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Jul 142010

With the club yesterday confirming that manager Harry Redknapp has signed a new 3 year contract to stay at White Hart Lane … news that will no doubt quash the fears many supporters of the club will have had, we can now look to the future with greater optimism and purpose.

He Stays ! - 3 More Years For 'Arry.

With all the speculation regarding first Harry and Liverpool and then Harry and the England job, attention to the most important, most interesting and most exciting part of our summer (our transfer dealings!) was forced to take a back seat.

Now that we know he’s staying, we can look on and begin to speculate on who he will look to bring in to improve an already excellent squad. With Champions League football on the way this coming season we can expect to see links to a higher calibre of player than in previous transfer windows , the question is …… who will be Harry’s ‘Marquee’ signing?

Let’s take a look at some of the most linked, and most likely candidates …..

Craig Bellamy – According to some sources, this one is as good as a done deal. The much travelled (8 clubs and counting) Welshman has fallen out of favour with Roberto Mancini and would welcome a move away from Eastlands to secure first team football. Harry was linked with him before he left West Ham but at 31, and most likely to be on big wages at City, would Daniel Levy sanction a deal for a player who could possibly rock the White Hart Lane boat?

Sevilla Man Fabiano - Could He Be Lane Bound?

Luis Fabiano – The Brazilian World Cup star, currently plying his trade in La Liga at Sevilla, is a known favourite of Harry’s. After a good world cup for the South American side, Fabiano will no doubt have aquired the glances of many of Europe’s top managers, but if his recent admission (about only wanting a switch to Man Utd or Real Madrid) is anything to go by then this one is a non starter! Harry though remains optimistic and only today spoke of how he thinks that the Brazilian could be available to the club. We can only wait and see but if this one came off, it would certainly signal our intent to challenge for major honours this time around.

Joe Cole – What more can be said about the possibility of this deal coming off? I won’t bore you with it like everyone else is doing at the moment, but with Levy currently in talks with Cole’s people we can expect an end to this saga one way or another fairly soon …… or at least we hope we can !

Richards - The City Man Could Do A Job For Us.

Micah Richards – Gone a bit quiet this one, but he’s certainly a player that I think would be a good acquisition for the club. Strong, pacey and athletic, Richards would be a good player to call upon when up against teams with genuine pace in wide areas. While Corluka has done a great job for us out on the right, he is lacking in the speed department and sometimes prone to getting caught in advanced positions. With the long term futures of King and Woody under yet more scrutiny, Richards’ ability to move in at centre half is another reason why Harry should consider a move for the talented defender.

Luis Suarez – After Martin Jol’s recent comments that Tottenham weren’t a big enough club to tempt the Ajax man, the player himself reignited talks of a switch to N17 yesterday by saying :

Suarez - Interested ?

‘Tottenham hold appeal as well though, they are a team with great ambition and have done well to reach the Champions League, ‘I like team that have shown ambition through the money they spend.”

Suarez, is a player I’d definately be pleased to see at the Lane next season. Young, quick and a good finisher make the Uruguayan a natural target for Harry Redknapp. Whether his comments suggest Harry has already made an approach, we must wait and see!

Who else could improve our squad next season? Heard of any other possible deals in the pipeline? Let us know using the comments box below …..

  35 Responses to “One Deal Confirmed ….. Who’s Up Next For Harry ?”

  1. Forlan, Ozil, De Rossi, Juan

  2. another one we are interested in is taiwo which would be a good addition to the squad, as he is strong and has a really powerful shot. he is better than assou anyday. and woudn’t cost much either. the only problem is that marseille will not let him go.

  3. i hear richards is as good as done deal

  4. Agbonlahor done deal… they say. 2 of Bentley, Keane, Jenas going to Villa Park.

  5. i heard that joe cole has signed a 3 year deal at spurs but it hasent been made official yet but it will be made official when he comes back from his holiday

  6. I believe Jol’s comments were rather that Suarez would not join a team not in the CL, which spurs weren’t at the time. I also believe he offered a retraction.

