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Aug 112011

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably staring at your screen with a face as long as a horse, trying to pick yourself up after the news that our first game (and rare first game at home) has been cancelled due to something about riots…or something like that!

This means that our first Premier League game of the 2011/12 season is away to Man United. It’s almost as if they knew there would be a disturbance and thought this would be a fun way to start the season for Spurs. Anyway, this is a game that unless you live in the land of fairy tales you know we won’t win! Therefore, why don’t we play our youth/reserve team against the Red Devils, and I don’t just mean this game, I mean every fixture against United. The FA/Referees Association/EPL clearly won’t allow us to win a game against United. The evidence to this is clearly presented every game with the FA sending their best men to ensure that the 3 points for United is the only outcome. So play the youth, save our first team squad any injuries in a game we won’t win anyway. You never know, with Paul Scholes retied, we might be left with shins intact to run another day.

This will give our youth/reserve team a run out, a bit of experience and ensures that first team members remain injury free to play in games we could genuinely win. I honestly feel we could beat any team at and ground in the Prem…except for Man U..simply because illegitimate refereeing, un-sportsmanship and phenomenal luck are all against us in every single game and that unless the FA decides they like us, or dislike United, we won’t be able to beat 14 men.

Please feel free to disagree with me, but we are fighting an un-winnable battle, trying to climb out of a bottomless pit of cheating and un-sportsmanship. Why waste energy on it when you could focus on winning matches against the lower teams in the Prem…teams we should be beating.

Right…point raised…now I need to scan eBay for a Ladbrokes endorsed plasma TV and some new Nike’s. They seem to be in abundance at the moment…….

Written by Davyid

  23 Responses to “Play our Youth Team against Man United”

  1. please stop writing shit…….. play the youth team against United….. are you mental….

    • and wat. lose like we were goin to anyway? i actually agree. we shod play reserves agenst them

      • thus leaving us pointless after 2 games with citeh as our 3rd match, followed by a hefty fine from the prem for fielding a weakened side. good thinking that!

  2. I personally think it’s an excellent idea!!!

  3. You don’t think that goal difference might turn out to be a problem then?
    Apart from the massive fine from the PL for playing a team outside of our 25 man squad of course.
    So, to sum up: apart from being thoroughly stupid, it’s not a bad idea.

    • youth players are not included in the 25 man squad so we would not get a fine, although agree with the goal difference point. We could lose by large scorelines. At the same time when was the last time our goal difference any good anyway?

  4. why not? for sure we aren’t going to win anyway.

  5. u are a complete arsewipe ,how long u been supporting spurs ?
    and as for the last comment u prize prick put a photo on this web

  6. We may have a striker by then who actually takes a chance that we get!!!

    Haha yeh right….now Levy has a new excuse to save money, nobody wants to come to London to live due to rioting

  7. Harry’s tactics and Manure always seem to be wrong wrong wrong. If we get a miserable point it would do. Better still organise a bit of rioting on the weekend in Manc and then get it postponed until Sandro is fit and we have brought in a new striker.

  8. Sadly, all too true, fed up getting cheated up there. Once can always be just a mistake by the ref, two is getting on to be a coincidence , thereafter it’s blatantly taking the piss.


  10. It’s a great idea. Pedro Mendez’ goal and the infamous penalty against Gomes is just two horrible exambles of how Utd. always seems to get their way.

  11. Given what’s happened there recently I’ve thought we should just forfeit the game. But playing the youth team will presumably cause less trouble.

  12. Perhaps we should have played our youth team at Arsenal and Liverpool last season as we never win there?

  13. We haven’t won there in ages, but you could have said that about Arsenal until last season.

    Go there with a full strength side, kick up a massive fuss if one of Fergie’s pet refs is picked and try to get some points on the board.

  14. Agree completely dogdy refereeing will rob us again, the refs in Fergies pocket, I’d play a youth team.

  15. You don’t start the season by throwing in the towel. Even if we can’t win, we have to try. Why would Modric want to stay at a club that doesn’t even play against Man Utd.?

  16. Looser talk. Are you a looser???

  17. It ain’t gonna happen,why are we debating it?We should be debating things like,is Horny Helen a lass or a bloke from Scotland

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