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Aug 282011

This is no boo-boy coming at you. This is honesty and fact. Do not try and adjust your computer screen.

We’ve just been thrashed by City (well, Dzeko really) 5-1, conceded eight goals in total, scored one, won none and plummeted to 20th place, with two more gruelling encounters coming up with the likes of Wolves and Liverpool.

Midfielder-hoarding and favouritism has now cost us dearly. I don’t need to name names as there’s only one manager per-team. His persistence in placing Crouch upfront (or anywhere else) is now beyond explanation following another ineffective performance. Crouch’s partnership with VDV was effective a year ago, for two games, but not now. Today’s headers went almost nowhere and shaved the wrong side of the post.

You could say Van Der Vaart hasn’t been at his best lately, but he can still create things whereas Crouch looks more like a glorified centre midfielder or a jack-in-the-box who jumps up at random points to show us that he is still on the pitch, taking up the space of a more effective player.

Well, I’m now the one who’s wound up and ready to headbutt anyone in the way.

Following today’s humbling by Man City, my patience with Crouch is now completely drained and my reservations about dawdling with the January transfer window over a PROPER striker have now been compounded.

If we offloaded Crouch and not bought more midfielders than we could sell, we might have freed up enough cash for a permanent striker by now! But no, we had to maintain what could of made up a second senior squad!

Sometimes I think the powers-that-be are a law unto themselves, blaming everything else apart from their own actions with not selling players who really aren’t doing their bit for the team anymore. Redknapp can’t even see who we need and instead wants to overload the squad further with midfielders, while it was our forwards and defenders in need of replacing due to being sidelined with injuries!!

Pav might have been the key to our striking problems with a constant run of games but evidently Harry is excellent at burning bridges. Adebayor is only on-loan, so we need another striker who will be permanent.

Can you honestly tell me we needed Pienaar given all the other midfielders we had at the time and still have now?

It’s like trying to swallow that last Krispy Kreme doughnut when you’ve already ingested the other 11 in the box. You only want it because it’s there, you don’t need it; and it clogs up the space for more important things like an all-round striker and a defender who has a fear of hospitals.

Pienaar is already looking like the next Niko Kranjcar. And by that I mean getting splinters in his arse, which isn’t what I want for Pienaar or Niko. Pienaar’s injured, yes, but maybe that’s the only time he’ll be mentioned on team news updates.

I can’t actually fathom what our formation is going to look like in a few months time.
Oh wait, I can:




____________where a striker used to be________________

The new patented Redknapp 3-7 formation!

There are too many midfielders and not enough top strikers to score goals.
Van Der Vaart is an attacking midfielder, not a striker.
Defoe is a good striker but needs others to work with him.

I appreciate what Harry and Levy have done for the club in recent years, BUT that doesn’t mean they can be immune from criticism when necessary. I don’t want Harry out on his ear, but I do want him to change some of these favouritist attitudes he has about certain players and his tactics. Levy already annoyed me when he sacked Martin Jol. The Stratford thing took the piss [and it has continued with this appeal to the OPLC] and there’s always going to be a slight resentment about that.

Do we need to be relegated before Harry realises that maybe he shouldn’t have bought all those midfielders just for being ‘triffic’?

We’re obligated as fans to not knock something until we’ve tried it. We’ve tried it, it hasn’t worked…on numerous occasions and so we have to knock it.

I’m hoping and praying that this midfield clogging goes no further than Pienaar, e.g. leave Parker alone.
But hey, Parker’s scored one or two goals before so he’s triffic; stick him upfront instead. That’ll get us 20 goals a season and shut me up…

  60 Responses to “Our squad and Me – Happy as Harry? NO!”

  1. Levy and Rednap= cu,,ts

  2. Levy and Rednap= I am pissed off with the whole situation.
    Sort it now you pair of muppets.
    Still could be worse, look at the Arses 8-2 against Manure

  3. Exactly right about crouch.dzeko scores a header he should never ge to you and crouch can’t score from 3 yards out
    Get rid of him now

    • How was Defoe at Old Trafford? Pants
      How was Pav vs Hearts? Pants
      How was Crouch vs City? Pants
      None of them were good last season and never will be.

  4. will they now believe that we do need help at the back – Friedel cant be blamed – does anybody think Modric wanted to be there – sell him now – get in Cahill Parker Diarra – VDV, Lennon, Kranjcar all injured – Bale doesn’t look too interested either! Our best player today – B.A.E. by a mile – if he only plays for the money then he must be being paid very well!!

