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Dec 042010

Andros Townsend of Ipswich, currently on loan from Tottenham.  Townsend joined Ipswich in August after Harry Redknapp agreed it would be good experience for the boy. Townsend has also represented England at three different age levels in his professional career.

Anyway to get to the chase I watched the Ipswich v West Brom game in midweek and Andros Townsend impressed me. I remember him having a good pre season with us as well and knowing he could be one for the future. The only trouble the kid has is that he plays on the left and I can’t see him keeping Bale out of the team. I believe he can play left back also.

Today Ipswich lost to Swansea but Townsend got himself on the score sheet and not for the first time this season. I have kept an eye out to see how he does and have managed to see him via live games and highlights in the past few months and I must say he impresses me more and more. His crossing ability is decent enough and he is very disciplined for a youngster, very rarely does he give away possession cheaply.

I would like to see Andros back at Tottenham next season and fighting for a place in the first team on a weekly basis.

  5 Responses to “One Of Our Boys Is Looking Good”

  1. if he can play at LB he could replace BAE. no offense to him but he isnt consistent but when he keeps it simple hes good. well lets home townsend along with the rest of the guys on loan start to play soon as long as they’re ready

  2. Townsend is one i have trumpeted to stay at spurs and be on the bench he stood out against Arsenal youth at spurs . He also scored a great goal for Leyton orient. i would like to see him back at spurs and all the other prospects back playing for the reserves and playing as a team and learning the Spurs way.

  3. looks likely that we ll have some youth on the bench next year as Niko K, Bently, and Jamie O H aint gonna warm the bench all year. At least with the experience gained in the championship he will know whats required when harry calls on him. I would think that John Obika will also be there and I hope that John Bostock can live up to his potential. COYS

  4. These youngsters are kept on the books cos they show promise at an early age but its up to them to push themselves into the 1st team/squad and step up to the plate when given the opportuniy.

    I read a lot of stuff from fans questioning our ‘youth’ system and youngsters not being a chance etc. my take on it is if you’re good enough you’re old enough and class always comes through in the end….

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