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Jan 312011

You can watch the remainder of transfer deadline day live in the forum HERE, just create an account quickly or log in and you’re away.

Sky Sports have reported that Harry and Levy are still working late at Spurs lodge.

It’s almost 8pm and Harry in an earlier interview said he expected a quiet day and would be going straight home after training but he and Levy are both still there. This looks as though something is going on and Spurs could be working on a deal to seal that all important striker.

Tottenham have today been linked with last minute moves for Diego Forlan and Giuseppe Rossi but as of yet there is still no official word. The deadline will pass at 11pm and just like in the summer the Spurs fans will all be hoping for some last minute excitement with an official announcement later on. We all remember how the Rafael Van der Vaart deal came to light about 10 mins before the last deadline so don’t be surprised if the same thing happens again.

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  107 Responses to “Redknapp & Levy Still At Spurs Lodge”

  1. Fucking smash it levy fucking smash a few in for us. Rossi, diarra, given n maybe another striker

  2. Please not Rossi, he is no better than JD

    • He is 10 x better than DEFOE!!! but he is not worth 30 million maybe 15 million. But Carrol is not even worth 15 million and Bent 24 million . crazy market.

  3. I’m hoping for some more Wheeling and Dealing!

  4. been thinking today, a player we seem eternally linked with has gone very quiet…………Huntelaar? hmmmm i wonder?!

  5. Rossi is far superior to Defoe… More accomplished finisher, cool head under pressure, one on ones.. Can score from range.. Powerful left foot.. Stronger..

  6. I reckon itll be completely unexpected, someone who hasnt been mentioned at all for a while like….. HULK

  7. Gospel truth on this now, were not signing anyone in order to get a deal through with the premier league the palyed really has to be having a medical by 9 the lastest so not long to go….. ReAlly can’t see anything happening. Oh well Europa league here we come

  8. DEFINITELY second what spurs guvnor says, especially GIVEN !!!
    Come on Levy……DO ITTTTTTT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. No player’s worth there salt will sign for your fucking wanky outfit if they’ve got any sense.ha ha ha.

    • says you? you scummy pikey. enjoy the championship you cretin.

      • I hope they stay up just so they pay for Keane.

      • Mate, good luck in the championship. Sure the David’s aren’t going to go back into porn once they realise they can’t compete with the big boys?

        While you’re up, do you mind putting a leash on Karen Brady? I’m sure you’ll agree that she needs one.

        • What kind of RETARD club would bid for a 60 000 capacity stadium knowing they will be in the championship after the olympics. HaHaHaHa Fucking DUMB-ASS

    • You muggy pi@@y tra@mp c*@t what are you doing on our site? go and eat kebbab and find your real mum! !!! enjoy our cast offs and playing millall next year!

    • you just signed our reject 4th choice striker and are hailing him as your f*cking saviour you twat !

    • Oh dear Numb Numb. Ta ta!

  10. Am hearing rossi deal is stalling, negredo is a possible

    • where did you hear that?? harry has just been on ssn stating nothing is happening tonight

      • Phil Neville is still possible YESSSS!! this really fills me with joy…………not. I liked harry before this transfer window now i think he should pack his bags and leave season is over chelsea are better now 4th has gone and we have 3 donkey forwards left I HATE CROUCH WITH A PASSION!! he wouldn even be a footballer if he wasn’t a freak

  11. Anelka on the cheap? Would be a good short solution.

  12. Ive warned Rossi and Negredo not to sign for you yidds.

  13. Yeah but could he do it in the prem?? 30 mill is alot to waste.Hopefully twitchy will pull one out the bag. If not we aint getting 6th let alone 5th.

  14. Spurs are in decline.

    • Why do you bugger off and play with Robbie Keane. Should prove to be the final nail in your spammy coffin!!! COYS

    • say’s the man who’s team takes our rejects in a vain hope of avoiding the championship

  15. Levy is in Spain.

  16. All that anti-Stratford cobblers yesterday (I know the team did actually get some support once they were 2-0 down), surprised they all want a new signing. Mediocre ground? Why not a mediocre team as well? Let’s sign Stephen Ireland, he’s up for a move.

  17. Levy’s in Spain, me arse! He’s at Spurs Lodge according to SkySports :)

  18. Forlan and Rossi would be good enough, get rid of Crouch.

    VDV didn’t have a medical prior to the deadline did he? Would have liked Diarra to happen but surely would have been mentioned by now. Anyone who says Defoe is better is dreaming, Defoe is a top 6 striker at best, we need an overhaul up front, none of our strikers are good enough, could have been worst we could be looking forward to Keane and C. Cole up front. Still gutted we let Suarez slip through the net, seems like a snip now at the prices that are getting quoted.

  19. MightyHammer (that’s an oxymoron if ever I heard one !!!) says a LOT that you have to spend your time digging at Spurs instead of looking at your own clubs pages !!!

  20. MightyHammer: You’ve signed our 4th best striker you muppet! Bottom of the league and staring at the Championship next season.

    Can’t believe you have the nerve to come on here with your tinpot club.

