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Jul 262010

Still no action, 18 days to go untill kick off and with the exception of Sandro still no new faces. I don’t think it’s a big deal and vitally important but it would have been good to bring a couple of faces in by now to help our case more for next season. Missing out on Joe Cole didn’t help I think maybe Harry put more into that deal than he let on.

Was watching his interview on Sky Sports earlier and he said about no club having any money to spend, now maybe we are not being told the full story, maybe Levy really isn’t giving Harry much to work with. Harry might have to sell the likes of Jenas, O’hara and Keane etc before being allowed to sign anybody else. In his previous interview Harry seemed to share my opinion that if we are to ever push on then now is our best chance we have had in 20 years.

If you watched our recent tournament in America you would probably have noticed how new signings need to gel by watching Manchester City’s awful display, they have signed a few players recently and they did not look like a proper team, not working for eachother and lack of understanding. That is one thing we do have over City, the ability to play like a team but for this reason I hope if Harry is going to do some business he does it soon and not once the season has started.  Harry said at the end of the season he wanted all his new signings in by July or something like that.

We are constantly linked with Micah Richards and he is seemingly unwanted by city so why haven’t we got him yet? surely it would be better to ship out Hutton and get Richards to inject some pace into the back line. Don’t get me wrong I think he have a team full of good players, but I worry that our 4th place finish will make us believe we are better than we actually are and that we really do need 2 or 3 players to strengthen the team while we have the ability to attract better players.

So is Harry right are a lot of teams in the Premiership lacking funds to spend, I am sure that Man United are feeling the pinch thanks to the Glazers, the debt has to be repaid sooner or later and it could mean less spending power for United over the next few years. But we are supposed to have a decent balance and Harry isn’t the type of manager to shy away from the transfer market so why hasn’t he done anything this summer?

When I wrote a similar blog a couple of weeks ago I thought to myself that in a couple of weeks I would be proved wrong and we would have a new face or two at the club but here I am once again covering old ground. I am wondering if Harry isn’t indulging himself in new players, is it because he really believes we are good enough to push on as it is, is it because he hasn’t found the right players yet or is it because Levy hasn’t handed over his wallet yet. One more thing Harry did say was that there is a nice free transfer he would like to have, the name Raul is the first name that springs to mind for me.

On a brighter note Aldo and myself got ur tickets for the City game, so see you all at the Lane on the opening day and hopefully a couple of new signings to excite us.

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  37 Responses to “New Signings”

  1. He’s probably trying to go public about a lack of funds to lower prices, i hope so anyway. COYS

  2. I think Harry has potential signings lined up, but that deals are contingent on us getting into the group stages of the Champions League. If we get over that banana skin I believe we will see a couple of signings along the lines of e.g. Huntelaar etc. – proven good players who need to move to a club that plays a system that better suits them

  3. I think its essential to get in minimun 2 new players!
    Im not happy with our Left or Right backs… Ekotou and Charlie (i reckon they will get eaten up in the champions league) so i feel we need to replace at lest one of them!
    Also feel a Centre back is required as i dont see King playing many games again, and not sure we can rely on Bassong or Kaboul to play at that top level!
    And do we really want to start the season with the strikers we have… except for Defoe, the rest arent exactly consistent!!

  4. is it a big deal that we have not signed anyone…..tell me who would you drop and who would you add…..put football manger 2010out the window for a sec and think long and hard about it….who would you add… wanna drop lennon for milner how about drop bale and play young on the left or drop boa….what about few more cm player then opps got to drop modric…i undertand we need to build on last year but may be just maybe its time to do it the football way….it took luka 2 seasons to bed in and this his 3rd we should see his best…………I dont think hudd is the player to take us to the next level and would add a box to box player…..willy has the build for it but not the skill to play that role…………… to sign a player like cole would add quality to the squad but at the same time we need balance and not another 300mil spent on player that get better once they leave the club ………..if we are a club to move forwards letting go a squad that got you to 4th place last year on good football would be a step backwards…..dont see many other clubs doing much either….

  5. We should take City’s selling spree for advantage and put bids in for, Bellamy, Richards and Ireland. Roughly £25 for all, then we should go and buy a top striker, maybe even Adebayor 😉

  6. i hope this a good sign that we are not rushing things and buying the first player to show intrest but dont leave it to late rember rasiak

  7. I think Levy will allow him the money if the target represents a good long term investment. We’re not in a position to take a £20million hit on someone like Fabiano. Hopefully Levy protects Redknapp from signing some old duffers.

  8. I am way too tight to spend my money in this recession, If we could finish 4th last season, we can do it again! But saying that, If Harry looses our first game, he will get the sack 🙂 Just to let you all know, I’ve put a bid in for Emile Heskey as I believe he is our answer to a goal scorer centre forward….£2 , BARGAIN!