  5. What does Redknapp expect when he puts two midfield fairy’s in Modric and Krancjar up against two powerhouses in Toure and Barry and sticks that muppet Crouch up front. Sell Modric tomorrow for £40mill and bring in three quality players consisting of a striker, a midfielder (Diarra) and a center back (Cahill).

  6. Your critisicism of too many midfielders is slightly misplaced. It is the quality that is the issue. As opposed to now digging at the Parker deal you should consider whether he is good enough for us. And in case you missed the game earlier- he is. We need big brave players. The types that wouldn’t allow players time on the ball. Not lazy Niko- (if Gareth Barry is towing a caravan then Niko is towing 3). Huddlestone simply isn’t good enough for a top 4 side and hasn’t been for some months. There are others I could criticise but I will follow their lead and give up after 6 minutes.

  7. are spurs and arsenal this poor, or are the manchesters unreal?

  8. There is a positive in all of this…….. Those two games are out of the way. Thank goodness and the ONLY measure of satisfaction is that the Emirates is an even worse place right now.

  9. We have 2 very good wingers but having VDV in the side has restricted Defoe and 2 mtr Peter to only a few opportunities to play up top in a 4 4 2.VDV then goes off the pitch and down the tunnel and smacks the the ball perfectly straight down the tunnel with venom.More than he did during the game .The fact he looked like he strained his hamstring, probably not the best move and if he could kick a ball like that why not jog around up front just to have a presence on the park and not just leave his side to cope with a very good form team.No, No he had the hump due to the pending international games.Now he is injured we might even play a formation that may even suit the majority of the team.We were better when Livermore and Defoe came on.Get rid of the Chicken badge hater and spend money on player who want to play for the club and that fit into our proven best formation 4-4-2 with pace and effort and a willingness to run themselves into the ground for the team.It appears the game is purely about the pound note and you’ll never convince me otherwise.

  10. Correct me if i am wrong but Spurs were linked with Dzeko and Aguerro over the last two years but we pratted about,they went elsewhere and we got Crouch and today we saw the folly of our transfer policy.Time we had a policy to identify what and who we need and try hard to get them. We need two prolific goal scoring strikers and a defender who can organise a defence and forget any more midfielders unless we can get absolute top quality ones or Diarra.As for Harry,s admission about ratboy,a piece of advice Harry when you are in a hole stop digging and maybe throw a few fucks in to that little shit and explain that better men than him have worn the Spurs shirt.

    • We could never afford Dezko or Agueros wages, seriously to get the best players you need to pay the best wages and its not our fault we cannot- Look at Barca- they have very good players but they all get paid millions every week to play for Barca! Messi, Xavi and Iniesta are in the top 10 for the most paid footballers! What we need to do is buy players who will BE world class, a bit like what we did with Modric e.g. Dimaio who i think will end up at Spurs, Sandro and make a team like that- because we just cannot compete with teams like City whos first team today cost £195million and who plays bloody Nasri £173,000 every week! Look at the bright side, we still got Adebayor, Defoe came on and cause some problems, we just need to keep believing in our team because we are not that far away, If we bring in Hazard, Diamao etc young players who have the potential to be world class then we can compete but it is impossible to bring in world class players under our wage structure! We were not very good today but we lost those same fixtures last season with the City fixture being at home rather than away- Barca beat real 5-1 and like my Man-United supporting brother said who to be fair loves Spurs- at least we are not ArsenalCOYS!

      • Two years ago when Aguerro was first mentioned we may well have got him but as Man City are now rolling in money we now could,nt get him.But if you look at some of Spurs signings of the last 4/5 seasons decent money has been paid for players who under perform or simply were not good enough to start with.I know the champions league is a big draw and without it the job of getting certain players to come to Spurs gets harder.However Last season we had champions league and still did not get the striker/defender we needed.Liverpool without champions league got Suarez and carroll.Money may not grow on trees but why do we pay good money for average players then dont play them then fail to sell them or take a huge hit on them.Why are we persisting with Ledley King? as great as he is he cannot play that often and we need Cahill/Samba or whoever.Today must tell THFC that we are a long way from regular Champions league unless the defence is tightened and we can score goals.Put simply our strikers are not good enough and our defenders are dodgy at times.

