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Sep 102012

I spent the end of last season saying that Chelsea’s sudden improvement after AVB left was proof that their players weren’t trying the hardest for him. So when he was made manager of my beloved Spurs I was willing to give him a chance. But now I’m not so sure we can afford to.

First there is the debacle of this transfer window when he allowed some of our best players to leave without decent replacements and he tried to offload others and when he couldn’t he includes them in the squad for match days. Do he really know what he is doing?

And to top it all off it seems that he doesn’t understand that Spurs play attractive attacking football his tactics in the last two games are more reminiscent of the man in the mac than of a manager in the spurs style.

My fear is that he will turn out to be another Christian Gross. I really hope not so please AVB prove me wrong show me and all spurs supporters that you do know what you’re doing and that you understand how a Spurs side should play. COYS!

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