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Jul 142011

I think the title says it all in this case.

 This Modric BS is really getting old quick. I really thought this story would just go away and Luka would be a Spurs player come September. Unfortunately, every day there is something new whether it be a transfer request, a gentleman’s agreement or a undervalued bid from a cross-town rival. Yes, Chelsea wants one of our best players (I know, shocking) and we don’t want to sell. There are so many things that are driving me mad about this whole mess. So we shall list a few points.

27 million? Really?

So, Jordan Henderson is worth 20 as is Stewart Downing, yet Luka Modric is only valued at 27? While I am aware that Luka doesn’t score many goals or get too many assists, he does create a multitude of opportunities and more often than not, is involved with the play leading up to a goal. That is the only negative thing one could say about him. He has adapted to the physicality of the English game and is able to control a match from the center of the park. He is capable of doing many wonderful things with the ball and has a great range of passing. Luka has also improved the defensive side of his game with solid tackling and a fearless mentality even when dealing with some of the more physical players in the EPL. So, 27 million is what’s he’s valued at by Chelsea. If I was him, I would be insulted by their valuation as those two other players mentioned earlier may be good, but not near Modric’s skill.

Chelsea will bid again and it may be around 30-35 million.

What to do then? Well, hopefully Daniel Levy will dig his heels in and say “if you want him, the bidding shall start at 45” or just tell them to piss off. Either way, Spurs would benefit. 45 million is alot of money to play with. Yes, Luka would be a loss but not the end of the world. Huddlestone and Sandro (when he comes back) would work together as the two holding midfielders and leave the scoring to the wingers, Rafa and a striker. I am not going to say who we should buy (*cough Llorente cough*) but with that kind of money, most strikers could be obtained. Plus, there would be some extra for another world-class player.

But then we are a feeder club.

I tend to disagree with this idea. Even the best clubs in the world sometimes get stuck in this situation where one of their best players want to leave. Look at Ronaldo and United or Ibra with Barca, even Zidane left Juventus for Madrid. Sometimes you just have to realize that when someone wants out, there is no way to change that opinion. But this is where good business comes into play. One must maximize the profit when selling one of their prized assets. Levy is a good businessman and if the time comes where Spurs decide to sell, he will get top-dollar. This much I am pretty sure of.

We would be strengthening one of our rivals.

And this, being my final point, is a tough one. Who else is willing to part with 40-45 million, even 35 million for anyone? Yes, Chelsea may be able to splash the cash but there are a few others who have money. Look at Juventus, they are looking to spend money and play the Barcelona way, maybe we can get them in on the bidding. Barcelona would be a good fit for Luka as he can be seen as a Xavi-type player but do they have the funds? Maybe. How about this one. If Inter sell Sneijder to United for 35 million, we could offer Luka to them. The Italian game would suit Luka as he is technically gifted and good at starting the counterattack. Plus, we would stick it to Chelsea. And screwing over a rival is always a wonderful thing.

Just a few ideas. Let me know what you all think. Thanks for reading everyone.

  43 Responses to “Ridiculousness…If That Is A Word”

  1. stupid is another word and thats you.

    1) DOWNING/HENDERSON ENGLISH THATS THE PRIMIUM (croat 10 a penny Brits salt of the earth)
    2) Barca inter hahahahaha (NURSE HE NEEDS HIS TABLETS AGAIN maybe even a needle)
    3) What was it 2 goals for 25 Million he is Expensix anything over and Levt should be up on charges for robbery.
    4) you value him at 40 million WELL PAY HIM WHAT A 40 MILLION PLAYER WOULD GET..FFS its easy
    5) you have (well Levy) pissed the guy off dont sell & that will be like playing with 10 men..
    you get what you can & move on..
    6) your a shit club anyway so you should be able to finish around 7 or 8th,,with or without him


    • Blue Moon’s comments have all the class you would expect from a supporter of a club that lucked out and got rich in a hurry. Anything else to sell besides your name?

    • City fans are funny and intelligent too!
      Congrats, you just made up a word!

