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Jul 242010

Villa boss Martin O’Neill is set for yet more uncomfortable times as Spurs prepare winger bid …..

Lane Bound ? ..... Ashley Young

Following all the furore surrounding his handling of the proposed James Milner to Man City move last week, Villa boss Martin O’Neill is set for more problems during this transfer window as Spurs boss Harry Redknapp is supposedly plotting a move for star winger Ashley Young.

Many sources are currently claiming that White Hart Lane chiefs see Young as the perfect man to pair up with Gareth Bale on the Spurs left next season as the club head into their debut Champions League campaign.

No fees have been mentioned as yet, but with recent talk linking both Robbie Keane and Jermain Jenas with moves to Villa Park you would imagine Harry Redknapp would be looking to involve either one or even both players in any prospective deal.

Would you be pleased to see Ashley Young in a Spurs shirt come August? Is he the answer to our left sided conundrum? Who else do you feel Harry and Levy should be looking at before the new campaign gets underway?

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  29 Responses to “Prem Star To Wing His Way Into The Lane ? …..”

  1. Won’t happen. Next.

  2. You’re probably right TMWNN. I’d love it though. Only thing is, it would mean Bale at left-back all season. Good or bad thing?

  3. Bale at left back is a bad thing, why are we constantly being linked with players we don’t need?, or those that will displace the players who are the movers and shapers of the side. Sure get in a striker, get in a defender but for heavens sake let Bale remain where he is!

  4. Well said, Essexian – if Harry still wanted to play Bale at left-back, I’d be worried. Don’t need him. Need a Striker, not rocket science, is it?

  5. Bale has been working on the defensive side of his game in pre season so dont be surprised if he is played left back next season. lets not forget the times when no matter where Bale played he didnt look the part but with a lot of hard work he made the left mid his own. At his age he can improve even still, if he can sort out his defensive game then we will have one of the best attacking left backs in the world…. Bale behind Ashley Young could be very dangerous indeed with all the focus on our left side, little Lennon could be left to exploit teams on the right.

  6. as much as i like bellamy young is good and young so can keep improving. not the best last season compared with the 08/09 season but with milner moving away and us able to give them a centre mid in jenas a striker in keane or even a winger in bentley, although i think he proved hes good enough to stay with us, this deal could possibly happen, but villa are known for their defence and fast breaking counter attacks. so they’d have to completely change if loosing ashley young. so its hard to say. no1 get hopes up or upset at the idea of bale being left back. we’ll have a good season even if it does start off slow which i believe it will with so many people not back from WC yet.

  7. We do need a Striker and we do need a LB so we can comit Bale to left wing, even if you did want Bale LB would you want a like minded player ahead? Surely Niko or Luka are better options as they cut in and create space for Bale!

  8. Could be good but i think we should be looking at Mattock from the albion he could overlap well with Bale ,two very similar players that might just work well together !

  9. we need a left back and a striker so we can play 4 2 3 1

    corluka dawson king ??????
    palacios huddlestone
    lennon modric bale

    this team could finsh in the top 4

  10. Seems a very Football Manager influenced comment if you don’t mind me saying Suffolkyid

  11. We don’t need a left winger we need a left back. Someone like fabio coentrao. BAO is simply not good enough, he is weak, gives the ball away to often and is clumsy. Putting Bale at left back would be a big mistake. We also need a top class striker, someone of the caliber of huntelaar or fabiano. Maybe we need a right back aswell maybe richards.

    Richards Dawson King Coentrao
    Palacios Huddlestone
    Lennon Modric Bale

    This would be a gr8 team

  12. Im not a player of said game Mal , i was looking through england stats and this kid has played at every level bar the seniors , he has lots of game time in a team that likes to play football in a similar manner to ourselves and with Arrys coaching he could well be a real star ! just my opinion . He,s english young and im sure he would fit in to our club very well . Just thinking out load really guys .

  13. It’s all about priorities really, and like most ppl say the top quality striker has to be 1st. I personally think Suarez and huntelaar are gettable and good enough, bear in mind the season is long injuries happen and it’s important we have competition for places especially up front. but we have to make getting in the team possible otherwise players can get lazy eg Pav. When he felt wanted he performed, and with Defoe, Huntelaar/Suarez, crouch, Pav and or Bellamy it’s a strong and varied forward line. 442 or 451 or 433 is all possible especially I you include dos santos. 2nd priority should be Central Defence, we need 3 top defenders and king as cover, Dawson should be the main man, bassong is good enough plus one more, if kaboul is good enough in Harrys opinion then fair enough. 3rd priority should be LB cover taiwo has been mooted? Finally GK cover which hopefully is sown up with pletikosa.

  14. Im not a player of said game Mal , i was looking through england stats and this kid has played at every level bar the seniors , he has lots of game time in a team that likes to play football in a similar manner to ourselves and with Arrys coaching he could well be a real star ! just my opinion . He,s english young and im sure he would fit in to our club very well . Just thinking out loud really Guys

  15. Fair enough. I think we’re all agreed that regardless of who we get, it’ll be better to wrap them up sooner rather than later.

