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Apr 122011

I think that firstly, fans who got ‘enraged’ by the recent Real Madrid article about Adebayor should calm down immediately. Adebayor was not the one who wrote the article so you should not take it out on him in the form of singing ‘that song’ just that little bit louder on Wednesday. It’d be no good for anyone and would prove the Spurs cotton-wool stance to fan behaviour as necessary.

And even though it is annoying to see that masked Madridista rub it in, the statistics on his goals against us are accurate.

Now I’ll just slide my tush to the other side a little bit….

I’ll start with what will really be White Hart Lane’s worst nightmare on Wednesday. Our worst nightmare will be going down to ten men again. Madrid’s worst nightmare will be Lennon I think. Missing the first leg may have forced Lennon to put twice as much into the second leg where he shall be featuring, sudden illness or not!

Lennon will be drawing fouls from Marcelo like there’s no tomorrow. Let’s see Marcelo’s smug little face when he gets a red card for not knowing when he’s been skinned. It’ll be Crouch sitting on the floor shaking his fists then! This will of course distract three out of four Madrid defenders from Bale and Crouch, which will in turn open up the space for Thud, Modric and VDV to move into the centre and flood the box.

With all that said, if Madrid score one goal, it’s curtains.

There. I think that’s a more objective preview of Wednesday. There’s this outrageous sense of self-entitlement which oozes from other European clubs, even moreso than Chelsea and United which is probably the motive behind the Adebayor ego-massaging piece we’ve just seen.

Just ignore it and let the talking be done on Wednesday.
The actual game is our focus, not Real Madrid’s fans.

  11 Responses to “Re: White Hart Lane’s Worst Nightmare”

  1. Isnt Crouch Suspended?

  2. Sorry, but Crouch is banned mate, it’ll be Pav whose boots will do the talking..I hope, either way let’s give it a go and make sure Hudd shoots for goal at every given opportunity…Dont panic pike!

  3. yeah. i can’t wait to see lennon tear that brazilian piece of shit apart

  4. can we not just change the song. adebayor, adebayor, his dads an accountant and his mothers a housewife???

  5. and just as a fact lennon was ill on the sunday and on the plane over there on monday so dear arry knew!!!

  6. I reckon we can do this! They have El Classico at the weekend and I reckon they want the domestic title as well and need to stay in touching distance of Barca. They will not want any injuries to key players for that game either so a few maybe rested because fo the laurels of a 4-0 lead. Will they risj yellow cards to Ronaldo, Sergio Ramos, Ricardo Carvalho, Ángel Di María and Raúl Albiol only one game away from suspension if they are to progress. Liverpool beat them 4-0 last time they were in the UK so why the hell can we not do them as well. Bale and Lennon really will rip them apart tomorrow and if lady luck is with us in front of goal we can rattle them.

  7. To lure any of RM players to commit to a red card offence is all we need, but at the early stages of the game where we will be able to see their tiring , agonising legs caving in. Modric, Bale, Lennon & VDV are capable of creating this stint merely by their pace & dribbling skills. Any defenders ideas of dirty aggression can come to its fore by dribbling past him & the mere fact that he cannot handle the situation fairly, resorts to ulterior tackling methods.Just that we need both ref & linesman to witness this.
    Are we saying that we will create an upset tomorrow !

  8. I dearly hope so !!!! Let’s forget that runt and yell for the lads to a 5 clear goals victory !!!!!


  9. How can anything involving our participation in the CL quarters be described as a ‘nightmare’ ???….Defeat by Le scum at WHL giving them the title, now thats what nigtmares are made of!!!

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