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Jul 102010

Where are they? Manchester City are showing they mean business and personally I think they will break the top 4 this season which means we have got to start doing some business in the trasnfer window sooner rather than later. With only 5 weeks to go till the start of the Premiership and a Champions League qualifying game to worry about we need to get the new faces in and the dead wood out to give the team time to gel together do we not?

I seem to remember Harry stating that he wanted to do all of his summer business early but so far nothing. I am confident we will get Joe Cole possibly some time next week but apart from that it’s been like any other summer, linked to every Tom,Dick and Harry but so far no action, it all has a rather all too familiar feel to it for my liking. What worries me the most is we get linked to some very tasty European players and then the next minute, like today, you hear we are trying to sign Craig Bellamy. Surely we can now afford to aim a bit higher than that?

Action is needed on the players that are surplus to requirements, I have heard most fans and myself included think that it’s time for Jenas to move on. You then have to likes of Keane,Hutton,O’hara,and Pav, who could be on the way out. Two players tipped to move are Dos Santos and Bentley but personally I think Gio has shown he might be worth sticking with a bit longer and Bentley done a decent enough job when Lennon was injured towards the end of last season and has shown he might just be worth keeping.

The worry is apart from possibly Joe Cole, just who else exactly is there to sign? who is available of real quality that will improve our squad? Surely the aim for the league next season has got to be to stay in the top 4 again but for that to happen we need to cash in on 3 or 4 of our squad and replace them sooner rather than later with some real quality. Even the scum down the road are spending money, which shows they are worried about the possible force Manchester City might be next season.

With all of this in mind I still remain confident that Redknapp has a few players in the pipeline and I truely hope I am right, because if there was ever a time to attract bigger and better players and really show we mean business then that time is now. If we don’t stay in the top 4 then do we go back to being the same Tottenham Hotspur we have been for the last 20 years? So how much longer will we have to wait to see some action and when we do will it be signings that we have all dreamed of or is Harry still in Portsmouth and West Ham mode trying to pick up bargain rejects?

  32 Responses to “New Signings?”

  1. We actually have quite a good team already.
    Only buy if they improve what you have !

  2. @Cornish Chris

    And there be the voice of reason, well said Chris. I wish more Spurs fans had your common sense.

  3. For me now the only worry if there is one is back -up keeper and strikers.There were too many games last season were our strikers failed in front of goal Wolves and Stoke being just a few.We had a fabulous season but with a bit more fire power we would have got 3rd no problem.Solve these 2 problems and this season will be even tighter at the top and the big 2 may find things will not go there way.

  4. news is that deal with joe cole is done

  5. oh yes no doubting we dont have a good squad, but we are going to need 3 or 4 more players of class to replace the players on the way out if we are to stay a top 4 club and juggle the champions league with the prem, our players cant all play midweek and on a saturday. Strength in depth

  6. I’d second that.
    I really do think that we got some pretty damn good players. wins against the big clubs last season highlited this for me.
    We mainly dropped points against the smaller clubs that played with more strength and belief.
    Football can’t just be about buying up the best players, just think of the millions that have been wasted bringing so called “super stars” to prem clubs that never settle.

  7. Forgot about Sandro you did… Maybe the best prospect coming from Brazil…
    If King(new contract) Cudicini(new contract) both can play, then I dont think we need more than Joe Cole…

    We have a few fringe players, but to suggest Bentley, Jenas, Pavlyuchenko and Gio is on their way out scares me more than the thought of not getting any new players…

    I can only see O’hara, Taraabt, Hutton, Dervite and Palacios leaving…

  8. Oh, and of course Keane is the one leaving if we can get a new striker…

  9. You talk of ‘quality’ then say we will get Joe Cole, sorry but a Chelski reject is ‘not’ my idea of QUALITY, the sooner we avoid him Belamy the better. Harry needs to be looking at the under 26’s – Germany showed how good they can be where England showed how bad OAP’s can be. What next, people like you calling for Heskey to be signed? We have enough quality to get us into the group stages of the CL, trust in what is there and as for Harry, he likes dis-information (would be great in the CIA) he always has. Also he is probably signing somebody we will not expect, trust him and Levy and not the guess work by the papers, they are after headlines, we are after the PL – Harry/Levy etc. know football – the media know stuff all … !! COYS

  10. This isn’t Football Manager. Its real life. Anyway Harry said at the outset that there wouldn’t be many changes – maybe just one special one. Let that be a striker though.

  11. calm down…all the good players were in the world cup.


  12. i agree with the fact we have quite a good squad, i would certainly want a quality centre half! without ledders and woody i feel big daws can struggle. we do need to move on some dead wood tho, but give gio another chance cos for mexico he’s brill. i would worry we will blow out a real prospect!