  21. I think ‘fourth BEST’ doesn’t really capture it, does it? There’s a serious drop-off after Pav, and it’s not the most frightening strike force anyway. My mate has mentioned Anelka, anyone else heard that one?

  22. sky sports just announced newcastle are looking at bolton’s Elmander as he’s out of contract in the summer. now why the fuck aren’t we looking at him and sending crouch up north?????

  23. we saw today who the big teams are savage money spent .and us left behind again lucky to finish top 6

  24. their gonna shock us all and bring in someone thats gonna shock the world like when city signed robinho

  25. given gone 2 cardiff on loan so rumours r sayin huntelaar 4 me wk well wiv vdv

  26. Gazump Chelsea for Torres. Pay 50m – on form as Dowie just said could be worth 70m in his prime

  27. Yeah the two Daves are branching into Gay porn, starring mighty hammer and Avram

  28. I hope tottenham dont get sucked into to paying stupid money for a panic forward, just because Liverpool throw away 35mil on a player only worth half that. Carroll is never worth 35 mil. this transfer window is mental. Hold on to the money Levy, and we will make do with what we have. Give Pav a decent run out and he will do us proud. What the fuck am I saying??????Blow the lot on MESSI, KAKA AND VILLA………………..

  29. ARRY on SSN right now…..NEVILLE is the ONLY possible for tonight GUTTED !!!!!

    • I keep telling you guys Harry will never get a striker to upset his boy Defoe and his chum Crouch. Harry OUT!!! this is the turning point of our season and I mean downhil!!! Just watch Harry fck it all up. We have had 4 weeks to get a striker and all summer but Twitchy thinks Defoe is world class!!

      • Don’t you think that we have been the same for YEARS though…..We are the NEARLY boys, always have been…..We get within touching distance and then f**k it up !!!

  30. Harry just on SSN saying nothing happening on the striker front. Sad times.

    • The window opened on the 1st of january so why on the 31st at 20:38 is everyone surprised that nothing is happening. We were linked with Suarez for ages, yet liverpool come along with a serious offer no fucking dithering about like droopy twat and bang Suarez is in a liverpool shirt. Either Harry doesnt know what to do for the best or he thinks Crouch Defoe and Pav are all we need in which case were fucked.

      • Because we as a club and Harry as a manager are well known for leaving things to the last minute that’s why. What time on last deadline day did VdV sign?

        • VDV wanted to leave and Madrid wanted rid…BIG DIFFERENCE!! All the players we have been linked with are not looking to move and are playing and regularly. For every VDV there are 3 Rasiaks and Pav`s. Some of you lot are delude if you think we will sign a striker. I do not think Harry is really bothered as he has Defoe and Crouch and is just playing games.

  31. Keep your fingers crossed and pray that it is not Rossi..too little too weak..Forlan at 17 mil too much..Fabiano,Llorente perfect..we need men who can stand up for himself not boys..i also think pav is going as well.

  32. Harry been on Skysports off home for his dinner. End of hope for us every team around us has improved and we have not done a thing. Game over

    • Supported Spurs for 30 yrs now, I SHOULD be used to this by now !!! GUT….TED !!!!!

    • Ah man, that sucks. We should have gone all out for a striker in the summer! No one wants to sell their best players mid season.

  33. phil neville maybe what a joke total diaster mid table here we come

  34. Mido anyone?

  35. well i can confirm that harry is not at the lodge cos i live down the road from him and have just had a chat with him in our local shop.

  36. JESUS LADS, !!!! you all need to relax……. we will not turn into a bad team overnight, just because we dont blow crazy money on a player worth half what we pay for him. take a deep breath and take a look at the picture on top of this page of three of the best players in the premier league, guess what, they are tottenham players!!!!!!!!

    • Yeah agree but will they hang around and will they score 40 goals between them to make up for our strikers. Luka can`t score, VDV will get close to 20 and bale maybe 10-12. Not good enough. Pool will over take us. Europa league is the best we can hope for infact I will take 5th right now.

      • europa league if we’re lucky

      • good point tuly, its just a pity we couldn’t secure a few strikers before all the madness today. I hate the thoughts of getting sucked into a panic buy now. We always seem to leave things to the last seconds………

  37. I don’t care that we haven’t signed a new striker, I care that Harry keeps fucking playing Crouch.

    Pav and Defoe upfront has proven to work. Crouch is absolutely AWFUL.

    • Can’t see PAV getting in the starting 11 John, did you see Arry on SSN praising up Crouch !!!

  38. Stinks of loan deals if you ask me, can’t they still be concluded after the actual transfer deadline? If so I expect Diarra and another to join within the next week or two

  39. We are signing f**k all tonight.

    We are going to be left with Pav, Crouch and Defoe

    Am seriously concerned we may not even finish in the top five at this rate

  40. Just heard we’ve gone in with 18m for Forlan. Seems like Harry was talking crap on SSN.

  41. rossi, forlan ,aguero, etc . seemed exciting until harry says the only target is phil fucking neville. champions league will be gone after this season ,and 5th place might be hard to keep hold of.
    SHOCKING with what is happening else where, just shocking

  42. Hope it’s a joke, Phil Neville? Is he having a laugh, Rossi and Forlan would do me fine at this point and ship Crouch up to Newcastle, If we don’t sign a striker Liverpool will finish above us

  43. fuck it,would like gary cahill.shay given,and dare i say it carlton cole ,coz if we really wanted a world class stricker then surely have looked for one from the 1st of january.our loss to fulham came 2 weeks to late.its now a case of panic buying to try to keep the fans hopes up.

