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Apr 022011

Three points in three games against the bottom three… A bit of a shocker?

To be honest I am pleased with the teams Harry has picked and I am also pleased with how the boys have performed. My conclusion is that this is just bad luck that comes from injuries. There could be another theory that the team is too focused on champions league but hey… that’s no problem as long as we get past Barca 🙂

It is going to be a tough end of a season. The team really has to fight for Champions League place and the fight will probably be with Chelsea and Man City. After the late performances in premier league most people are allready saying Spurs can’t make 4th but we all have hope because this season has showed a lot of surprises and turnarounds. All the top teams have big games coming up so they all can drop points so there is absolutely a chance for it.

Now let’s see the bright side of things: Sandro is playing better and better and we kept two consecutive clean sheets. If Bale turns out to be fit along with Lennon the team can really look more dangerous than the lineup we have seen today at Wigan. I would even try letting Rafa on the bench and keep Pav and Defoe to pair.

Because of injuries the team has been through some mixed lineups and that is certainly a big factor in the current form. I don’t have any problem with the latest results. I accept everything because this is Football.  I am still very very confident on Champions League place.


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  15 Responses to “Reality check?”

  1. i think you’ll find that it is 3 points from 4 games against the bottom 4 sides.

  2. Not the best midfield today 4 cm but no other choice i guess, seems silly that we have bentley and dos santos(i think), townsend out on loan when we dont have any wingers ourselves. Not gonna even waste my time dscussing our strikers. Sandro MOM

  3. I’ll waste little time talking about our strikers. They are pants.

  4. Well if its any consolation, the bindippers lost and chelski could only draw, we need sunderland to do us a favour tomorrow.

  5. if we do not qualify for the CL next season the one and only reason is because of the strikers. cant fault anything else, defoe, pav, crouch need to take full responsibility.

    doesn’t matter that levy and co didnt bring in a striker during jan, thats an excuse that has no argument or support in our standings, we have 3 international strikers and they have failed in all aspects.

    i am truly gutted for this season.

  6. no consolation for me, looking at the table, and thinking about the fact the last 4 games have been against the bottom 4 sides in the league we should be ahead of both chelsea and city, rather than hoping that city fail to win tomorrow so that we’re still in touch. I hope at the end of the season someone from the club has the bottle to admit that not recruiting a decent striker last summer, and then again in jan was a massive mistake, which with hindsight looks like it could cost us a place in the champions league next season.

  7. you can’t blame pav he’s not been given a decent run, crouch has never scored that many anyway and defoe is crap, so I do blame the harry and levy

  8. keep the faith, we looked in a worse spot last season,sandro’s looking tasty and i think we will come good,its not just spurs who are dropping points and hopefully sunderland will do us a favour tomorrow

  9. When our defence was crap we got away with it by out-scoring our opponents, now we have a relatively decent defence, even with the injuries, and we cant score a goal to save ourselves. That being said, we’ll prob stuff Madrid 0-3 at the Bernabeu……………..

  10. have to say, its very disappointing we havnt managed 12 points from our last 4 games. im a big fan of ‘arry yet he appears to be a bit slow to make a substitution and some strange ones at that (kranjcar in the 85th min???). i just hope we havnt blown the chance to finish in a champions league position this season… COYS

  11. I believe the main point today is that for a second consecutive game in the PL we didn’t conceded a goal. If we think that during the first round of the competition we were conceding a goal in almost every game I consider this is a great improvement. I don’t know if this is due to the better tactics we have followed or because of the four defenders who have played today. But it is obvious that they are able to keep from scoring the strikers of the team we are facing. Let’s keep this line unchanged in the coming games.

  12. Defence looking stronger than at any part of the season, mainly due to a fit Daws!!!! BEA had a couple of dodgy moments today, but hopefully he has them all out of his system ready for Tuesday. Charlie is a better defender than Hutton but isn’t looking good going forward. Bassong had a good game and would be great with a long run in the team.

    Harry tried to get goals today by starting with three strikers, VDV, Pav and Defoe, but again they all failed to start firing. I don’t understand how all their confidence seems to be on an all time low. What are they doing on the training pitch. Surely they should all be banging in goals for fun. They are all internationals and should be working on combinations to break through weak defences like Wigan who has conceeded more goals than anybody in the PL.
    Questions need to be asked. Is the problem none of the strikers know who is Harry’s first choice.

    Last season everybody chipped in with goals, but unfortunately everybody seems to have dried up. Hopefully on Tuesday we can gain a great result as we did in Milan. Real Madrid have just lost tonight so maybe their confidence will be fragile.

    Positively Gomes is back to his best. Bale should be fit (Touch wood!!!!) Big Tom is back in the squad. Sandro is getting better and better.
    This would be my team for Tuesday if everybody is fit:-


    VDV to score in 89th minute. 1-0 to the MIGHTY SPURS!!!!!!!!!!!! C.O.Y.S!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • are you suggesting that we don’t play modric, he’s our best player.

  13. Just back from Wigan – I am keeping the faith …. but can anyone please explain what Harry thinks when he substitutes ? I couldn’t see the rationale HR used for any of them !!! COYS

  14. Yes Modric is our best player, but I would like to give Big Tom a chance in midfield as he was superb last season. I actually think Bale won’t make it, so Modric to play on the left.

    I’d actually like to see Kranjar play as he is a man how creates and doesn’t mind pulling the trigger!!! I’d definitely give him more than 5 minutes at the end of the game.


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