in European competition it only brings it into line with other competitions and leagues; remember that the “window” closes on 31st August, whereas the PL started on the 16th.
    Berbatov “appeared” for us in the PL (I won’t dignify it by saying he played), before joining Man U.
    This will at least do away with spurious “injuries” that prevent a player representing his employers in a major competition just so he isn’t cup-tied when he comes to be sold to another club.
    For example Jenas wasn’t fit for an outing with Young Boys (ooh Matron), but was available a few days either side of that particular farce.
    We could still buy Scott Parker for example and he would be able to play, not only in the PL, but against Wet Spam.
    It’s always been this way until the “transfer window” started.
    It’s all bollocks anyway when Kevin Prince can play AGAINST his brother Jerome in the Ghana V Germany WC game.

  3. why the fuck do you people care his spelling? you can clearly understand what the guys saying.. this isnt english class ffs.

  4. Thanks Glen,there is also a link in the article now to confirm this piece for those of you who are unsure.

  5. Sounds good. But I’m not comfortable seeing my team living on a knife edge. If we do indeed beat the ‘young boys’ at the lane and, we make a signing or two then great!
    But what if we fail to qualify due to a lack of investment. . .we’d look pretty foolish to say the least.

  6. Brizzlespur do you really think that we haven’t been trying to invest? all the clubs in the preliminary round of the Champions League have held fire on sales and acquisitions to see if they qualify for the Champions league proper, and it seems apparent that we have targeted at least one player from this set of teams so thus far we have been thwarted in completing any deals as Seville and Ajax have held back from doing any business until their european future is sorted.

  7. In future all fans must possess a degree in English grammar and at least an A* English literature, a full FA coaching licence and of course attend every game including friendlies particularly those where Spurs play simultaneously. They must be of the firm understanding that whoever Spurs require to swell their ranks, then Levy must provide the funds irrespective of the demands and the player must never own or ever owned anything red and should have been a life long fan of Spurs.

  8. Actually the ruling is only for rounds 1-3, we entered at round 4.
    So if we did sign someone from a Champions League team, then they would be cup tied.
    You can find the rulings on UEFA site & the Champions League rules.

  9. Spursfan,I have emailed UEFA just to clarify although on Reuters it does mention the January transfer window,and that only one player of the three which might be added to the squad being allowed to participate from a previous entrant in the early rounds,so I’ll let you know if they get back to me.

  10. If you read the Reuters story you will see that the rule comes into operation “From next season…”.

  11. Des E. Derata,The Reuters article was written on Wednesday March 24th 2010,which would make said next season this current one.Unless I’m mistaken.

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