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Sep 022010

Reports are filtering through that Robbie Keane turned down the chance to move to turkish club Besiktas in a £8m three year lucrative deal.

It is understood all the necessary paperwork had been lodged by Besiktas and they were hopeful of a postive response from Robbie. Their window closure of 17:00 hours on Weds night allowed Keane (who is on international duty with the Republic of Ireland in Armenia)an extra 24 hours to consider his options.

I’m assuming since the deadline has passed Robbie opted to stay though you have to ask if he has made the right decision? Once a Spurs favourite, his departure to Liverpool and subsequent return has not sat well with many of the faithful and his selection for the first team seem severely limited if the first two weeks of the season are anything to go by.

Giovanni Trapattoni though is confident Robbie Keane can perform at his best for the Republic of Ireland despite his lack of football at Tottenham Hotspur this season.

The Italian said: “Robbie is mature. I have spoken to him about whether he should stay with his club, and I said to him, ‘Sure, your club need you’.

“He is balanced in his mind about football because he knows from many years in England, he knows the situation.

“But I am selfish and, at the moment, for the Ireland team, it is better he has played a few games.

“He is proud and I’m sure he can play like the Robbie Keane we know.”

A bold statement and advice given that wasn’t particularly helpful in my opinion, Robbie needs to have it out with Harry to ascertain if the club really want him. The acquisition of VDV suggests otherwise and is it just a coincidence the fee agreed for both players was the same amount?

  8 Responses to “No Turkish Delight for Robbie”

  1. I think the fact that we failed to offload Keane played a big part in us failing to bring in a quality striker as the Irishman is on a big salary with us.

  2. f**k off keane. we weren’t good enough for you when liverpool came calling. Oh where did they finish last year?? You are using up valuble club resources now do 1!

  3. Keane is becoming a cross that Spurs must bear.His lack of loyalty was evident in his Liverpool ventures.When Spurs needed him he wanted to leave.Now Spurs
    no longer need him,he wants to stay.Is it any wonder that from being a hero at WHL he has now become little more than a parasite that is proving hard to get rid of.

  4. what fickle bunch …Keane owes you bunch of losers nothing …he also owes spurs nothing …look at all the goals he has scored for spurs and how long he has played for the club….no longer need him…..? ..look again my friend …we have no strikers with a better rate then Robbie at the club …Defoe …don’t make me laugh …that selfish little twerp….the flying deckchair Crouch …yeah great touch and speed . Who else oh yaeh Pav … seriously are deluded to think we will get by without Robbie …what a clueless buch of fickle twats you are …he wears the shirt now get behind him

  5. Yeah he wears the shirt until one of his preferred clubs come knocking, face it, he’s with us cos nobody else wants to cough up anywhere near what we want for him and the only club thats come near to our valuation is Besiktas and they left it too late for us to bring in a replacement anyway. The problem is with these transfer windows now is everybody is looking for a bargain so its all left for the final day.

  6. Also Barnaboy, I personally have more respect for Berbatov than I do Keane. At least he made it clear he wanted out for a while unlike Keane who less than a month before he wanted out said how much he loved the club and wanted to retire here, then a few weeks later demanded a move to his boyhood club. Also, had he been a success at Anfield he wouldn’t have come back anyway. Just because you see it as some kind of prodical son story doesn’t mean that the rest of us so called ” clueless bunch of fickle twats” do!!!

  7. I cannot believe you used the name that should never be mentioned! That Bulgarian baby is a pouting peice of shite who almost got us relagated. He left us with nobody and no possibility of getting anybody until January. Thank God in Heaven those days are gone as well as he. As for Keane, Im agree with Barnboy 100%. Further I think Keano has a career season in him just waiting to come out. The lad has great heart and he wants a chance to show it. Given our 5-4-1 aspirations without a true 1, perhaps he will prove me right. I hope so because it is no fun having one of the most deadly midfields in the world and not one great striker to feed.

  8. Lol, I expected the subject matter to provoke some diverse views and I wasn’t disappointed…..

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