    • It’s a bit of a catch 22, Dzeko and Aguero wouldn’t have joined a team like tottenham over the manchesters or the spanish giants because tottenham is simply not good enough and not big enough, and to become a good team you need these types of players.. or money. Swapping Parker for Palacios is a good move in my opinion and hopefully Adebayor proves that he has something to prove and holy shit i just saw arsenal got roshambo’ed. I thought tottenham blogs were littered with complaning little bitches i cant even imagine whats going on in the arsenal blogs.

      • But CITY weren’t good enough back then either!!!
        They just fell into an ocean of money and all of a sudden they were cock of the walk. They’re simply cocks.

        Therefore those players are all fookin mercenaries and can do one.

        btw, Re: Parker – I heard it’s Livermore who may be used as the makeweight but even though he would be offered on a season-long loan, that would be the end of Livermore’s career at Spurs, guaranteed.

  11. absolutely correct mate, levy and redknapp, something has to change bigtime, last year we were 2-3 world class players from challenging for the premiership, now it looks like we need about 8 or 9 players to challenge, VDV needs to b shifted to the right , cutting in and attacking like Modric used to do it from the left, lennon is not good enough for the first 11, and im starting to doubt Dawson again as i have done for a good while now, hes just too slow to compete with the quality coming at him (aguero, tevez, hernandez jus to name a few) , so i woukld like to see daniel and harry sit down, wise up and listen SELL MODRIC, HE DOESNT WANT TO PLAY FOR US, get the 40m and buy Hulk/Rossi and buy Samba with the funds from selling palacios and jenas (who is no were near good enough for out squad)

    • VDV needs to be shifted out of the club,he’s a fancy dan who fucks up the system that got us places imo.

      • I’ve said all along to anybody that’s been willing to listen…vdv makes himself look good at the expense of the team.

  12. Playing modric and kranj in cm was footballing suicide against a strong man city midfield, no one in our midfield applied any pressure on the ball until livermore was introduced, Harry has to hold his hands up on this one, but he wont he will just say man city have spent loads of money so how are we meant to compete. Ive seen more tactial guile in a house brick than harry has, his pre-match comments about playing crouch instead of defoe because they are a big strong team was bizarre because basically all i heard was they are tall so we will play our tall player, when wouldnt it make sense to play a small quick footed striker like defoe than play to city’s strengths by tryin to hit crouch high? my biggest fear this season is that we sign Parker who will automatically become one of harrys favourites an he starts to leave out Hudd or Sandro because if either of those 2 became upset at bench warming we would be inundated with offers. at this point i cant help but to remember harrys reasons why we never went in for Dzeko way before City signed him, which was ‘at 26mil you have to be sure’ are you sure now harry?????

  13. Oh how we miss Sandro in Mid. This striker situation has got out of hand i cant believe Crouch was playing today. We need Leandro Damio or anyone really. We need a defender an mayb use Kaboul as DM. We already playing catch up an the top 4 dream is fading again.

  14. The truth is that we need 2 x strikers Bellamy and Damiao. We also desperately need another center half and at least 2 new defensive midfielders and by that i mean we need them now!!!!

    Shopping list for Harry: Bellamy, Damiao, Diarra, Parker, Cahill

    Come on guys, if enough of us make this clear enough to Mr Levy that we will not tolerate this absolute rubbish, then maybe he will open up the purse strings.

    The recycle/ sell list is as follows..: Kranjcar, Bentley, Jenas, Hutton, Bassong, Palacios.

    That would leave us with:





    This would scar ethe s**t out of any premiership team

    Now lets all get onto the backs of Harry and Levy to get these players into our club or we will be struggling all season.

    By the way i would also even drive modric to Cheatski personally to free us up the funds to do this.

    A Very Annoyed Spurs Fan

  15. Let’s all get this straight Redknapp is just working his ticket out of the Lane before he gets nailed on his tax case.

  16. I think to suggest that Huddlestone is not a top 4 player is a little stupid, he helped get us into the top 4 a few seasons ago with a little help from Palacios. Thats our main problem, we need 2 ball winning midfielders to protect our defence, a loose term i know. Spurs need to change to a 433 formation to allow 2 defensive midfielders with bale on the left if anyone will pass to him Modric in the middle if he is still there at the end of the month and lennon on the right although he is going backwards in passing and running at people these days!

