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May 042012

Latest News coming out of the club is that Scotty Parker is fit and back in contention for a place in the team for Sunday’s clash against Aston Villa but after the last 2 matches which have seen us pick up 2 wins against Blackburn and Bolton with Sandro doing the Parker role extremely well in midfield is there room for Scotty? A win against Villa would leave us all but there in the race for 4th, a home match against Fulham in our last game would leave any sports betting man leaning in our favour and it would even be a real possibility that we could snatch 3rd.

My belief is don’t tinker if you don’t have to, Scotty was immense for the first half of the season then went off the boil, Sandro has played the last 2 games and has been outstanding so he rightly deserves to keep his place and in my opinion you shouldn’t play them both in the same team.

2 good performances have put us right back in there, the only edge I think Parker has is consistency as Sandro has had some games where he has been non-existent, it’s a headache for Harry but my heart would tell me to stick with Sandro, he deserves to keep his place and Parker could very well be rusty. Go in to Sunday’s match and keep the same team that beat Bolton if possible would be the way to go.


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