  9. As Harry eluded to today, everyone’s waiting for City to put some money into the market ie, buy Milner, then Villa will look to sign one of Keane, Bentley, Jenas and then we’ll be able to spend. Maybe the board want to wait until we actually qualify for the CL before committing funds too, so I don’t expect us to do much until then (besides maybe a loan or 2)

  10. What you have to remember is all that money Harry spent when he first arrived is going to show up in this years accounts, Levy would be aware of the share price dipping with a set of bad results, along with the training ground expense and new stadium development money we will be short of funds.
    Our share price has dropped from what it was last year, more due to the world recession than anything weve done wrong.
    If Richards is a no go, then we will have to go with Charlie and Hutton at right back, most teams would take them as right back options, Hutton just needs some coaching and a life time ban from his local.
    Its a left back we need, but BEA does a good job as does Bale but we all really want him left midfield because we have been starved of balance for 10 years or more.
    I would sell either Crouch or Keane and break the bank for Surez from Ajax, try and Loan the nutter with the putter from Citehhhhh as they wont register him in there 25, and if Bellemy says to Mancini, im only going to the lane cock blah blah

  11. It has been reported in the press that Harry has said he wants three new signings that will transform the look of our squad for the up and coming season,so it looks as though we’ll just have to be patient and hope we don’t mess them up like with Joe Cole.

  12. running a football club has become like running a business, why on earth would you spend 20mill on fabiano a player thats 29 and will be 30 soon!

    would you pay a 65 year old a 100k salary if you owned a business?

    we have too many average back up players so we need to shift the dead wood before buying, we have just spend 45mill on a new training complex and also we are spending over 400m on a stadium we dont need to waste money

    if the deal is right the club will do it levy aint stupid and harry knows a deal when he sees one. only buy players if they are going to improve the club if not you might aswell burn the money

  13. mr levy will not part with is money so arry can buy so i bielive it when i see it as i can not be assed no more

  14. ‘Arry has been buying almost exclusively from the Prem for years. This year will be no different, I think he will bring in Davies, Bellamy and maybe one other. This will depend on the CL qualifiers and if City can sign Torres orbDzeko. If they do it wouldn’t surprise me if Ade pops up at the Lane

  15. WE SHOULD BUY ROBINHO off City. He was fantastic at the World Cup. Better than Joe Cole.

  16. Seems like City’s upcoming need to cull their ranks may be viewed as worth a wait as it may be an opportunity to get Richards and/or Bellamy on loan, leaving cash to go after a bigger name.

  17. Oh For Heavens sake, buy Robiniho what absolute non-sense, a poor purchase at 31 million, an even poorer one at 20 million, money we haven’t got and if we did it’ll certainly wasted on that twat. Man City hold the balance of many of the proposed deals and everything will domino the moment one of them happens, both for us and for Villa.
    Harry is once again using rhetoric to state that Levy wont allow him to spend money like there’s no tomorrow, and if Harry had his way, there would be no tomorrow. Thank Heavens for DL and his control over the clubs finances, because theres a club or two languishing in the championship right now, and I’d sooner not change places with them thanks. Could be the start of a falling out between HR and DL and I know who I’ll back everytime!

  18. Personally I think it is essential that we bring in fresh players for our forward play- a striker & winger of quality. The four we have are decent but I feel as a foursome aren’t good enough for maintaining 4th or a run in CL. This is my opinion & Arry feels this way. He knows they’ll lack bite, presence, goal threat, goals, with both poor hold up play & poor link up play- we need @ least one fresh player in our attacvk- even if its Bellamy on LOAN. We should never buy him. Spurs SHOULD COUNT THEMSELVES LUCKY TO HAVE LEVY IN CHARGE REGARDLESS OF ARRY FEELING FRUSTRATED HE CAN’T COMPETE- HE MUST BE PATIENT & CLUBS WILL SOON HAVE TO SELL!

  19. Essexian – I know you’ve been peddling this view that Harry is just messing with the board publicly (with all your insight at the club). But before you write why dont you use your brain? Do you think a player cannot overcome indifferent form? He’s obviously one of the most talented footballers on the planet. Brain first – then write, dickhead.

  20. It’s quite possible that city will try not to trade with us, as we are possibly one if their biggest rivals for top 4 if we strengthen? It may come down to a bit of a stalemate as the window nears shutting, especially with city needing to conform to the quota. Incidently does anyone know when teams have to hand in the final 25? Back to the man city point, they clearly have a few players that could improve our squad even if city feel they’re surplus to requirements, Richards Bellamy Ireland? But equally players like jenas bentley and keane could be argued do the same thing for villa, which is better value? I really think it’s time to push on tho, chances don’t come round to often in recent spurs times.

  21. Levy’s not stupid – there’s money for some decent players, Harry’s plating the waiting game.

    City’s large squad is well publicised and we’ll end up with Bellamy – and, despite the obvios cons, I’d take Adebayor.

    We won’t not spend and blow this CL chance. Our chairman is far too shrewd for that.