  17. There are so many things going wrong at Spurs now. Levy and his transfer window strategy of panicking on the last day of the window and trying to buy anyone who is going or going through the motions to make it look like he is trying. It is fucking ridiculous and look at the state we are in. Why does the prick do this. We could have bought early, bedded in the new players and worried about selling the crap later for reasonable prices. What is going on with Redknapp? He seems absolutely clueless lately. Here we are still playing Crouch up front. He can’t shoot, head a ball properly or make good runs into the box. I am so fed up looking at the papers, reading the website to see if we have bought anyone in. I think now is the time for Levy and Redknapp to fuck off and let someone else with a bit of ambition, money and a sound knowledge of the game take over and start again. If Chelsea are offering 40 million pounds for Rat Boy then sell him and get some new players in who want to play for us at least for a couple of years until the money comes calling and they want even more.

  18. those 2 games u say are out the way we got united to ocme to us and we got to go to city so great week after next wolves and liverpool going on today we will still be bottom

  19. Difficult yes, but the idea of going out with all attacking midfielders works only if you score first and often. Strength needed in the center of the park. Way too many offensive players.

    One 15m center back to replace Dawson, one more strong on the ball middie, goodbye to Modric, move VDV back to true attacking middie and one more forward to be able to play two forwards.

  20. yep, right about modders,who just doesn’t want to be here.. sell him to the chavs & be done with it.. (maybe get drogba or anelka as part of the deal)
    no point in saying we were in for other players as they won’t come to us anyway until mr. levy decides to pay players more than premier footballers minimum wage (fer chrissakes we’re even asking parker to take a pay cut to join, what chance is there of getting a top class player at the lane???)
    truth is we were awful the last couple of premiership games & short term loan fixes arn’t the answer…are spurs really that hard up that they can’t afford to go for top players?
    what has happened to the CL money we made last season???

    • Harry`s come out and say Ratboy did not want to play today and had to be forced. Kind of explains why the team spirit was so poor. Arsenal lost 8-2 but they still tried til the 93rd min. Most of our lot gave up after 0-2. Lazy barstewards!!!!!!!!

  21. Football is dead. Manchester is the football capital of Britain in a post-apocalyptic world. So angry only Redknapp’s head on a spike and the immediate sale of Crouch will make me happy.

  22. parker is not he answer… he is 31 in october cannot tackle as good as sandro or pass like huddlestone. he always runs with the ball too far and looses it. he is a decent player since at WHU but 6 caps at the age of 31 tell the real story. he is not the answer. Redknapp is at fault with his transfer policy – build for the future? forget it? remember only Redknapp and his scouts thought Suarez wasnt good enough. Even the blind man and his dog knew how good he was!! Youth? more by luck than judgement? old buys club? sure ship them in…if Redknapp’s signed them before or a player he’s comfortable with he’ll buy. Parker yes, Beckham yes, Diarra yes.. Crouch, Defoe, Kranjcar, Kaboul signed them before lets do it again…Joe Cole rubbish form for ages, yep Redknapp will take them. No thought. no imagination, no idea
    Redknapp is too distracted by other things.. Portsmouth homes, media committments, Sky adverts. You want a quote on something – ring Harry. Well Harry leave Spurs to someone who wants to manage the club and not someone for it’s just another interest. Well Redknapp go just bloody go

  23. There can surely no longer be anyone who believes in peter crouch or jermain defoe. Both these strikers pale in comparison to the powerhouse performance of dzeko today. We are all as loyal spurs fans painfully aware of the financial constraints we work under as a club due to our small capacity but surely we do not deserve to see any more of the triple jumper and the poison dwarf in tandem for our great club. I for one wholly advocate the potential of youth and see no reason why coulibaly and kane should not at least be on the bench this year they are at least scoring at some level, a feat that has been generally foreign to the afore mentioned freaks of football for at least year. Get rid of modric and the rest of the midfield lags such as krancjar,jenas and palacios and bring in one top drawer striker on a permanent deal. We also need to clear out the defensive liabilities of hutton, bassong and kaboul who today produced one of the most naive defensive performances i have ever seen in a lilywhite shirt. Kaboul today played like a witless, lily livered child in a man’s game and his goal meant nothing so clueless was his previous defensive horror show. Clear the decks of these wasters and start again!!!!!

  24. The game today made me desperate. I meant, what is our transfer policy?
    We still keep too many useless players in our team.

    “We have to see before we can buy” seriously? Then sell the likes of Crouch, Jenas, Palacios, Bassong and Pienarr. They won’t make as much as when we bought them, but just get rid of those we don’t need.

    Are we trying to wait for the dead-line so we can get discount?

