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Jan 312012

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I am on Twitter and it seems the rest of the Premier League fans are ripping us to shreds over the potential signing of Luis Saha and rightly so.

What I can’t understand is that Harry has always maintained that he would do business if somebody became available that would improve our squad and would only sign players of real quality. Ok then so Luis Saha is an off form injury prone 33-year-old who is well past his sell-by-date so why the hell are we even giving him the time of day.

I am praying there is a God, this deal can’t happen, I haven’t come across a single fan who is happy with the prospect of Saha coming to Spurs, Sod it we might as well try to pick up Kieron Dyer while we are at it. It takes me back to the dark days, when will they realised we don’t need to sign average players anymore, we can do better and I hope we do.

If we sign Saha and then Modric & Bale want to leave due to lack of ambition then who could blame them, I’d help them pack their bags.

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