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Aug 032010

On the 2nd January 2007 Spurs announced the signing of what they believed to be a star in the making ……. The ‘New Zidane’ no less !!!

Rangers Bound - Adel Off To QPR

After just 9 first team outings and no goals in competitive matches Adel Taarabt looks set to move back to Queens Park Rangers ….. this time on a permanent deal.

The Moroccan international ,21, who moved to the Lane from French club Lens in 2007 (initially on loan) struggled to break into the first team under both Martin Jol and Harry Redknapp and appears to be ready to make the move to gain regular first team football.

“The big mistake was to sign for Tottenham and not go to another club when I first came over” – Not words to get the Spurs faithful on side and chanting his name – Taarabt proceeded to spurt yet more ill advised comments when he told reporters only a couple of months ago – “I hope to be playing for one of the top four in Spain next season — Real Madrid ,Barcelona, Valencia or Sevilla. I have contact with good teams and I know that they want me. Now I just have to hope they can agree a deal with Tottenham.”

Well, unfortunately the big 4 in La Liga forgot to bid and Adel now looks set to put the finishing touches on a £1m move back to the club at which he spent last season on loan.

So, with another one off through the White Hart Lane exit door, are you glad or disappointed to see the back of Taarabt? The kid undoubtedly has ability, but failed to find one specific position in which to ply his talents. His debut in the match against West Ham showed a glimpse of what he could do and at the time we were all desperate to see more of him but in the end the few appearances that followed left us with that disappointed feeling and most will probably not be too bothered to see him leave.

Any comments as usual in the box below …..

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  27 Responses to “‘New Zidane’ – Deal Almost Done !!!”

  1. shame

  2. Bad attitude and deluded ideas a head of his ability. Thining that Barca or Madrid would be intrested in him just shows he clearly has mental problems, ability YES brains SADLY NO.

  3. I’ve never seen such a complete waste of space as this bloke, during the recent games in the US, he couldn’t have been more inept, and he did it without any class whatsoever. A self opinionated, useless waste of space who’s discovered his real level at last, yes I agree with him though, he should have gone to Arsenal but they’re hardly knocking your door down are they?

  4. This guy is a joke. Hopes to be playing for the top 4 is spain? You’re signing for QPR!! No offence to QPR fans but seriously? No premiership teams bided for him no over-seas bids. I admit yes he is good but he’s way above his station. He has some trickery but that’s it nothing else. He has the worst attitude I’ve seen as a spurs fan. “the big mistake was to sign for Tottenham” so who’s fault is that. If he was good enough he would have made it. Should have just let him rot in the reserves

  5. This Kid is class we should not let him go. We were gonna buy joe cole who has the same trickery, He has the lot give him a chance harry!!

  6. Spencer you knob ever seen him kick a ball? he came on against Villareall and was a liability, not good enough for Premier League.

  7. Disappointed to be honest,he could have been that player to open up the Stokes and Wolves of this world.

  8. I don’t really care that Taarabt is leaving he wants the whole world given to him and I would have liked him a hell of a lot more if he had knuckled down like a Lennon or Bale or even a Bentley (to some extent) and tried to force his way into the team. Personally I think Taraabt is overrated, he has not developed an awful lot since he first came on for us a while ago. He is still greedy and tries to do a bit too much and his decision making is poor..

    I would be more concerned if we let Gio go, I hope he gets more of a chance this season..

  9. A few years ago he was in the Spurs team that played in Cape Town. He ran circles around our so called pro’s.At that time i thought Spurs were on to something really great,
    No one player is greater than the team. Let him rot in the reserves.

  10. That’s the second ‘New Zindane’ we’ve had! Anyone remeber Dalmat? What an awful pair! Truely great players NEVER get the handle of being the ‘New ______’…. It’s just agent talk designed to sell kids that should really be on the freestyle circuit. The only way Taraabt could play for a top four La Liga side is as the half time entertainer…. Twat.

