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Jul 232010


Highlights Below

Forgive me for any sloppyness here but I have stayed up to almost 4am to watch the game and then bring you a brief report, hopefully Aldo will edit the highlights into this post in when they are about.

Scorers Bale and Keane

Tottenham got off to a bright start in the first 10mins of the game with Robbie Keane looking like a threat with some good runs, Bale looked hungry on and off the ball. It was half way through the 1st half though when Thierry Henry got on the end of a low cross to beat Cudicini and put NY 1 goal to the good. Have to say as much as I dislike the Gooner scum it was nice to see him using his feet instead of his hands this time. New York seemed to gain confidence from the goal and started to play with more freedom and creativity. Tottenham still looked like a threat going forward with just a few half chances before the half was up.

The second half started with Spurs searching for an equalizer which arrived after 61mins from a corner which the NY defender flicked onto the far post for Robbie Keane to tap in, I said Keane had looked lively and he showed he still has natural instinct to get into positions. With the game becomming more stretched and going from end to end it was a long ball that put the NY Red Bulls defender under pressure which forced a back header to fall short for Gareth Bale to sneak in and get a toe on the end of it to beat the keeper Sutton and make it 2-1 to Spurs.

After Spurs took the lead the game pretty much died, NY ran out of ideas and let their heads drop, Spurs looked happy to settle for the 2-1 win and were happy to knock the ball around. Final score NY Red Bulls 1 – 2 Tottenham

All in all nothing to write home about, not a great performance but not the worst and don’t forget we still have the World Cup boys missing. Hutton done a decent job and it was nice to see Taarabt and a few of the youngsters getting a game. As I said it is half 3 in the morning so if anyone wants to add to anything I missed use the comments below.

Managed to get some highlights up from the game, Cudicini made a few good saves.

  17 Responses to “New York Red Bulls 1 – 2 Tottenham Hotspur **Highlights**”

  1. spurs were shocking! Huddlestone looked lazy, modric was loosing the ball easily, hutton is not good enough, and our youngsters are not top grade. Bale was the bright spark on the nite, still runnin at people and gettin his ball into the box. Keane did not look the part. He is finished at this level. He was struggling to beat a rookie defender. Bring back the first team and lets get the ball rolling!!!!

  2. Keane and Hutton a no go for the season ahead they were awful, pav not even on bench means he must be on his way, rumour has it that Huntelaar is on his way.. Walker a shining light and of course Bale the rest were medicore.

    We need pace and power in the players we bring in.


  3. Don’t know if you were watching it on ESPN, but the commentary was just terrible! For the first 10 minutes any black Spurs player was called Jenas, while any one on the left (including Naughton) was called Bale! Gareth was then called Christian Bale later in the game while Tom Huddlestone was mistaken for Kyle Walker, and considering the amount of transfer rumours flying around that all suggest Keane could be on his way, it was surprising to hear that us Spurs fans were apparently “delighted to have him in a Spurs shirt once more!” And to top it off it was outrageously biased – Henry getting Man of the Match for a 45 minute stint where he touched the ball about 8 times?!

    Aside from the irritating commentary, I agree that the game wasn’t anything to write home about. Personally I felt we looked a bit slow on the ball, but I have my suspicions that the pitch may have played a part (sand spraying everywhere with every footfall) and some of the players seemed to be trying to do too much, especially in the first half. I just had to keep telling myself that we still had King, Dawson, Lennon, Defoe, Crouch, Bassong, BAE and Gomes to come back, as well as any potential signings – with them all in place I think we’ll be fine as I would hate to see us perform how we did tonight when it really counts i.e. the Prem or Champions League! We weren’t terrible, but I was personally expecting a lot lot more!

  4. Not a game that you can judge Spurs, Keane,Hudd,Bale,Modric,Kranjcar aside the rest wont get much of a looking at Spurs next season, Keane missed two good opportunities before his gifted goal,Bale was as usual brilliant, Taraabt had two great passes for Keane , he will surprise a few next season i think.All in all it was a good days work out for Spurs

  5. Well done on staying up! I’m so glad we avoided losing to the ex-goon goal. I disagree about Hutton. He was done badly for their goal and Charlie didn’t cover himself with glory either – letting Henry get away too easily. In fact Henry should ahve scored earlier but CC saved well point blank. Bale played well though. Some fine surging runs and deserved the goal. Notso worries me. Yes he poached the goal when their defender nodded Townsends corner past the keeper but there was one first half incident which typified his out-of-sortsness when he was clean through but caught the ball on his heel. Thudd dropped back to CB second half and did ok there except for one weak back header which we were lucky to get away with. They also hit the bar towards the end so although we won it wasn’t always pretty. Overall we deserved the win and you have to bear in mind that we are still 3 pre-season games in whereas they are well into their season I believe. Finally, nice to hear the Spurs fans in such good voice so far away from their spiritual home. Oh when the Spurs…..

  6. Ha! Forgot about the Christian Bale bloooper. What are they like?

  7. Come you guys, this is just friendly type of game, eventhough this cup games…
    well, better they play like this to avoid injury than play incredible football to only later miss half of the season..
    the first team will come back soon, and than you will see that eventhough they play bad, they can still get result….errrrrrrrrrrrrrr…tonight as well, we played bad, we won… thats how to do it… other great teams played bad and still won, that makes you a good team…

    anyway, support positively our beloved spurs and please don’t mock team, specially not when they were playing pre-season friendly..

  8. Hey Gomez,
    Why don’t we put all our first team out, get a few injuries before our champions league and premier league campaigns start and weaken ourselves just so we look good in a trial. Thats right a trial. Time so let a few youngster have a run to see if we can save some money rather then buy over rated players that cost a fortune.. Chill down mate plenty of game this year for you to watch the fist team.

  9. OK Dad….sorry dav 🙂 Nite/Morning all

  10. Seeing Hutton getting done by a MLS player on Henry’s goal makes me think we just need to sell him.

  11. Is Sandro still coming, if so when?

  12. Why oh why did you put a picture of the evil one with the story!!!!!!! Anyone of our team would have been pleasing…bad move coxie

  13. Joellen hold your horses matey, that was the only picture around at the time but all is sorted now

  14. Sandro is coming at the end of August

  15. thanks coxie..a much better picture x

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