    • Bassong another donkey Harry bought for 8 millon fecking pounds from a defence of a team that got relegated. Sick of this Cahill talk the guy is over rated. get in Samba or Jageilka!

  25. Is Wilson Palacios injured, and why are we selling him to a team who look dangerously more settled than we? ‘Crock Parker’ is not the answer.

    • Wilson would of doen a job today instead of playing two spineless CM`s who cannot tackle for toffee. Wilson is having a medical at Stoke right now and is as good as a Stoke player. I just hope to god that Crouch goeas with him. Whats the odds of Stoke finishing above us.

      • i agree, cant beleive we are selling him! harry has watched barcellona and thought he would get 11 passers of the ball and keep the ball for 90 mins every game. hes warped! wilson can be brought on late in games taking off a striker o defend a lead. at 6million stoke have had a bargain. gutted! we are run by a fucking iddiot! sell pinaar, jenas or bently! 2 players in every position makes a squad. sandro/palacios modric/parker. rednapp you are cluless! thats why you have never won anything!


    but ….

    *have never rated crouch

    *have never rated pinaar and couldnt believe we signed him. reminded me of when we bought bent. i was furious as at the time we were flush for good in form strikers and he upset the whole thing!

    *we never really go full out for a top player making the player feel like he is wanted by us. only pick out a top target, attract lots of press with our connection, only to wait around trying to get him on the cheap. in which time another club comes in and steals them. rossi is a current example, made him a prime target but were never willing to pay his worth!

    its all very dissapointing. more so fustrating. in all honesty i couldnt bring myself to go to the game today or even watch it on tv. the writting was on the wall and i feared this would be the outcome, never thought it would be such a thrashing though.

    oh well. its only football

  27. Redknapp should be sacked. His comments all week regarding how good City are should prompt Levy to get rid. He earns 3 million a year to get his team ready and able to play in the premier league. How must his players feel when he comments on how fantastic other teams are and not his own. I realise he may have a hidden agenda but he is a disgrace to Tottenham who by the way I have supported all my life. I just heard him talking about the Modric situation and the bulls**t he came out with was unbelieveable.

  28. Let’s just be honest and realize that 4th place is our only shot at this point. Man City has caught up to united. They have a second team that could give out first team a run for their money. They could have run out Tevez, Balotelli, Milner, and Johnson up front and spurs would have still had trouble. Either of their left backs could walk into our first team. Same thing at RB and CB. Dawson is too slow to compete with the top strikers in the EPL. Kaboul has athleticism but lacks the instincts of a great defender. Harry has to realize that without an athletic, veteran presence like Gallas or King he needs to play a midfield capable of dispossessing the other team. Sandro is the answer to this problem when healthy, but buying Diarra makes sense if spurs are to have any shot at the top 4. Adebayor would have helped today, but the inability to control the ball for an extended period of time in midfield nullified any chance spurs had to set Bale and Lennon loose. There aren’t any magical solutions to these problems because financially city, united, and chelsea are playing with a stacked deck.

  29. 2 wide men every game! leaving 2 midfielders to win the ball. make those 2 playmakers gives us no-one to win the ball. rednapp is a cock. i might not watch spurs any more until rdnapp joggs on to the england job

  30. we are now a sinking ship im affraid and if i was modric or bale i would want out too! sell modric and buy some tough workmen who will win us the relegtion battle, by challenging for the ball and scoring a few goals maybe. bae is our best player. we needed to sell months ago, we didnt, we are stuck with these useless signings we have made on the cheap now! we have got what we deserve. jol got the sack in this same situation early on in the season. levy said we would have got relegated! i wonder if he will be kinder to harry “all the other teams are stronger than us and im going to do nothing about it” rednap

  31. Harrys record since Feb is worse tan Jols…

  32. hey folks: Never thought we would win today.. This is not after the horse has bolted, but as soon as I saw Crouch, Vdv, Niko, Charlie, Thudd, Daws and Lennon in the sauad – we were beat.
    Lennon has not improved and the rest are comatose. -7 goal diff already, absolutely no chance of CL. Doubt we will get anything at Wigan and possibly will be bottom for a few weeks yet. Parker, Adebayor will not make any diff whatsoever. Let’s face it, we are not a top club that will be inb CL on a regular basis.

    Need at least 4 palyers that we will have to pay £120k + a week to succeed.

