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Jan 032011

Newcastle boss Alan Pardew has admitted Newcastle have had talks with Tottenham over the possibility of signing Robbie Keane.

It is thought that Newcastle want to also take David Bentley on loan for the rest of the season as Spurs look to sign David Beckham later this week. Bentley would then fall down the pecking order even more and Harry thinks it’s only fair to loan him out until the end of the season.

Speaking about Robbie Keane, Pardew said:

“I can’t say we have not spoken to Spurs because I spoke to them last week and we talked about players, etc, etc.

“They want to do something and we want to bring an offensive player in.”

It’s nothing new to the ears of most fans of Spurs and Newcastle, we knew Newcastle looked at him in the summer but Robbie thought he could prove his worth at Spurs. He now seems to have given up and accepted his future belongs elsewhere and Newcastle are a good prospect for Keane.

  6 Responses to “Pardew Admits Interest In Signing Keane”

  1. Spurs have completely messed up with Keane & Pav they should played them as a pair at the start of the season as a pair, they are far superior to Crouch and Defoe, I think Keane going to Newcastle will be good for him & Caroll as Keane is a great team player especially in his best position as 2nd striker.
    Keane for whatever reason has not been given a fair chance this season and i hope Spurs don t live to regret it.

  2. terry, name keanes last decent performance? in any shirt?

  3. I can’t even tell you the last goal Keane scored for us

  4. Terry Keane has no-one to blame but himself, Spurs gave him another chance after he threw our respect for him in our faces, to join Liverpool. Why we ever bought him back was beyond me, the fact you fail to comprehend is simply Spurs are too good for Keane these days, we’ve outgrown him, not the other way around, get rid, move on, if Harry had taken my advice we’d have saved millions , instead of struggling to off load this piece of garbage for a second time!

  5. Package deal to Newcastle- Keane, Crouch, O Hare and Bentley in exchange for Carroll, C’mon Ashley…you know it makes sense

  6. What the hell do you want Carroll for? He’s got no class.

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