    • shut up mate you started supporting city a month ago lol you were a united fan for last season and probs a chelsea fan the year before keep your mouth quiet petty kid

    • Its not the school holidays yet is it Bluemoon, actually judging by your spelling you most likely don’t attend, special needs home schooled perhaps?

    • Etihad in Arabic means united, so enjoy wearing your schity shirts with utd emblaised across the front while use play at the utd stadium numb nuts

    • Whore club ,whore supporters,whore ownners and third best club in Manchester after United and united reserves,enjoy it while it lasts you prick because when the sand whores fuck off every club in the league will crucify you whores but meantime you enjoy your sand jockeys cock up your arses you slags.

    • i just love these pricks who come along & embarrass the real supporters with the crap they spout.
      anyone’ll tell you that citeh will be penalised under the fair pay rules as even those idiots at FIFA & UEFA can see that the £400 million name deal is a sham & unless the owners come up with another few million to bribe blatter, platini & co they can forget about renewing their passports for next year

    • a few years ago in a cup game at maine road (your old ground if you didnt know already) your fans give it large walking on the pich, after 1 came right up in my face giving me the w sign so i hit him like a ginger step kid and he wobbled and ran. i hope that was you, you little mug, but for sure you didnt even support man city then, you were still walking around in a man unt shirt back then, you little flid!

    • 1/ Well if you do not want him, why not leave it alone?
      2/ Please make your purile attempts of writing more legible in future.
      3/ If an owner of a contract sets a price or states what is not appropriate then that is their prerogative.
      4/ A buyer can take it or leave it, there is nothing wrong with a haggle, however it might pay to be realistic.
      5/ This is the way it is in any marketplace or has that skipped past you?

  2. See when D Levy says not for sale at any price, I thought he meant any price.

    Last year Citeh would not even loan Bellamy to Spurs for fear of ‘strengthening’ a rival. So why in Hades would we give a team who finish 3 places above us our best player. If we lose him, Bale and Sandro will be next.

    So the stakes are high here, even 45 million without Champs League will not attract the top class players we need.

    This will only end in tears!

  3. I think levy should just admit defeat and let the boy go. He is a class player and deserves the right to better himself. Yes he can get 30-35 mil and it’s a fair price and both spurs and luka do well out of the deal but holding out for 45 is a joke.

    • Or perhaps not selling our best player is the option. The lad is on a 6yr contract and is worth a lot to us, and how would he fucking better himself going to a club like Chelsea, if it was Barca or Real yeah maybe, but a chav team like them. No way.

      • When you play for a club like spurs There is plenty of teams you can go to to better yourself without it being a European giant. Chelsea are a club of the future and are only going to get bigger. Luka can se that and wants to be part of it. He’s outgrown spurs

        • Waahhaa, Club of the future, one of the youngest members of your team is your fucking manager. Club of the future, good one.

          • Exactly, he’s the future you numpty.

            • If he makes it past christmas without being sacked or cracking under the pressure.Portuguese football is a stroll in the park compared to the premier league and Roman would sell his grandmother to get his own way ask the previous how many managers?>

            • He’s history in the future if he don’t win the CL in his first year. Not long now till Roman has had enough then its hello administration.

          • i don’t we’r biger or not , spurs they’r no merch us 4anything , we defiet them 16year on da row and nw they claim dat theri a biger , oh comn u moroun don’t make mi laugh u joke

  4. The ideas you have are infact very smart ! I hope more than anything that Luka joins Chelsea…Too bad for Chelsea, he is a way too loyal player…He could easyli gotten a move if he just threatend with scoring owngoals and playing bad…but he is to loyal for that. Anyways, when the time comes and Chelsea offers £35million Tottenham cant resist and Modric is a Chelsea player 😀

  5. well I think Bluemoon you’re a moron!

    I bet you belong to the EDL too!

    if you look into the history of our 2 clubs, yours does look as poor as Chelski’s, the fact that you think you can buy class & think that you earned it like the humble clubs that have been building a history like ours!

    • Spuds i agree u have history.And history u’remain at least Chelsea have a future

      • A future of ageing players, a future of another manager sacked, a future of being one of the most hated clubs, a future when your chairman has had enough and takes away his billions leaving you with the baliffs knocking at the door. Nice future that.

