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Aug 182012


Naaahhh not really; I was getting your attention so that I can somehow ‘bunny hop’ to the defence of AVB on our 2-1 defeat to Newcastle…
I was on a day trip to Liverpool today, which was potentially a perfect destination to rejoice in that wonderful city’s football team suffering at the might of West Bromwich Albion. Case and point – Spurs overall weren’t THAT bad. However, yes a loss is a loss and I’m waiting for the haters to just let rip on Spurs forums across the land about how AVB should already ‘fxxk of and do one already’ along with Levy and Co. Investments Ltd Plc BBC ITV and sons for not bringing a striker in.
The open play at times was quite marvellous. Spurs now have a three-man weave in use which almost led to Defoe scoring a much needed goal early on – something which unfortunately I saw as a key moment in the game. He burst into the box and slid a shot past a wrong-footed Tim Krul. However, it rebounded off the left post and Sigurdsson couldn’t reach it.

The counter attacking where that weave was formed has much improved. After what I’ve seen today, the tactics are almost down to a tee which diverts attention away from our lack of firepower up front. Mind you, Defoe showed his quality with a poached goal after a misfired header from a Newcastle defender got Krul mixed up again and he fumbled the ball towards the right post with Gallas and Defoe closing in. Jermain came in to meet the bobbling ball and equalise for Spurs. The fist-pumped celebration from AVB was slightly heartwarming if not a little overdone.I think that after our shaky defence cost a penalty and eventually the game, fellow fans may now ask either where a new centreback is or more appropriately – Why didn’t Jan Vertonghen start. But that isn’t a question for Levy and Co. Still, the defence tactics still worked this time around, save for Walker ending up out of position when defending after attack and giving too much space to Demba Ba.

It was a tough game, a bad result which will cue cries of ‘there goes our silverware’ or ‘told you we need a striker’, but I don’t think as a team Spurs played a bad game, Demba Ba’s neatly curled goal was one which even Spurs just had to sit back and compliment. And two-on-one defending brought down Ben Arfa in the penalty box. So no real howlers on the goalkeeper’s part or any others.
Defoe – our main striker – did his bit with a poached goal

Just one of those days I guess….oops – shouldn’t say that.


We are doing ok. I judge by home games more as these are usually when the team are much more entertaining to watch and are morally obligated to put on a match-winning performance for the hard-done-by away fans who come home to The Lane where they prefer to be. Wait for our first home game before you get the knives out (if you really need to get them out).


I’m still an AVB-liever. Who’s up for a cuppa (FA or Capital One…)?

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