    • anelka,barry,given
      proven premiership performers…..

      that said, our best 11 all on form will still see us in the top 4.

  44. where did you here that from par81?

  45. Lets face it we have had it. I can not see our leaders getting our ‘Marque’ player. Look at those that have turned us down, assuming we did make offers. I dont hold out for anyone good, having just heard harry say (on SSN) what a brilliant player he is. I wonder if Harry is just biding his time for the England Job.

  46. another left back maybe? any suggestions,even if it is to late?

  47. no ones coming…. gutted

  48. I can’t see anything happening. Totally gutted – especially when Liverpool are bringing in Carroll and Suarez and Chelsea now have Torres. We are really going to suffer if we don’t start playing Pav with Defoe sometimes. We don’t get champs league will be very difficult to hang on to VDV, Bale and Modders. Also, if we can’t get the strikers now we are in champs league we never will in europa. Worst 2 days for a long time as a Spurs fan. High hopes yesterday and today.

    • too true,am gutted,thought we were going forward???????????????

    • Why do people go on about VDV, MOdric etc will leave if we don’t have CL? this is the first season we’ve been in it, doesn’t mean people will jump ship if we’re not in it the next. In 2 years we’ve gone from potential relegation to CL, that doesn’t mean we deserve to be in it every season. We need the consistancy first and we just don’t have that yet. Yes the transfer windows have been a disaster, but apart from VDV it’s the same squad that got us 4th last year, so why shouldn’t it this year? I would love to see a forward and maybe a Diarra type player signed, but if it doesn’t happen we have to have faith that the same team can get us 4th.

      • Are you serious?? With rumours of Barcelona and Real circling for both Modders and Bale??? Bale we can probably hang onto for another season or 2 but Modders is a bit older and now he has sampled champs league he won’t want europa or as is hugely possible with our misfiring strikeforce – nothing!!! If no-one comes in the strikers really need to step up and bang some in. Harry FFS lets give Pav a run – look what he did last season when Harry was forced to play him.

  49. As bad as it is not signing anyone(im 1 of many whos gutted!!) We could help ourselves by playing a proper formation!! 442 anyone??

  50. Redknapp has gone back to the hotel he stays at!!!!! Fucking pathetic. I had heard that the rossi deal was going through this afternoon. What a joke. What about fabiano he cant get a game at sevilla! If we dnt get anyone i want redknapp gone for being a thick cunt.

  51. We got til midnight with players abroad

  52. So we are left with three strikers



  54. What to get fucking neville in. Big fucking deal.

  55. Even getting turned down by everton and phil Neville laughable now just fucking shut the window

  56. No sensible player wants to come to spurs cos your a bunch of cunts.

  57. I wanted to give Levy and Hrry the benefit of the doubt, but after seeing Chelsea and Liverpool make signing, albeit Liverpool got the money from the Torres deal. we have done nothing! If we can bid 38.5m for Aguero, that indicates we have the finances, so why not make bids earlier in the window, try and get a compromise and work towards a deal, rather that last ditch bids that are so late they are so unlikely to be accepted…this kind of “positive PR”, isn’t fooling anyone, it’s just a desperate way for Levy to save face, disuade criticism away from the bad resutl and mkae it look like we are ambitious

  58. If Andy Carroll is £35m I wonder how much Modric, Bale and Van Der Vaart are going to go for in the summer transfer window… WHEN THEY INEVITABLY FUCK OFF!

    Not only do we not sign a striker, we actually LOSE one… PSB ain’t setting the world alight but one injury, ONE INJURY, and we now only have two fit strikers. Fucking clowns in charge of this club. Lucky to finish 7th. So disappointed… with the club and with myself, for expecting anything else. AND NOW WE’RE IN FOR….. CHARLIE ADAM! ANOTHER FUCKING MIDFIELDER!! YOU’RE A FUCKING IMBECILE REDKNAPP!

  59. What an absolute mess Spurs have made of this! Harry has well and truly balls up our season now. He has had a year to sort out the striking crisis and all he could come up with was Pienaar and a last desperate attempt to sign Adam. What a joke signing that would have been but it doesn’t matter as he cocked it up anyway!!! If everyone is fully fit Pienaar won’t get in the team. We have kissed goodbye CL for next year, are out of both domestic cups and are struggling to finish 5th. We have gone backwards from last season. I’m sure Harry will blame everyone else but it seems to me from all of his interviews that he does that he isn’t really sure what is going on most of the time. I really feel that Harry has done as much as he can for Spurs and its now time to get Jose back to this country to take us to the next level and let Harry cock the England job up.

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