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Oct 152010

Romelu Lukaku is the name, apparently we had a bid turned down for him in the summer of £17.5 million reported by the daily mail. Hailed as a wonderkid the Belgium striker is currently at Anderlecht and is wanted by a host of other clubs including Chelsea and Real Madrid.

Now I know this sounds really sad but I don’t know much about the chap other than I used to sign him on Football Manager and after a couple of seasons he would score bags of goals for my Tottenham side.

He has scored 25 goals in 58 appearances for Anderlecht which isn’t great but don’t forget that is from the age of 16 which is better than Wayne Rooney’s strike rate at that age. Hailed as the new Drogba, Lakaku is powerful and has great speed and finishing ability as well as the ability to hold the ball up which can bring others into play.

It is thought we made a bid for him in the summer and are expected to return with an improved offer, my only concern is would a 17 year old solve our striker shortage or should we go for someone more experienced and proven?

I would however be excited to sign this youngster, from what I have seen and from my Football Manager days he does sound very promising, however such a big price tag for someone of his age would be seen somewhat as a gamble.

Take a look at the video below to see him in action.

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  6 Responses to “Our Latest Striker Target “The New Drogba””

  1. This guy is on the very short list of strikers I would like us to sign…Dzeko, Benzema and now add Lukaku to this list.

  2. i would love to sign this guy, thats the first ive seen of him and he looks awesome, heard all the hype, bt never seen him play til then.
    just think wat united payed for rooney when he was 17-18….

  3. Big, strong, quick, skillful & and eye for goal…
    Sign him up quick before Chelsea do to replace the ageing Drogba.
    £17.5m turned down. £20m seems like a bargin for someone of his age if he is a consistant performer currently.
    Obviously it’s a gamble, but these need to be taken. Pav & keane to go, possibly Gio to.. bring in this guy.. Benzema / Dzeko if possible but cant see them happening, so maybe Wickham too. Both very young and apparently going to be top class.

  4. I reckon he’s a good buy and at the moment seems like a Defoe hanging off the last man getting onto the end of through balls kind of striker which woulld suit us well. But in time this guy looks as though hes going to be a great player with a much more all round game as he seems to have the strength and skill to do so much more. If Levy can pull off one of his sneaky pay so much up front after appearances/ goals/ assists/ keeps his boots clean kinda deal then definately sign him up.

  5. If that Wickham kid at Ipswich was as good as what they say then he would of been signed up allready.Facts are the best attacking player in the Championship was recently sold by Spurs for peanuts,a rare mistake from “Arry”….

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