  6. Stupid is definitely a word, well done. You could also use it to describe that prediction. Deluded is also a word.

  7. Lets put Spurs into perspective
    Football today is no longer a game it is big business!
    Money talks,money buys success, that is derived from “Billionaire sugar daddies” and ground size or both.
    We had the 3rd smallest ground in the Premier leagues top 10 teams of last season, I don’t think that was a failure, we still qualified for Europe all be it the 2nd tier competition but still more revenue
    Until the ground fiasco is sorted out we have to be realistic and not have our head in the clouds and try to compete financially with some of the other clubs, I remember the demise of Leeds.
    We are knocking on the door, and I genuinely believe our day will come sooner rather than later.
    Patience will prevail!

  8. Whats the point with a bidding warif a player knows where he wants to play, and thats Chelski…

    I’m a spurs fan, but realise that Modric has not said he wants to leave spurs at any price!.
    He has said he wants to join Chelski, and that is the bottom line…

    I know Real would want him, possible Man U and City, but Modric does not want to leave London. He just wants to join Chelski!

    • Then he should not have signed a 6 yr contract a little while ago .. tsk so fickle

  9. modric is as good as hendry thomas(wigan).sp*rs fans shld admit it,chelsea(mind you,nt chelski) is a bigger club.get over it and get a life.

  10. Chelsea are a richer club, not a bigger one you gimp. Man City are the same. No history, just lots of cash. Sadly I think Luka will go, but I believe we should over charge any of the richer teams because we are losing a quality player. Cough up Tue cash or bore off you slimy cunts.

    • City had a history … if my memory serves me right, it was all bad. It has only got better with the injection of totally unearned capital. As a long term prospect one has to question the morality of that situation. the same could almost be said of the Russian Maffiosi playthings however they have had at least a little history.
      My personal solution to this would be if Chelski want us to weaken our side by making us lose one of our better players that much, they have to recioprocate by strengthening our weak points with dead wood of theirs we need… oh and a truckfull of cash ( because they probably have too much anyway)?

  11. I think you’ll find that if you look back in history Chelsea have always had more supporters. I’m amazed that just because they had a bad run in the 80’s you class them to be smaller. Seriously wake up and smell the coffee. 82,000 attendance is Chelsea’s highest, whats yours? the facts are out there. Wait a minute maybe you’re counting when you was playing in all those non leagues, those 12 people and a dog all add up.

  12. hope Levy has the BALLS the great Brian Clough had and tells Modric you signed a 6 year contract, your playing for us, all be it at your best in the first team, or you can rot in the reserves.

  13. Jesus this ‘spurs are a bigger club’ stuff is nonsense and you lot know it, especially on a UEFA ranking, in present footballing history and as a European and International brand, Chelsea is a bigger and more prestigious name.

    The ‘you got no history’ guff is boring and absolute bollocks, it’s this arrogance of Utd, Arsenal, Liverpool and Spurs fans that if you weren’t winning trophies from 60s-80s then your team didn’t exist. Absolute bollocks. Nottingham Forest won the European cup twice, do they have more history and therefore more deserving of your praise in today’s footballing climate?
    The thing is, before Roman came, we had been in the top 6 for the last 5-6 years, whilst looking down on Tottenham.

    Luka is worth up to £35m I believe and not a penny more. I’d suggest Spurs would be wise to take it rather than leave it to the last minute, leaving a gaping hole in your midfield and having £35m in your pocket you can’t spend until January, by that time the damage may have been done to your season.

    Take the money and just be done with it I say.

  14. Spurs have history and history will remain at Chel6ea have a future

  15. Spurs fans have a massive complex about being a “big club”

    They constantly spout about history, but what do they mean precisely? Huddersfield Town and Preston North End have a history of winning the league title, Nottingham Forest have a history of wiining the european cup, are these “big clubs”?

    How far back do you want to go? If you take the entire history of the Premier League 1992 – 2011, Spurs have averaged a finishing position of 10th. They also come in 11th in the league table of support.

    I think the FACTS are pretty clear.

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