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May 242011

I just read Coxie’s blog on O’Hara and the comments below it.
All in all, I couldn’t believe some of the negative comments about O’Hara!

‘Mid-table at best’??? Do you even watch him play?

O’Hara is gritty, committed to whatever club he’s playing for and scores some top-drawer goals. He also appears to be a better free-kick taker than Bale and Van Der Vaart.

Dear negative commenters,

You seem to be expecting some kind of Lionel Messi carbon copy to constitute something above ‘mid-table quality’. What criteria are you using to slate O’Hara?

Lack of appearances?? Lack of goals? A spot on the ITV pundit panel during a semi-final between his loan club and permanent club??

Being ineligible to play against your permanent club isn’t his fault. He was put on the spot with the question about who he wanted to win the semi-final. There was no malice in my opinion when he leaned towards Portsmouth, because he was a player for that club at the time and wanted to compete for a personal honour at Wembley. What’s wrong with wanting to win a title?? If he wasn’t playing for Portsmouth, he’d probably be in that semi-final squad for US. Then you wouldn’t think anything of it.

I don’t hold a grudge against him for that. And why should I?
His quotes were taken way out of context to suit the boo-boys’ own ends.

As for lack of appearances, it’s not his fault that managements have overspent on many midfielders, thereby forcing him onto the bench. It’s another sad story which will end with O’Hara going somewhere else permanently. Pienaar will also follow suit. Watch that space.

We already have Kranjcar looking to leave for greener pastures, and quite right too. I wouldn’t want to be a top footballer sitting on the bench where nobody can see him exhibit true footballing talent.

Apart from Ledley King, Jamie O’Hara has been the only player from OUR youth ranks to get a string of regular first-team appearances and you want him gone!!!???

We need more players like him from the youth ranks, like the old days.

And before you counter-argue that point, Defoe came from Charlton, Rose and Lennon came from Leeds, Dawson came from Nottingham Forest and Bale came from Southampton.

If you can come up with another regular starting player [apart from O’Hara] who has come through our youth ranks since Ledley King I’d love to hear about it.

  11 Responses to “Re: Jamie O’Hara”

  1. ive no grudge againt o’hara and think he is a decent player. But ask yourself this, would any of the other ‘top 6’ want to buy him? No they wouldnt. I rest my case, is just short of what we need.

  2. O’Hara came from Arsenal mate

    And he looks excellent for relegation threatened teams. Saying he’s a mid table player puts him a level above what he’s currently playing at

    Don’t care what he said about in the FA Cup semi. I want him gone because he simply isn’t good enough

    • True about starting at Arsenal, but he moved from them over to Spurs’ youth academy in 2003 and spent two years in it.

      And are you saying he isn’t good enough for us because he really isn’t?
      Or are you saying that because we have too many midfielders of his level and beyond?
      If so, then why did we buy Pienaar??

      I like them both, but Pienaar has just taken up space because he was merely someone who Harry could use to demonstrate the players he has in this squad rather than someone he could use regularly in the team. Seven appearances since we bought him and he’s no better than what we have. Did you want Pienaar here?

  3. I agree with your sentiments, but Jamie would be be a mug or someone with Bendtner’s self-confidence or both to think that if he returned to the Club he would be able to force the likes of Modric, Van der Vaart, Huddlestone, Sandro or Bale onto the bench to accommodate him. He knows that he would be no more than a very good squad player. This would be great for the Club, but no good for him. I suspect that he will always be a Tottenham supporter at heart, but he also has his career to consider, so from his point of view he needs to move on.

  4. Personally I think he’s quality, but people don’t realise that because he doesn’t look like VDV or Beckham… He grafts more too, but he has a great left foot, and vision. I’ll be sad to lose him, and would much rather see jenas, palacios, pienaar and possibly krancjar leave before o’hara (as much as i love kranjcar) … however he’s unlikely to get that many games so maybe it’s in everyone’s interest that he leaves. And yeah he came from Arsenal.. Caulker will hopefully be the man to come from our academy.

  5. I would rather him as a squad player to Jenas. I believe O’Hara to be an all round better player and can play left mid / back if required. But Jenas seems happy to be sitting on the bench every week, where as O’Hara wants to be starting. If that’s the case, Jamie may have to move on…

  6. In his mind he’s already gone to Wolves,i don’t blame him but i think his ego is far bigger than his skill level.While he is still a Tottenham player he should keep his mouth shut and tow the line,as for his free kick taking i can only remember a few good ones in a spurs shirt and he took quite a few.His good enough to be a squad player but rightly so he wants first team football so he should go to Wolves and good luck to him

  7. Again…mid-table player at best.

  8. Yesterday redknapp said he had been to france to watch the lille duo, hazard and gervinho. Redknapp said that they were no better than pavlychenko. Harry is an idiot. He will destroy us if he genuinely beleives that. Pav is not good enough for us and although hazard is a different player he hgs a milliomm times better than pav.

    • Pav is class, any time he’s been given a real run of games he’s scored goals…defoe, crouch and keane on the other hand are an absolute disgrace to the spurs shirt.

  9. I for one rate Jamie, you know the games we tend to struggle,with the likes of stoke/wolves, he is the type of player we need for them games. Do you guys out there remember the semis against Le Arse 5-1, did Jamie not have a blinder of a game. For me its not about him whether he is good enough or not, its about Harry being unfair and not communicating with the player, as to where the lad stands.

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