  22. Try to buy/loan:- Suarez, Bellamy, Richards, Pletikosa + Winston Reid (young NZ centre half- only 1 Million Fantastic player now and good chance to be world class in future!)
    Try to sell:- Hutton, Jenas, Bentley, Naughton, Alnwick + Huddlestone (don’t rate Hudd like other people) (+ Defoe if we can get Suarez)

  23. please excuse my spelling! tired…

  24. Sell The Hudd?! That’s crazy talk!

  25. ‘Changes may be made to the squad list of 25 during the transfer window’, so when the window closes, the list will have to remain the confirmed for the interim period.

  26. Fabiano/Bellamy. Flamini. Richards.

    Pretty certain we are not in for Flamini but he would be fantastic for us.

    Adebayor. You’re dreaming. He’s obviosuly an awesome player but he was until recently the best paid player in the premiership was he not. There is no way he would take a pay cut.

    Robinho wants out of the premiership.

  27. All this speculation guys and to all our knowledge not one positive move for any of the so mentioned players.As for the keane issue.because of all the very varing type comments supposedly quoted by harry.One would not know if he is going or staying.Its really very confusing.As some one has said a lot may well be decided on the spending spree of City in regards to their so called approaches for other clubs players.Which will in return probably affect our own spending criteria..Plus, fortunately for us Mr.Levy is very cash wise and will not let the club be dragged into a spirialling spending spree.Unless their are benifits for the club further down the track.Regardless lets look forward to a hopefully a su ccessful season and an enjoyable one.And with any luck that rather arrogant lot over at the Emirates get there just deserts.As many of their supporters are all ready decrying not only ourselves but other clubs as well.

  28. None of our direct competition will want to sell us players especially City. The impact of having to declare the 25 man squad containing 8 home grown players will have a massive impact on the value of local players. Some clubs will struggle to name enough home grown players e.g Arsenel while others will have far to many quality players on their books and need to ship them out at the last minute. Our so called dead wood could become very valuable in the next few weeks!!!

  29. Premier League Squad 2010 (Possible or probable)
    Premier League Squad of 25 2010
    ? means someone to come or an alternative
    (M) means can cover other positions PROPERLY.

    Underline means either under 21 – qualified or both.
    Some may be qualified due to time in UK or other rule I am unsure of such as Keane, Bellamy & Bale.


    Kaboul (M)

    Bale (M)
    Ćorluka (M)
    Walker (M) or ?Richards? (M)

    O’Hara (M)
    Kranjcar (M)
    Huddlestone (M)

    Lennon (M)
    Dos Santos

    Keane (M)

  30. We have bought big in previous years without achieving.Management probaly realises this and await the crucial buying moment to bid – the quota system in the PL is an advantage to bargain hunters. So lets wait & see if this is the way that Levy is thinking.

  31. To Aus Spur:

    Do you really think Citeh will loan us Richards or Bellamy, seeing as we are there biggest rival for a top 4 place. Perhaps they can get Rooney on Lloan from Manure, and we can borrow Messi and Renaldo. I don’t think so!

  32. BUY ROBINHO!!! That’s utter nonsense. First of all, he was not one of the best players at the WC. That1s an illusioin made up of some of the “clever” tricks he made now and then, but seldom led to goals. He was a decent player, nothing more. Take into account that he was shit in the Prem for the most of his time in City, and we have a player that is not woth more than 10m, at most. He is also sobby and over weight. The only brazilians that really impressed in the WC were bastos, maicon and Dani alves. None of them will play for spurs. I think we need a striker (in stead of Eidur) that from the beginning of the league is considered better than pav and crouch and can play alongside JD. We also could do with a right back, as Charlie’s weaknesses are evident when our opposition is of some class. As for CBs, we actually have three (without Woody and king) that did quite well last season. Remember that Bassong and Dawson were great together for large parts of last season.

  33. I’ve no more insight than the next, just an opinion Stratty, fortunately I’ve been proved right more often than most and the reason for that is I use my brain and dont own a playstation to cloud my view. Robhinho plays when he wants to, and is intent on staying in Brazil. We dont have either the transfer funds to buy him, nor the money for his wages. Man City aren’t likely to sell him to a rival club such as ours nor is he likely to want to come to Spurs. Now you’ve wasted my time in replying to you, because these pointers it would be patently obvious to anyone remotely knowledgeable about football and Tottenham Hotspur!

  34. I bet our signings are made on the last day lol

  35. ekotto can drop to bench, bring in davide santon from inter (young – ish but solid and quick) or micah…or move bale to LB
    then bring in a left sided player maybe ribery? (wishful thinking) but seriously if bellamy was to come in he can play on the left but to be honest im happy ekotto out santon or richards in simple as that mr levy!!!
    on the other hand, players like o’hara and naughton and walker arent really players that can really compete in europe.. even if they come off the bench they wont do a whole lot lets be honest.. why cant we bring in some players that wont cost a great and that have at least some european football experience?? in saying that i do like walker and naughton!!!
    ohh and ps DONT SELL GIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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