  13. out: hutton £5m, jenas £7m, keane £10m, taarabt £4m,(possibly pavy £13m, bentley £12m o`hara £6m) =£32m (£51m)

    in: m.richards £6m, gudjohnson loan/£?, joe cole free, (possibly dzeko £30m+ or suarez £25m+ or bellamy)=£6m (£45m)

    our squad would look like this :

    i just think we need to another right back dont get me wrong i like corluka but if he gets injured we need back up, also he is too slow if we are chasing a goal so need pace which would be perfect for micah richards, and he can play centre back although with king woodgate dawson bassong and kabou i dont think its a major issue.

    joe cole would add that xtra bit to our team, can create goals and score them, which woud of been great last year when playing the wolves or stoke hull home games.

    i think gudjohnson has done enough last season to merit another contract, and can add his experience for our champions league campaign.

    bellamy, i really like him, he works his socks off but if we get a big striker in the form of dzeko or suarez in then i cant see us getting bellamy in too, so wouldnt be too bothered if we missed out

    we do need a big name striker to better last season, dzeko or suarez would fit the bill, think suarez is more likely though what with city coming in for dzeko.

  14. At the end of last season Harry clearly said that he will only need 2-3 signings , also 2-3 to move on..yes , as the fans we all love Spurs to go and sign 2 absolute world class names but what really matters is to sign someone who would fit into system that Harry has got in mind. Cole and Bellamy are as a matter of fact spot on signings, we lack that goal scoring midfielder who can score 8-9 goals a season, Cole is that player..lets go back to last season losing to Stoke and Wolves, drawing at home to Hull actually cost us a place in the top 3 not 4, Cole will give us that edge to open them up,Bellamy on the left wing? Proven player who would score 10 goals from the left wing..He is 31 but Keane is 30, so who would you prefer? If Keane is sold for £8 mil and Bellamy comes in for £6 mil, would you call it a bad business?

  15. I do think we need a bit of a shake up in the striking department though… We don’t have a so called ‘World Class’ striker, we mainly have 4 good squad players.

    I would like to see us really go for someone like Huntelaar (Dzeko probably a bit too expensive!), just to keep the rest of them on their toes, as I don’t believe any of our strikers, despite being good players, would strike fear into Champions League defences!

  16. Not one person has mentioned Crouch, he scuffed shot after shot and has one of the worst heading techniques
    known to man (Should lend him my Pele tape). With him fumbling around and making no movement for midfielders
    to feed of ,coupled with a somwwhat unpredictable and selfish Defoe (Annonymous) for 2/3 of every game…we
    definately need upgrading up top. When Gujonson came in to the side the others could rly on his touch and his
    movement in order to create space and chances, not a skill yet adopted by Jermaine and Peter.
    If Joe Cole comes his intelligence will be waisted on the Pompey duo ‘ combo’ , both yids but both bench material
    if we are to not just compete ffs …but destroy the enemy. At onetime this used to be the type of level that we aspired
    to and think we need to return to this level of expectation through performance.

  17. i dont know bout bellamy as his temper gets the best of him lol but we he on form then he good player but 6mil mmmmmmmm ???? as for joe cole i think he a great player some people say his past it i dont think he has he will help us alot in the league and champions league but we need to improve on the games like against burnley last game season and wolves,stoke,sunderland as they cost us 3rd i hope we can get 4th agin this yr or maybe 3rd but it will be hard as city are signing everyone hhaaaaaaaaaaa but the signings id like to come to spurs micah richards,vidic,joe cole,drezko coysssss

  18. Stephen Ireland.

  19. Sell crouch to the bindippers and bring in santa cruz , looked back to fitness at world cup and will surely be surplus to requirements at city ,

  20. I’ve been keeping an eye on this page (link below) showing odds on J Cole’s next club. No club has been odds-on so far, and now spurs are, so maybe the bookies have heard some news? It’s looking good for Cole fans.

  21. If Cole signs, it would be a great addition to the midfield in the fact that we would have more options. I still think we need a more dependable striker, but more importantly another solid defender just in case Woodgate doesn’t recover. All in all, we have a great team that doesn’t need many alterations.

  22. i would like to see us go for someone like Huntelaar, Dzeko or Suarez as the big buy and then top up the squad with Richards and Ashley Young and i know its very, very doubtful but why not try to get Joe Hart, we could offer him more first team football than Man Sh**ty can. I would sell Crouch (soooo annoying that he finds it hilarious every time he wastes a good chance to score) Keane, Jenas and Hutton. Give players like O’Hara, Taarabt, Gio, Caulker, Mason and Obika a chance in the domestic cups and see how they progress. I think its time we started using the domestic cups as a platform to bring our youngsters through after all it works for the other big clubs, so why not us??

  23. Pav must stay, he scored two beautiful goals today!!!!

  24. Love how people talk about shipping 7 out and bringing the same number in… obviously too much time on FM, methinks… and Dzeko and Suarez isn’t coming to us…. we don’t have £30million spare plus wages to just throw at one (or two) players.

