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Jul 292010

Front man and full back on way out of the White Hart Lane door?

Reports in the press last week suggesting that new Liverpool boss Roy Hodgson was planning a swoop for Spurs striker Peter Crouch have gathered pace today. Now speculation has arisen that any bid could be twinned with another deal to try to take Cameroon left back Benoit Assou Ekotto to Anfield aswell!

Crouch In The Red Again Next Season ?

Hodgson Target - Ekotto ?

After announcing that star striker Fernando Torres had committed his future to the Merseyside club, Hodgson has now set about pairing the former Athletico Madrid front man with a new strike partner and has set his sights on Spurs’ former Liverpool man Crouch.

With Harry Redknapp publicly searching for a new front man and Roman Pavlyuchenko seemingly ready to stay put and fight for his place next season, Crouch’s chances of a regular start seem to be deteriorating by the second. Crouch could therefore quite conceivably see a move back to his former club in a favourable light considering his prospects at the Lane going into the new campaign.

Ekotto is a stranger story, however this rumour seems to be gathering momentum on a daily basis and now appears to have some substance. Unhappy with his current options at left back, Hodgson now seems ready to move for the Spurs man to add some balance to his Liverpool side, and sees B.A.E as the perfect option to play in behind prospective signing Royston Drenthe.

Can you see either move coming off? Would you be upset to see either player leave the Lane at this time? Let us know in the comments box below …..

  22 Responses to “2 To Go ? ……. Hodgson Set To Swoop ?”

  1. Show me the money. I’d take it and sign Wayne bridge (city now have boateng and kolorov).
    Also, on an unrelated note, anyone else notice that Suarez scored for Ajax in champs league last night? That means he’s cup-tied, so there’s no point signing him.

  2. Pretty sure you can’t be cuptied after playing in a qualifier

  3. Pretty sure you are

  4. WAYNE BRIDGE??? no thank you, BAE will be going nowhere and if he did we wouldnt waste time and money on injury prone bridge, how are these stories gathering pace? i have seen one article over the last 2 weeks and that is it, hardly gathering pace is it? i don’t think suarez will be cup tied due to it being a qualifier and you don’t have to submit your CL team til group stages.

  5. I can tell you fact direct from the players mouth….BAE is not going to liverpool…….he does not want to go to liverpool……He loves it at the lane………………

  6. We’d be mad to let BAE go. In my opinion, he’s one of the best left backs in the PL. Terrific first touch, fast, hard working, reliable and can cross a ball. If we lose him, where is our cover for Bale? Wayne Bridge? No thank you!

  7. Torres as an exchange and maybe Gerrard for good measure

  8. spursman79 – The BAE rumours started last week but quickly went quiet, over the last few days there have been a fair few sources reporting it again so search around and you’ll see that it has been doing the rounds.

  9. Heaven help us if the best alternative is Wayne Bridge, a left back that’s failed at Chelsea and City, teams we’re hoping to at least compete with and sign him for probably more in wages and transfer fees than we’d get for BAE?. And we’re replacing Crouch with whom exactly? we’re short (not in his case), up front as it is. Lastly why sell them to Liverpool, the same side we’ve been more than generous with by buying Keane back, after they illegally pinched him?

  10. BAE is the worst left back i have seen. Sell him and bring back my hommie retro zig!!!!

  11. aldo, its nothing but a rumour so HOW is it gathering pace? news is slow so for example the daily mail will make an article and a couple of days later the express will copy it but twist it a little to make it look like there own story, it isn’t gathering pace as suggested, to gather pace something actually has to happen and guess what…………………. nothing has.

  12. BAE improves every season, with champions league experience that will only improve him and our players even more

  13. no way will we let bae go and certainly not to a potential rival in scouser red -Do you think just ‘cos the ‘pool boss is a cockney Harry wants to do business with Roy?……….complete and utter bullshit, how about this one for rumours? Steve Gerard was a boyhood Spurs fan – he’s finally come out of the closet and cried his heart out and has told Hogson in no uncertain terms that he wants to join THFC so Harry is considering offering Andros Townsend plus £5M for him although he has’nt promised Gerrard first team football to start with and Stevei G is ok with that..(that’s a better story, see it’s easy), you try now..

  14. spursman79 – to gather pace nothing has to happen ,it just has to be suggested that it has or will !!! Whether anything does actually happen or not I don’t know but as I said in the article it’s only a rumour so read into it what you will!

  15. mattspurs, that story is gathering pace now as i have read it also lol

  16. haha..spursman maybe that’s true then, maybe the PL managers are reading these message boards and get their ideas for players from here..but then half of them can’t do a shit right so they have to get inspiration from somewhere..

    On a separate note I heard that Joe Cole and Fabio Capello had a ‘clear the air’ talk today …
    ‘It was a difficult chat because his English was very poor (the greedy cunt)’ …said Capello ..:-)


  17. Lol Matt

  18. joe cole knew he wasn’t gonna play in the middle as much at spurs, good player he is but not in the same class as our own luka modric, i have heard that spurs are trying to sign berbatov back from united in a £13m deal, hope this don’t gather pace.

  19. Id take berba for £13m if the talk is correct, i think Keane has lost alot for all aspects of his game and i think Berba would still give us a few good season the stroppy GIT

  20. The only momentum thats gathering is in your slack brain dude!

  21. Terrific dont spoil you site by peddling rubbish this is all down to woy not getting Crouch when he was at Fulham. Has everyone forgot who scored the winner for us on our special season Yes Mr Long leg Crouch. They can have Ekcotto because Townsend and Bale looked good and Rose also looked good . Triffic site bad Info

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