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Aug 252010

Thanks Willo for sending this in, good read.

I lay in my bed last night, 3am, the dreaded alarm reaching touching distance and still I was hours away from sleep. The fresh stitches in my knee from a touch of horrific-tackle-induced surgery were not helping, but it was glory I had in my mind.

With the best part of 25 years behind me as a Spurs fan, I am that generation of fan that was a bit too young at the time to have vivid memories of Gary and Gazza, as was my father for the glorious Double Winning Team. 3 trips to Wembley, 1 to Cardiff, 2 League cups and 2 sad days, and that’s it really. We have had some unbelievable nights at the Lane; Bonfire Night 2007, the 5-1 Drubbing of the Arse, Danny’s Volley and occasional 9-1 scorcher, but have we ever had a night of tonight’s ilk?

In a way, the defeat last week was a blessing. It has given us a night that I can remember forever, the night we finally stood up and were counted for. At school, my peers were mainly Scum supporters, and they revelled in silverware they picked up season after season – as if taking our rock wasn’t enough, we had to sit back and take their success coupled with our relative failures. Martin took us to the brink, and lasagna jokes aside, we nearly got ourselves into the position we sit today, without ever looking like we wanted it, or deserved it.

Today is a different picture. Harry has pumped fresh life into 90% of our squad. Not only do we want to take our place amongst Europe’s Elite, we deserve it. We are not Tottenham of old, we have strength, depth, skill and flair. In Bale and Lennon we have 2 wingers that have and will run circles round some of the best defenders the world has to offer, and we are 90 minutes away from giving them that opportunity.

Last Tuesday night, for 28 minutes I saw a team that I had watched for a decade. A team that got scared of the stage they were on and the crowd that was watching them. At the risk of tarnishing my reputation before it is born, F*ck the pitch. We were not good enough. At 3-0 down we looked like the side who bottled it against West Ham. Then Tom came into the fold and showed us all why Harry has picked him as his Quarter Back – agile and mobile he may not be, but without him we looked like a door with no hinges – as soon as he stepped foot onto the pitch belief came back and we looked more like the side who earned their place in Bern.

We are 90 minutes away from achieving something I can hold my hands up and admit that I never thought possible. When we beat them, we will go through to the biggest club competition in our game, and we will do it with a squad big enough to handle it. Our Chairman, and I say Ours because he is Ours, he is a business man yes but he runs the club impeccably, and when we qualify, a kitty will open and White Hart Lane will emerge as The Place to Be. Losing is not an option, losing is not a possibility, we have come too far and tried too hard, tonight is the night Arsenal fans wish they were Lily Whites, the night Chelsea fans regret riding the wave of success on the back of an Oligarch’s Billions, tonight is our night.


  17 Responses to “On The Brink Of Greatness (Fans View)”

  1. Superb read mate

  2. Brilliant….

    Come on you spurs

  3. I really hope so,i want it so much it hurts,last week was like a bad dream,i want us to smash them and win by loads of goals,just hope the team really do want it as much as us.

  4. literally the best thing i’ve ever read

  5. our finest hour is almost upon we shall laugh in the face of those who doubted and wallow in our glory the sleeping giant that is tottenham hotspurs football club will tonight rise

  6. Little OTT but yes it would be great to win tonight and get through but still we are miles behind the others as far as success is concerned we have got to do better starting tonight.

  7. LOVE IT!!!!


  8. Well said Willo.I mentioned some of the same facts in less detail earlier this week.Tonight is our night and a must win.If you can hear anything at the ground,keep one ear open as i will be in full cry down under in Cape Town.Go boys….make us proud.

  9. When Peter Crouch scored THAT goal against Man City last season, my wife muttered involuntarily to herself, but I heard it clearly: “I don’t believe it.” For me , that summed up what being a Spurs supporter had been like for so long. Going back to being a nearly team will be hell. So I agree, losing is not an option.

  10. ive been a die hard YID for 38 years and have been going to The Lane for 28 of those. I have had some memorable days/ nights supporting our beloved team. Ive shed blood & tears, For all those who watched our 61 team, chered Ossie & co , idolised Gazza, worshipped Glenn, adored The Gin & Klin 2nite is OUR night. Now lets all sing together…….TOTTENHAM ARE BACK TOTTENHAM ARE BACK!!!!! XXX

  11. Good article –

    Being of the same age and a regular home, away and abroad – I rate tonight’s game higher than any I’ve seen to date.

    28 minutes in to last Tuesday’s game, I sat in the stand completely deflated. Pav’s hit injected a bit of that belief again… the same stuff that hit when Crouchy headed that one in at Eastlands last season.

    Tonight is huge and I just hope that, as you say, we can prove that we deserve a go against Europe’s elite.

  12. Well done Coxie,Oh when the Spurs go marchimg in.

  13. I agree that this is potentially our biggest game ever in european competition. My biggest fear is that, with the stakes being so high, that the players will freeze with stage fright like they did in the first 28 minutes in the first leg. We just about managed to get away with it that night; tonight there is no room for error, no second chances. We MUST get it right this time. This could be our only chance for many years to mix it with the big names of europe. The fans have got to somehow keep calm and not let their tension get to our players. We obviously would like an early goal to settle the nerves but if we have to wait until the 89th minute, so be it. This is the opportunity for Spurs to show that we are not bottlers on the big occasion. Come on. Make us all proud of you!

  14. Why was I born English and why did it have to be Spurs? I’ve got a bad feeling, sorry about the negativity but it’s something to do with the following. I have seen repeatedly both teams in a position such as the one tonight. Recent times include Burnley, Portsmouth, further back Everton, for England there’s been Greece, Algeria, Germany, Bulgaria, Portugal etc etc etc for both.
    We are in CL qualifier and everyone’s making the mistake that all we have to do is turn up to win. I thought the same last week- didn’t mind the astroturf, wouldn’t matter because we’d be so much better. We fans do need to be the twelfth man but we might need to be patient and the goal might not come immediately. There are two teams there today and one of which is the team that could have put us away last week. By rights this should be a nothing game for them, so all I say is it might not be as easy as everyone makes out. I hope tonight the lads show me I’m speaking b***ocks

  15. I feel you Jimmy

  16. brilliant and 100% agree about huddlestone. Without him we have no structure, he gives other players the license to do what they do best

  17. If that dont put the fire in ya belly, then nothing will……………its our time, lets av it Spurs

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