  7. Cole and Richards and Bellamy would make Spurs devastating.

  8. I’m hearing all kinds of possibilities but what I like to hear- Arry fitting into the clubs steady & foundation wage structure- sure we need good players- but we also must not go above our station- the likes of Citeh, Pool, Chelski, Manu & possibly Arsenic can pay players 100k pw but we are not in that bracket & their are clear signs(apart from money bags Citeh)- PL clubs are seeking 2 reign in wages with possible Financial Rules coming in2 play. However I would like to see Zamora @ the lane- he like Kaboul, Defoe, would come back better than when we first had him.

  9. Daniel Levy will not sign a 31 year old injury prone player with no sell-on value so forget about Bellamy. I’s an absolute non-starter. Suarez? dream on. We couldn’t afford him.

  10. Abonlahar, Richards, Cole.

  11. All this speculation guys,we will just have to be patient as withy who will be going out is just as interesting.
    But with only 4 odd weeks to go to m to the the opening season encounter things are starting to get pretty close
    to the knife edge re accomadating the new infusion of players.We have at present a real quality about the team so it only really needs the odd tinkering now to make us a real force yet again.Hopefully I am not living in cuckoo land here.

  12. I expect a busy few weeks, Redknapp isn’t the sort of manager to not be trying to sign people, I think he has put all his eggs in 1 basket with Joe Cole this past few weeks so lets just hope it pays off or it is time wasted

  13. Richards, Falcao unlikely I know but can dream and Turan please I would love Arda Turan at the lane a classy silky skilled Tottenham type player. If we got him we would move into a higher gear a different class.

  14. Levy wont sign anyone on more than £60,000 a week so all the above are bullshit then.

  15. Just wait and see but i agree maybe Bellamy is not such a good choice. A man who can upset opositions defences yes, but also the dressing room. I do hope we attract a good striker of Klinsmans class, remember what he acheived. So lets get behind Harry and fingers crossed he will get our man……… Sometimes a gamble pays off, and Harry is good at that. Neil the yido…

  16. I agree with sullyspur would love to see Arda Turan and Falcao at tottenham but it seems to have gone quiet on the Falcao stories.Micah Richards would be a good signing for the defence as we do not know what the situation with Woody and King is,and one or both may have to retire soon.

  17. I am slightly amused at the above comments where people are actually stating their desire to sign a player like Agbonlahor! and then go on to say we need to move on to a different level and challenge for bigger things! Realistically i dont see Agbonlahor as an improvement on what we have and I’d rather see Super Pav pull on the lillywhite of Spurs anyday.

    My Suggestions for players out and in;
    Keane, O’hara, Hutton, Both Kyle’s on loan, Palacios (very good player, but we don’t need so many DM’s and hes abit unpredictable, Jenas

    Sandro (done deal – looks very promising from what i’ve seen on youtube), Suarez (Should be plausable seen as what he has said – come on Levy show your intentions!), Forlan (Would be a good player to play upfront on his own or to fill in in a Gudjohnsen type role) Richards, Cole and one amazing midfielder possibly Van Der Vaart or Danielle De Rossi

    Who knows, we can only dream.

    Come on You Spurs!

  18. We should keep Palacios he is a good hard defender/midfeilder. So why let him go? the other above i agree sell even Keane has seen his best days.Keep Pav if possible, and add another quality striker who is hungry to show the prem what he has in his locker. Come on you Yids

  19. The only reason I have put Palacios in the my list of players to move on is that with him there it may mean that Tom Huddlestone will have to wait longer for first team games and i think, apart from the emergence of Bale last season, he was our best player, providing J.Cole decides that Spurs is the best place to come for the new season we will have Modric, Krancjar, Huddlestone, Cole, Sandro, Palacios, Jenas all fighting for 2 places, and rather run the risk of upsetting players like Krancjar and Huddlestone I would personally let Palacios move on (Seem to recall him stating his wish to eventually play in spain?)

    My team next season

    Bench – Cudicini, Kaboul, Krancjar, Jenas, Crouch, Defoe, Pav

  20. I have to say get rid of all the dead wood!!! You know jenas, hutton, o’hara, keane etc… I really dont think we need too much but bring on richards, cole and replace keane. I also think benoit is a liability so needs carefully looking at!coys

  21. Oh and forget about bellamy, he’s a “prick” and certainly no better than what we already have! Better off with young rose who looks to have great potential.

