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Aug 092010

Nobody will yet know the full reasons behind Martin O’neill walking away from Villa just days before the start of the new season but early reports are that it has to do with Villa planning to sell Ashley Young to Tottenham without O’Neill’s consent. It seems Martin had resigned himself to losing Milner to  City due to their formidable spending power but selling Young too was just too much for him to take.

Young to Spurs?

It’s no secret that Harry has been an admirer of Ashley Young for a while and had flirted with the idea of bringing him to the Lane. Most places are reporting that the reason behind O’Neill stepping down at Aston Villa is because of the sale of James Milner and a lack of funds available for him to spend.

It was a couple of radio stations that seem to think that the real reason that tipped Martin over the edge was that Villa were also planning to sell Ashley Young to Spurs, Talksport in particular. This would seem to make more sense than O’Neill leaving because of James Milner because the Milner saga was hardly a suprise and Martin knew Villa couldn’t compete with City’s spending power and would have to sell, but it seems that if there is any truth in tha Ashely Young story that the Villa board pushed him just one step too far.

So what do you guys think, any truth in this? Could Ashley Young be on his way to Spurs and do we really need him?

  42 Responses to “O’Neill Resigns, Could Tottenham Be The Reason….”

  1. Don’t need him!

  2. Hes gone to ARSE for 22m wot a waste see his twitter

  3. I hate to break it to you but no, the spuds are small and insignicent. The Gareth Barry, then Milner to Manchester were the straws that broke the camels back

  4. gone to arsenal? are you sure?

  5. We dont need AY. He’s a one trick pony (also in the bedroom allegedly) See ou in the Paxton on Saturday boys xx

  6. try twitter – ashley young- his comments

  7. Lennon not performing to the standard that he was, think another wing player with pace might give him the kick up the arse that he needs, a better crosser too, so why not

  8. thats exactly what i thought when i heard he left.. and i think he could bring ability to our club.. id like to see him playing off the striker.. for tottenham if the move does happen.. but even if its for aston villa..

  9. Found this on twitter on Ashley Young

    But that was in Early July ? It can’t be true as it would be all over the internet by now. It must be some clown imposting as Ashley Young

    • It’s a shame cos Martin is a great manager and really deserved more backing, I think Villa will find it hard to replace him

  10. Agbonlahor!

  11. Another foreign owner of a once proud English club taking his manager[a good one at that]for a mug,well now we shall see who they appoint as new manager and if he makes a balls of it.To Lerner i say you deserve a twat like Adams but thats unfair on the fans who have been shafted again,funny how they did,nt sell their better players before the season tickets were sold.Yanks and football its like putting salt and washing up liquid on your chips it does,nt work.

  12. c’mon that ashley young twitter thing is clearly a piss take

  13. SSN Think he is coming to the lane, his twitter, if it is actually his says he is going goon! I think he is going to Fulham! 😛

  14. This just show all fans that something has to be done because this year its Aston Villa. Next year it could be us getting bullied by Man City or even Liverpool and Utd would be Knocking if there coffers where full. Teams have no time to build before the vultures are circling i don’t want my team joining the vultures. Rugby League realised there had to be changes because Wigan dominated and when Widnes broke this monopoly and won the league the next year Wigan Plundered Martin Offiha and dominated once again. Now with a salary cap thing are a lot better and Money is not the motivation for Transfers. I hope our hands are clean and Martin has resined because City cant wait for success. and to replace Utd owned by Americans has the World Bought team Man City owned by Arabs sad mad DAVSPURS cousin to Therumourman and Nw Cockerel. in Harry we Trust don’t we

  15. Excellent. A classic, indecipherable DAVSPURS post. Vintage. That boy and his O Level are in a different league.

  16. You know, we all read it as ‘Dav – Spurs’, as in ‘Pav – Russian’ – but do you think it means ‘Dave – Spurs’? Who knows?

  17. His Twitter also said:

    “Me and Milner are both leaving Villa, thank fuck MON was shit 2 work with, when we had injuries he made us play 2 build character wtf. gonne ”

    Probably not him or I think we’d have heard about it by now!

  18. You’re all INSIGNICENT, I say!

  19. Clubs will be lining up to take O’Neill as their manager. As for Ashley Young, I don’t think we need him. Also having him would push Kranjcar and Gio further down the pecking order. Let them keep Young, and we’ll take our £25mil elsewhere. Maybe to Wolfsburg for Dzeko.

  20. What is insignicent? Is he related to fiddy cent?

  21. Davspurs, are you some kind of amateur comedian ?

    ‘Arry ‘Brown envelope’ Redknapp is the archetypal chequebook manager. Just because he’s only spent half of what Manchester have spent doesnt really aloow you to get on your high horse when you ocnsider that Manchester have unlimited funds, the spuds dont.

    Redknapp has driven 2 clubs into the ground already with ridiculous spending and if you’re not careful he’ll do the same to your lot.

    Players go where they think they can win things or where theyll feel appreciated. Live with it. If the spuds make fourth again this season (which of course they wont) you may be able to get names like David Silva because they will see your team is consistently at the top of the game

  22. Watching English football is like watching Eastenders or Coronation St. Drama, drama, drama. And I love it! Bring Ashley Young to Spurs and we are absolutely a force to be reckoned with. I feel bad for Martin O’Neill but if his resignation has anything to do with Young coming to Spurs, I am thrilled!

  23. re: comment 3.