  16. Gomes
    Corluka, Dawson, Bassong/King, Bale
    Palacios, Hudd/Sandro
    Lennon, Modric, Krancjar


    Corluka,Dawson, Bassong, Bale
    Lennon, Modric, Hudd, Dos Santos
    Defoe, Huntelaar

  17. Bales best position would definitely at LB in a 4-2-3-1 (as Lennon7 has kindly shown us above).

    With the 4 attacking players keeping defenders busy, Bale would be very difficult to defend against coming from deep. Having 2 defensive mids behind that lot would allow Bale to worry less about getting caught out.

    Besides, playing Bale at LB keeps out that useless cunt A&E.

  18. My other big fear was the form of Palacios after the xmas period, at times he was so much of a liability it was frightening, especially in the big games. When he was treading on eggshells for all that time, his form actually improved, but after the suspension and his return, was pretty dreadful, and wasn’t much better for Honduras. Watched JJ in the New York games, and his movement and attitude was faultless, but its probably too late for him. If only he’d reproduce his form as if we’re playing Arsenal every week, the guy would be first name in, but he can’t. Left back is a problem, again if BAE could concentrate for 90 mins, he’d be a superstar, but he cant. So if we’re to progress, we dont need a Cole or a Young, we need a midfielder who can win and release, a left back who can win and release and think for 90 mins, not 75, and cover for Ledders and Woody , then a striker of note, simple eh?, well no its not!

  19. anyone who calls BAE a C*NT is out of order!!! ye he look shit and outer place in the world cup maybe coz he wernt use to there system of playing probly managers fault not explaining wot he wants out him proply but with spurs he has always been a solid performer in my eyes and never gives up a fight to make that ball his, he layed of a few goals note a great teed up pass for huddlestone to smash in against bolton, where as other players probly would try shoot and he scored a cracker against liverpool 1st game last season and just like everyone else he had a big part to play in spurs challenge for 4th spot so get behind your team rather then pick on single players who have worked hard and give there all for us he may not be the best going foward but he is fast determined and solid as long as he plays left back the only fault i saw him make last year was a penalty where there was no need for him to be playing right back where he rightly so didnt look at home!!! so lay of the guy probly get into most the teams in the premiership or abroad so im happy to stick with him if we cant get better and bale is no way as solid as him as a left back, as he seems like he has less concentration focusing on defending and chasing his man when he plays against the bigger teams (example man united game not sure if he was left back but didnt chase the guy back not even aware where he was when it should have been natural for him being his position and all) which lead to a goal for them) but boy is he great getting foward!!! good as a left back against the lesser teams but looks more solid as a out and out winger but he can learn alot from ekotto to help him deffend with time on his hand to improve!!! i wouldnt mind another LB but wouldnt wana see BAE leave!!! i would have loved kolarov but citehs millions took him!!! coentrao or maybe bastos or taiwo but to be fair there isnt many out there i would take over our benny!!!

    As for left mid ashley young is a great player we should have signed when he was a 11mil gamble and wnted to move to us!!! one we didnt take unfortunately and he can play behind the strikers too but he seems best suited on the left!!! but if we cant get him not to bothered as we have bale there and a few other options who can do a job there!!! but as we only have 1 real left winger/left back (to be) we could do with another!!! before we had bale i didnt mind the thought of nzogbia and still i think he might be worth a punt is a consistent perfomer and knows how to deliver he ball as well as getting a few goals and bonus is he has premiership experiance!!! Too be honest i would love to get ARDA in as he is a class act in my opinion with little risk as he has performed on the european stage and has made alot of international players look stupid consistently which proves he aint afraid to showcase them at any stage and doe frightenly make all look to easy not to mention he aint just a show pony he creates so much chances for his team to score and can score a few himself!!! he can play all across the midfield but is played on the left and looks at home wherever he plays and he has champions league/uefa experiance too and i here galatasaray might be willing to let him go at 12mil euro a bargainnnnnnn and he still can get better!!! ive been following him since he has rised to the seen at last season he played somethink like 44 games 11goals and 25 assists best season yet by far!!! If we really wana take a risk i wouldnt mind Elia of holland but dont know to much about him but obvius he has pace and talent but is he consistent and has he got a good delivery i duno and think it would be a gamble to chuck him straight in to premier league or chapions league! as of his lilttle experiance!!!

  20. Its all good an well mooting these players who would be good to get in but the facts are we cant compete in the wages market and therefore do not attract players. Prime example is Joe Cole, if we offered him 80/90 a week then he would be in a Spurs shirt by now. We need 3 world class players to compete again this season. Every power house in the Premier League have a top defender a Midfielder who gets 15 goals and a world class forward, you can argue we have the CB in King but how many games are we getting out of him this year, Modric is good but does not score no where near enough Goals unlike Fabregas/Lampard/Gerrard, and Defoe is not in the same league as Rooney/Drogba/V.Persie
    so who, where and when are we going to get these players we now need to push on and compete year in year out??