  25. i think the rise of bale is an indicator that young players can do the business. spurs have some great youth players/ townsend, obika and rose to name just three. my worry is the forward line is not creative enough. we struggled the ol fashioned tottenham way against weaker opposition last term when they just marked forwards out of the game. pro’s for me bale will be there for the full season and we have signed a decent looking midfielder (time will tell). on the neg’s should we sign joe cole and bellamy then we are not showing the type of ambition chelsea, united, arsenal and man city do. i didn’t see joe cole have a single decent game for chelsea or england. disappointing seeing as chelsea have a team of superstars. i hoped that we would buy a player in the torres mode. why we can’t make approaches towards liverpool for this guy is another sign spurs as a club do not yet believe they are big enough to take these players away form top clubs. we have worries with king and woodgate at the back. the cover on the right has been helped by kaboul, who looks a lot better there than ol charlie. palacios is a player who looked like being a god but turned into a frog. upfront we at least have the ability to change things which is why i think we should defo keep crouch. keane did the dirty on spurs and i can’t forgive him so the sooner he is replaced by obika (great young striker) the better. so in a mixed bag i recon we need and class CB and maybe another class midfielder. bring on some of the young blokes mentioned and we will do well. interesting season coming up. man u and chelsea still the teams to beat. the most interesting battle will be between spurs, liverpool, man city and arsenal for fourth spot. then we have villa and everton making it six teams with the ability to upset the big guns. it could be some season spurs to retain the top 4 spot if…if we can beat teams like fulham, stoke sunderland. liverpool are my tip to bounce back strongly. hodgson had fulham playing above their pay grade and will make an impact on liverpool for sure. COYS

  26. Crisandro is right – we’re not going to get, and IMO don’t need, a “big name” striker. What we need is a quality forward who is yet to make that step up, and who isn’t the next big thing. We could well be the team at the end picking up the pieces – good players will be displaced: if Dzeko goes to a top club then someone loses their place in the team. Those who think Chelsea’s “cast offs” aren’t good enough for us need to open their eyes. We are not at that level yet – cole is a quality player who I think is good enough to be in the squad for any team in the premiership: walcott vs. nani vs. babel vs. young vs. pienaar vs. cole. Who would you rather have? If you won’t accept players who are leaving one of the top5/6 sides in the world who will you accept as good enough?

  27. joshc you just named a list of players who are all better than joe cole. as mentioned earlier there’s never been a better time to attract class players to spurs than now. if not now then when? i think townsend and rose are both better than joe cole skill and ability wise they just need some experience to give them the confidence. given some time and a few cameo roles on the pitch they will come good. joe cole is just another headless chicken..when he’s fit that is. the other issue is we don’t really need any more wide men. cole is certainly not as good as lennon or bale or imo kranjcar. coles been a bench warmer for chelsea for quite some time. just coz he’s played for chelsea doesn’t make him a world rated player. just compare him to his peers in the world cup. he couldn’t measure up to any of them. he’s well past his use by date. another ol spurs issue that one, buying old players. just ask hoddle?

  28. Whats the panic guys.we have a really decent squad.Hopefully the club will only bring in what they really think will add to strengthing and also looking to the future of the club.Man City are spending like mad and it may or may not bring them success.But we all know in football nothing is gaureenteed.Citys hopes are pinned on a spend/spend
    formula it may work,then agian it may well all fall apart.As long as we spend ours wisely thats the most important thing for us Tottenham fans.

  29. Yes, DON’T PANIC. Man City spending 60m on Silva, Boateng and Yaya Toure only shows that they are willing to throw money at their failure to get 4th. It won’t guarantee 4th place, and Spurs spending lots of cash also won’t confirm 4th either. We shouldn’t throw our cash away. Some things will happen, but it is not urgent.. I was at bournemouth game, and surprised to see us field 2 teams per half without Gomes, BAE, King, Dawson, Bassong, Corluka, Palacios, Hudd, Kranjcar, Lennon, Crouch, Defoe or Dos Santos. Rose was good, and I think will be like a new signing this season – and he was even playing left back. Remember how people felt that Spurs needed to spend big in the Xmas transfer window to get 4th? We didn’t spend, and we still got 4th. How many of City’s signings in past year have actually made a difference? Just Tevez and Johnson I reckon (2 out of 10).

  30. Would rather get a very good left back and play bale left mid than get Bellamy…

  31. TonyTott- I think you make a great point, we have so many players that we are still to get to the bottom of. If we are too quick to bring new players in we run the risk of not allowing these players to reach their potential. Last year people were saying to get rid of Bale, KPB, and O’Hara. They all had terrific seasons and if we can give the next batch of players their opportunity we could go from strength to strength. I, like all Spurs fans would like us to spend £30 million and bring in a “huge” name but it isn’t necessary to bring in half a dozen newbies. Sandro, O’Hara, Pav, Gio, Woody, Rose, the Kyles, all like new signings!!!
    Why bring in half a dozen untried signings and wait for them to settle and fit in?

  32. You worry too much! You also read too many rumours, which is all they are. Gossip!

    We haven’t attempted to buy everyone we’ve been linked with. That’s just rubbish journalism and blogging to sell advertising space.

    The best players are what we need, if any, and they’ve been rather busy for a few weeks.

    We have a pretty good squad, with players returning, so we don’t need a whole new squad. Better to build on what we have. If you can’t find someone better, don’t replace what you have.


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