  24. DAVSPURS doesn’t want Tottenham to join the vultures 😀 What could it mean, Mr Bean?

  25. I love it up the arseNAL!

  26. We don’t need Ashley Young when we have Gareth Bale. Top striker, defensive cover. That would do.

  27. The news of O’Neill’s resignation comes as a shock to me, tho’ I think he had threatened it a month or so ago. He is a fine coach and a man of principle and we need more like him. As for Young, I really think he would be surplus to our needs at WHL. We will hopefully offload Crouch and /or Keane and acquire a youthful speedy striker like Djalo with good ball control skills. Now that Harry’s eyes seem to have been opened by Gio’s performance preseason, as well as his outstanding showings for Mexico which I can only assume Harry saw, we have a lot of attacking talent (including Bale, Ekotto, Kaboul, and of course Lennon and if still here, Bentley and the super kids who got a run-out last Saturday)) who can both hare down the line and cross the ball as well as take it inside.

    Young would expect to play virtually every game and we’d soon get problems fitting in our top players – the kind of problems Citeh already seem to be experiencing.

  28. Give Davspur a break lads.

  29. @Indyfan……”we have a lot of attacking talent including Ekotto and Kaboul”!!??

    Are you on drugs????

  30. Foggy, I like your posts… but DAVSPURS is an idiot, and should give it up.

  31. Where do Villa think the moneys coming from? they are in debt, lost £40m last year and still want learner to INVEST, where will he get his investment back from? lala land, O’Neil spent money, he was backed, but you can’t blame the Villa board for not wanting bankrupt that club.
    Harry needs to lean the art of management, he cant just come out in the press and say we need to spend this or that, he needs to realise that what he spent last xmas and last summer is coming out of this years accounts, we are building a nw training ground at the moment, plus developement cost for the new stadium will cost millions, along with the new contracts we are paying out to our major players, Levy knows about money, he knows how to run a business and if Arry doesn’t like it he knows where the sandbank door is because I for one would rather we finished 7th than not be here anymore.

  32. jeez.. calm down stokey yid!

    harry has history of saying one thing and doing another. this strikes me as no different. Levy’s not daft and certainly won’t refuse any sensible requests from the manager – a second CL qualification is number 1 on the list for both men.

    That’ll allow us to seal definitive sponsorships on shirts and new stadium (fingers crossed not in east london) at lucrative figures.

    I’m not overly fussed about Young however – don’t mind one way or the other. I do still expect a big name front man to allow us a 5 man midfield, be it Bale at LB and Young at LMF or Bale going nuts as per last season on the wing.

    I know I’ll get laughed at but I still reckon Dzeko might be a last min possibilty… he’s undoubtedly a class player and city/milan both seem to be looking elsewhere now. It may not be him, but we’ll have some new names to sport on outr new shirsts this term, Levy loves our annual splurge. It’s the money.

    Do not underestimate the savy of the levy. We’re on the up! COYS!

  33. Be Fair,thanks for the positive response regarding posts I appreciate it,but I think Davspurs is great he has a strong view on all things Spurs and to be honest they really should be respected as should everyone’s.

  34. it would be great if we signed ashley young the sound of bale as a lb and young as lw a good combination but 25 mil a lot of money as we could proberbly sign van dr vaart and huntlaar for that lol come on harry sign some top players not players like bellamy or kenwin jones lol coysssssssssss

  35. Comment 22 hoopalaaaa, Silva went to City for a wheelbarrow load of money first and a chance of a trophy second,he had never heard of Man City until the sand jockeys brought them.If you think otherwise you are from another planet.

  36. hooparsole i am a professional comedian when City had Francine Lee and his toilet roles everybody wiped there Arses on City. Now you have petrol money that’s is going to rocket to 126 a litre after Christmas along with Vat . City are pissing over every person in this country who drives a car . Except for the overpaid fuckers playing for City on disgusting amounts of money two obscene to print on this Triffic site . And you call me a amateur comedian let me tell you this Harry wont break our club because we are run by responsible people not owners who spend there country’s wealth without its people having a say in the matter who look and live in a 14 century manner of poverty and harsh religious ways. There Leaders spend there Money on footballers getting pissed and creating every manner of problems . We are lucky we can vote them out . Also there is 180,000 population in Abu Dhabi 80,0000 thousand are foreign workers they have built a Mosk that can hold 130,000 thousand . Yet Arabs and Muslim people come here for a better life a small island dominated by Catholic and church of England religion.. Abu Dhabi is a fantastic l opulent country with hardly any people to spend the wealth on. Now City has become there play thing to dominate the one thing they never had a game belonging to the fans of this 21 first century country where the people decide if a government uses public money in a Obscene way. Harry wont ruin Spurs but City owners will ruin our great game using the proceeds from Oil that’s crippling our way of life except City Footballers high wages . I love Spurs the way we are run sell and buy not buy buy buy

  37. I bet Al fayed is pissed off that hes just employed Hughes and then one of the countrys top managers applies for jobseekers allowance 🙂

  38. Davspurs is a legend

  39. Eh???

  40. fuk off hoopala u manc twat

  41. Pablosteg you called hoopalaa a manc twat, just think a northern monkey with money and still no class what a joke.No ammount of money can buy a manc class.I bet the twat would,nt know wich knife and fork to use first in a fine dining restaurant.No matter what City do everyone else will snigger at their so called achievments no class,no style,no history no culture.Nobodies

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