  22. Anyone else going to see the Fiorentina pre season game? I’ve unfortuneatley never been to see a game at WHL or anywhere else for that matter, and this is going to be my first match day experience.

    I’ve heard the travelling to and fro the stadium is a night mare has anyone got any suggestions, I will be getting the bus down from Newcastle to Victoria Station, but from there I really dont have a clue!

    Any help would be much appreciated


  23. Yes i agree Bellamy is not a reliable player, to many injuries aswell as tempremantal at times. But also let Jenas go along with Keane, and as before i said add a prolific striker who works for the team.

  24. @ andrew the newcastle yid.

    Buddy, is easy: get into victoria a couple of hours before kick off, stroll from the coach station to the train station (5-10 mins max) then head norf on the Victoria Line from the tube (at the the mainline trainstation), dismount at seven sisters and walk with the other 1,000 or so white shirted yiddites for another 20 mins.

    check your journey on – and enjoy the match!

  25. #22 andy newcastle yid

    If you are going into victoria get the tube up to severn sisters. It’s a 15 to 20 minute walk to the stadium but that is part of the experience. You can get the train from Liverpool St but this is less frequent and after the game WHL station is an absolute nightmare. Best solution would be to see if there is a stop in north london on your bus route as it will save doubling back on yourself

  26. andrew newcastle yid: further to what andystan said – i used to regularly do that newcastle – victoria journey (uni) and think you bus could stop at golders green. I wouldn’t advise that cos the journey from there to whl would be a nightmare on public transport!

  27. please dont buy bellamy i know he can be a good player on his day but i just think he will upset the squads harmony if he has to sit on the bench and he aint certain to start.micah richard is a must and cole would be good dont how we would fit him in the team but would be a great signing

  28. Best transfer this year would be Jenas out of the club!!!

  29. LOL ! @ Andy the Newcastle Yid.

    Do you REALLY think Defoe, Crouch AND Pav would all sit on the bench while you played Suarez (a left-sided forward) up front on his own ?!?…They don’t make ’em like Sir Bobby anymore, do they…

  30. Gary Cahill would be a good signing, him and daws certs for brazil next time round

  31. I heard Father Christmas signing is a done deal. My mate Dave in the Pub knows someones nan who is related to the groundsmans ballbag.

    For my part I hope JJ and Keane fetch us a reasonable price and also that we dont get too many in to upset the equalibrium unless world class like Rumplstitskin….

  32. come on lets be positive pav aint going anywhere, and we do need another top striker to cover what we have.

  33. Bellamy would be an instant hit and Harry knows how to manage him.

    Cole would fit in very easily to the side too and has the medals to show what he can do.

    Both would be ready to play from day one unlike a lot of the foreign players the press has linked us to.

    Unfortunately Spurs usually leave deals til the last minute so we might not see any changes for a while

  34. A cockney overseas view,non yid but luv ya! You have got the best manager at long last in the league,and believe me he will do his best with the resources Levy gives him.Those of you that are old enough check his past ,he produced the rabbit out of the hat where ever he goes.
    Yids are daft they aint bringing idiots like Bellamy in to upset the camp,even though his one game in six produces a well above average performance

  35. R.e Action Yid.
    I don’t really see what the alternative would be to them sitting on the bench (maybe leave?) I recall hearing Harry Redknapp at the world cup saying that the 4-4-2 formation doesnt work, and with the obvious pursuit of Joe Cole then i think we would have no choice but to play 5 midfielders and with Spurs apparently looking for a ‘marquee’ striker signing then who would you rather have on the bench Crouch and Pav, or some one like Modric and Bale. Personally I would love to see Defoe up front with a predator like Suarez or/and Forlan in a strike 3 but with the midfield players we have I just dont see it.

    Thanks to everyone commenting about the transport, this has helped greatly, im getting the bus down to Victoria station at 1.15am so will arrive in London at 7.30, plenty time im sure to make my way to the ground and club shops etc.

    Muchly appreciated

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