    I would play





  21. @ falzon10

    bang on the mark mate.

    that’s exactly the difference between us and a title winning side.

    but do we break the bank to achieve this? is now DLs time to make a play to establish spurs in the CL monopoly?

  22. id rather have a left back and keep bale left mid i like young but rather a left back to be honest taiwo maybe cl experience wouldnt cost a helll of a lot wouldnt take to mcuh convincing and then get suarez maybe raul and get richards would cost you around 30 mil ship out keane jenas hutton and o hara


    richards/corluka dawson king/bassong taiwo
    lennon hudd/placiosios modric bale
    suarez defoe/pav/crocuh/raul

  23. All well and good indeed. perhaps Levy should take a mortgage out on his house or should we all do the same, and hand the bucket around at half time?. For Fecks Sake get real some of you, we’re in the position we are because of Levy and ENIC not in spite of it. If that’s the wage ceiling then that’s it, some og you just dont get it, finances and Redknapp do not make good bedfellows. If Harry had his way we’d have signed Cole no question about it, because he’d have paid whatever he wanted, and we’d be lumbered with a player not deemed good enough to be a regular in the champions team. Portsmouth are where Harry’s spending has left them, broke and in hopeless situation for the foreseeable future. I’d sooner us finish 6th and potless than see Spurs in that state of affairs or even worse like Leeds. It all stems from the same thing, too much, too soon and throwing money around like its confetti. Spend what we can afford, no more no less, f the players aren’t attracted to us for what we stand for, then do we really want them here. We’ve attracted good players with out current system in operation, and hopefully will continue to do so, but not at any price and at 18 million for a player who wouldn’t even fit into our team without massive disruption isnt worth it, ask Levy if you don’t believe me!

  24. I agree with andy B side…Contrao looks a good thing….And we have Sandro for cover aswell in the middle….Bale left full for me personally is not his time…not convinced with his defending….Made 2 school boy errors last season which cost us the game v utd…..We need a drogba like figure up front ..

  25. football is the strangest game and football fans are the most fickle people on the planet!!!!
    the king is dead long live the king is the way footie fans think.
    let me unpack this strong staement, look at the teams that people are attaching to this blog have you noticed that defoe is left out of most starting 11s that are proposed and worst yet there is no mention of the younger lot who my mates call “one for the future” what does it all mean basil.
    quick lets bring in carlos kicka ball we can scout him on youtube and now we have an instant hero.
    im not saying that huntellar (flop in spain and italy) wouldnt be good or fabiano “spurs are to small for me” however are there no british kids our there (anywhere) who dont cost 24m plus ? why do we always want crumbs from another mans table when we can build our own table ? or are we really that bad at planning and identifing talent ? time to start acting global but think local.
    come on arry you gave the world some great players while at west ham “lets do it again”

  26. Hear hear, but you’re being far too radical for most of your average fan armed with a PS3. I asked on another blog, would we Spurs fans like to continue with the way Levy and ENIC are running Spurs or would we prefer a foreign investor to come and throw oodles of wonga around? My preference is that continue buying and nurturing the best of British talent and infuse it with good transfers in for the right price, without breaking our structure. My guess is that more clubs will adopt our policy, including Chelsea it seems!

  27. I was hoping Chelski would keep buying huge fee players on mega wages and Abramaovich would clear off and leave them in the lurch.Then see the administrators come in,get loads of points deducted, relegation and finally a nice housing development built on Stamford bridge now thats what i call a result.

  28. @ Essexian76

    I see your point and Im not suggesting we go and burn money like city, I think we only need a couple of players, I think we need a RB ( corluka towards end of season showed his weakness for me ) maybe MR from city? Another solid CB like King. I think Benny is more than capable at LB which will leave Bale at Left mid, he was one of if not the best left sided player last season, and Up front we still need a foe for defoe, for me he is one of the best but could do with another 20 goal striker, but who? Fabiano is not for me, see no Value in him at 29, Hunterlaar maybe?

    So who knows who Harry will bring in this transfer window, whoever it is lets hope they make a difference and help us push on…….

  29. With respect, we haven’t got money like City, and if Haringey don’t get their finger out, we never will have. Tottenham are stuck between two stools, one way is to sell the club and hope for better investment than ENIC can provide. But what irritates me more is the ridiculous assumption that because Joe Lewis is a billionaire that he’s got money to burn?, absolute nonsense. Lewis isn’t even a football fan, he’s the chairman of ENIC and is there to make a profit, thats all. Unlike Abramovic who is a football and Sports nut, and a rarity to boot. Fortunately (or not if you read an earlier post), even he is seeing his money frittered away, and he’s got far more than Lewis!. No the only way for us is the way ENIC are currently operating, and that’s to live within our means, which could mean players going after a couple of seasons of nearlys, until the new Lane is built. Having watched the USA games you’d think Haringey would be more accodating, as Tottenham Hotspur FC is the only decent going for it!. Still while chaos on matchday prevails the cash cow that is parking fines still fill those coffers… eh Haringey?

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