  33. I’ve always said that Harry did his job by keeping us up after coming in for Ramos, then we got top 4 INSPITE of Harry not in anyway b/c of him…If Harry had his way we would be absolutely wrecked as a club right now as he would have just signed a bunch of old overrated English players and his retreads, Levy has saved this club from Harry destroying it. I have never seen a more inept tactical manager than Harry is, he doesn’t have the slightest clue, he just plays his favorites…like it’s already been said who couldn’t predict from the beginning of the game that Kranjcar and Modric as our CM pairing would be absolutely overrun. VDV has become an undroppable and that guy is truly a pile of shit that makes our team signficantly worse not better and anyone who doesn’t think so doesn’t understand football…his redeeming quality is that he has good technique on his shot. he wrecks our formation, he is the greediest player i’ve ever seen, takes horrible corners, roams all over the field leaving our lone forward with no outlet to play with. it’s now twice he’s just decided to take himself off the field when we have no subs leaving us down a man. he thinks he’s bigger than the club and at least with modric when he’s out on the field he doesn’t act like a petulant little child. Lennon quite frankly disappoints me a lot, b/c he is not a professional for a tiny little guy he’s got bitch tits, he’s never taken the next step and improved his crossing(very much) or his shooting(at all) so he’s never taken advantage of his talent in fact he’s clearly regressed the last 2 or 3 years…as much as i like dawson for his 100% commitment he’s just not very good and is constantly being skinned…if we’re not careful our team is going to imploed very quickly, harry needs to leave asap and take the england job, and see what manager we can get and let him evaluate our roster, chop the dead wood(levy is great, but he needs to just take what we can get) and bring in his own new faces…if we can keep modric(which is highly unlkely) we need to build the team around him, bale and sandro…but, there’s a very real possibility they will all be moving on in the summer and you can blame Harry for leaving ruin in his wake at yet another one of his clubs…of course he will just claim he was brilliant and got us champs lge football, and we would be nowhere without him…brace yourself boys this is about to be a bumpy ride.

  34. well said.i ve never been a fan of Crouch and i will never has moved on from the tall guys up front knocking down balls.

    with such a mentality we are not goin anywhere and always will be a mid-table team.Levy needs to take his finger from his ass and then open his eyes.striker is NOT our only problem.we need defenders as well.with just dawson we are going nowhere again.

    the pair levy-arry did quite well for the club lately but its time to move on with a manager with winning mentality.its almost unexplainable having citeh with such a strong midfield and i am playing with 2 attacking midfielders.who is gona fucking mark mate?me?

    its still early in the season but if we keep playing that i cant see us finishing well this year.


    p.s:did we start looking for the new manager yet?arry’s mind right now is for the england is all about planning ahead and doing your homework…

  35. We should not be surprised Harry did this at Portsmouth, He bought in average expensive old players and then left them with no re sale value and no youth development

    Rven with Harry bemoaning inhuries he is selling Palacios a specialised ball winner and his selection and tactical awareness is nieve and we got punishes

    since he has been here he has been instrumental in buying defoe, crouch pienar kaboul gallas an a south african defender

    Thses players have not enhanced spurs and will not maintain a push on top four.

    he admitted he has nothing to do with the youth team young players are left to sherwood, He is looking lie an old manager with no new ideas or forward thinking. only how he can b build his england profile

  36. I only have one thing to say.


  37. “Tous pour un, et fook le repos”

  38. 6 points:

    1. Huddlestone is still not fit so the criticism he’s getting is unfair, when fit he’s a top quality midfielder and a good a passer as we have

    2. Crouch, corluka and vdv are shit. crouch can’t play football and just could people. corluka is slow and poor with the ball and struggled against united and city. vdv is just lazy and has forced us to change our team around him, he also has to stay im the pitch till the end even when he’s knackered.

    3. We need another striker to play with adebayor but not bellamy. We need to go out and buy a tip quality striker for big miley, someone like rossi

    4. We dont need old, shit players like parker or Cole. they are both shit. Cole is just useless and parker is greedy and makes too many fouls

    5. Spurs are supposed to be in talks with bolton over Gary cahill, this would be a great sighing and would be a real step forward

    6 potential team 433
    Walker Dawson Cahill Bae
    Huddlestone Sandro Modric/Livermore
    Rossi Adebayor Bale
    gomes, kaboul, rose, lennon, Carroll, pav/defoe, kane
    BENCH mainly based on fact most of our squad players are shit and nothing else is coming in, give youth a go.

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