  11. If we sell him to QPR we should set up a forward on fee- that if QPR go to sell him on we get say 20% of the fee. I think he will be a great player given the freedom to play. The problem is his attitude would be at odds with Arry’s philosophy- so he WOULDN’T PROGRESS UNDER ARRY!!

  12. I have nothing but respect for a player who turns down the monies and luxury of Real and Barca for QPR.

  13. @Matt Did you take your sleeping pill’s today mate, Dalmatt was a whirl wind of a winger both at spurs and onoccasion
    for inter milan. His pace trickery and skill were superior to that of any spurs player at the time, he scored the odd goal
    and created a few more all this as a loanee. Crouch unfortunately is a full blown dudd purchase as with a couple of the lemons still in the squad. With all due respect fella , cannot believe you’ve come out with that…still ! Everyone is
    intitled to an opinion and that

  14. You lemon, Dalmat was an arrogant bastard who thought we were a small club, Taraabt is exactly the same. Proper players like Klinsmann, Ginola and Modric plus loads more actually love playing for Spurs, and those 2 wankers cant hold a candle to those 3. As for Crouch, who got us into the Champions League, you knob.

  15. He’s kind of like a Harlem Globetrotter. Amazing tricks but can’t play the game.

  16. Crouch got us into the champions league (qualifier) because the ball bounced off his face. He is dogshit.
    Shame about Taarapt. I had high hopes for him but his attitude stinks so im glad to see the back of him.
    I agree with spursinmydna about Gio. Im hoping he gets a proper chance this season. If he wasnt already
    our player, we would be trying to buy him after the world cup.

  17. Bill – dalmat was absolute quality just went round belting people otherwise he would have been WHL legend…

  18. spurs have lost a lot of money in his position at the club ……..
    he does have the talent but he made a wrong move and was unfortunate in the timing of the management problems with ramos etc…

    redknapp has given him a chance to gain valuable experience…….and would no doubt further support his development…..

    to say he prefered to have gone to arsenal is a mistake …whilst still at spurs etc
    he deserves a new start and the best of luck at QPR

  19. Whilst I’m not going to criticise anyone else directly on this board, I would like to say one thing about Dalmat – I was at the Lane when we played Crystal Palace a few years back and he gave one of the most dominant, incredible performances I have ever seen at that level. Kanoute scored a hattrick I think, but Dalmat was still streets ahead for man of the match. His control, ability with the ball at his feet and just the fact that the Palace players simply could not get the ball from him showed his real class.
    Whilst he might have been arrogant and clearly had discipline problems, I don’t think his footballing ability could be questioned – whilst Taarabt might have Dalmat’s trickery, he doesn’t have his ability to weight a pass, awareness of space and when to release a team mate or his fitness or explosive pace.

  20. Will, I am not saying Dalmat wasnt a good player, just a total wanker. I watched him play against Wolves when we won 5-2 a few years back, and it was obvious he had skill and strength, but if youre a wanker you wont get anywhere. Taraabt is just a fat arsed arab. And if Crouch is dogshit how come his England goals record is up with anyone elses? Hes not a classic Spurs type player, but hes got something.

  21. Dalmat was NOT a Zidane!!! Granted, he may have had a few moments and, granted, he was better than Taraabt but he was just another Spurs ‘also ran’ from the last decade. Did he take the club forward? NO NO NO NO!

  22. Please Triffic,

    Please stop use these misleading headlines! Who cares about who’s joining QPR? If you want potential readers to believe that what you print is worth reading then print things that fans of Spurs are interested in – and this was certainly not – ” a new Zidane deal almost done” – to Spurs!

  23. The game is 90 mins. Dalmat, Taarabt etc may have skills to die for, but in the context of a footall match they contribute little. Yes I know Taarabt had that 5 min period against West Ham where they capitulated. Dalmat showed flashes of brilliance against lesser teams. They love to attack and show off skills, but it is a team game first and foremost – your primary role is to win game, and to make your teammates look good. After that, you look good. Messi is the perfect, although extreme example. Again, the same thing applies – if they were so good, why didn’t the top teams come sniffing?

  24. QPR beats off Real and Barcelona for Taraabt’s signature. Clearly a club going places!

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