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Jul 102010

Well, considering our lack of activity so far in the transfer market I’ve decided to take a closer look at one player we have actually signed – labelled by some as ‘The new Dunga’ ….. Sandro Ranieri Guimarães Cordeiro.

Samba Sensation - New Spurs Man Sandro


It might be a while until we actually see Sandro in the famous Lillywhite shirt so to tide us over until then I’ve pooled together a few facts and put together a short video showcasing the players abilities.

Born on 15th March 1989, Sandro was a graduate of Internacional’s youth academy in Brazil. He signed his first professional contract and began his senior career in 2007 as an 18 year old.

A defensive midfielder by trade, Sandro likes to get forward and involved in attacking play as often as possible, a typical Brazillian trait.

At just shy of 6’2″ Sandro is a real presence on field and should compliment the current crop of midfield players Harry Redknapp currently has at his disposal.

Sandro will join up with his new teammates at the end of Internacional’s Copa Libertadores campaign, however you would imagine he would be in need of a rest at the end of a long season and time to settle in so don’t expect to see him much before christmas ….. if we’re lucky!

When the news of the transfer to England broke Sandro said Spurs are “a great fit for me” and that “a club that is growing every year makes it the ideal club for me”.

At international level he has captained his country at Under – 20 level and led them into the 2009 South American Youth Championships.

He made his full international debut against Chile in a World Cup qualifier on 9th September 2009 and was unlucky to miss out on a squad place in Dunga’s 23 for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, named as 1 of 7 backup players.

  16 Responses to “‘New Dunga’ Deal Complete ….. Lets Take A Closer Look.”

  1. Looking forward to seeing him play,but as you say it might be some time yet,perhaps even a cup game first.

  2. I am relishing seeing him in action as he is labled the new dunga we can expect great things from him 🙂

  3. One of the better vids i’ve seen of him. looks deceptively quick over the first few yards with good strength thrown in to boot; however must remember that he is bound to stand out in a relatively poor domestic standard of football.

    reminds me a lot of viera in his pomp. looking forward to seeing him around the xmas period.

  4. I just clicked the banner at the top and it made me laugh at what come up

    Sandro looks 1 hell of a player I hope he is as good for us as the video

  5. King yid. Poor standard of domestic football. Brazil have won the world cup 5 times. Errm??

  6. If edited video montages can be relied upon as a sole basis for judgment, and they always can, we’ve signed one hell of a player. I’m very excited now.

  7. As good as the Brazilians are becoming at developing more defensive minded talent, he may take a while to adjust. We may have to wait a couple of seasons before we see him at his best, so we’ll have to be patient.

  8. Video montages can be deceptive – you could do one with Taarabt and make him look like Messi. What makes a good player is the ability to perform well for 90 mins, and for most of season, and also against the tough teams. I saw Taarabt against Bournemouth and he looked ok…for 15 mins out of the 45 he played…against Bournemouth. Also, not many Brazilian players have succeeded in Premiership, so let’s wait and see.

  9. If he won’t be available until christmas, how can he be named in the 25 man squad?

  10. Looks a tough player will work well with Palacios……going to be a great season lets just hope we can still sign the likes of J.Cole and we defnatley need a proven goal scorer……………….Diego Forlan (please).

  11. JimboYid – you name your 25 man squad twice in the season – once in each transfer window. They could name him in January transfer window.

  12. I’ve seen the video’s of him and he does look the part of them, but then again, I can recall the likes of Queresma on those same sites and people saying we should sign him ect. Let the boy settle in, drip feed him into the side and lower expectations accordinlgy, and most of alow him time to be the player we all hope he’ll be!. I’ve never seen him play myself. but we’ve stalked him long enough to know what we’re buying.

  13. what happened to the vid?
    wanted to show my bruva

    • Vid still online mate, try again! Go to the home page and scroll down to this article, for some reason its just showing the link here. Or you can copy and paste the link, it goes straight to my video account and you can view it there!

  14. cheers can see it now
    great vid

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