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Jun 012011

Hearing all the rumours about Hutton and Naughton made me wonder who should be right back next season?

Personally I would like to see walker as right back and sell Charlie and Naughton. most likely though Hutton will go not Corluka. just wondered what people thought?

Hutton is hit and miss, good at going forward but not so good at the back. Corluka is a decent defender but has a serious lack of pace as we witnessed against Arsenal when Walcott exposed him. Kaboul never lets us down either at right back or in the middle and is definately worth holding on to. Walker looks very promising indeed at defending and exceptional at getting forward.


  32 Responses to “Right Back Next Season?”

  1. Definitely not hutton. I think corluka will be but my preference is walker or kaboul. Tbh with you hgm thinking just about potential strikers.

  2. Corluka as 1st choice. He’s a good defender. I haven’t seen many wingers get the better of him. Going forward he lacks pace but links well with Lennon.

    Walker as back up. He will eventually progress and be 1st choice but lets not put pressure on him too soon. A lot of fans expect him to absolutely fantastic even though they’ve hardly seen him play.

    • I agree fully with Mike. Corluka is seriously underrated. He is 1st choice right back for Crotia and while he lacks Hutton pace at right back (Walcott had one of those games and Corluka played out of position at left back) he defends extremely well against pace and class. He does link up well with Lennon going forward. Walker as back up and Kaboul can play anywhere at the back.

  3. Walkers positioning at villa was suspect , maybe with galllas or ledly he will improve

  4. Walker has greater pace and goalscoring capability. Corluka is a better defender, but is very one paced. Kaboul has good pace and heading ability but shows people inside to easily. Walker needs to be given his wings in the Spurs side. Look how good Rose was at the end of the season.

    Walker Daws King Rose should be our starting back 4, unfortunately it is more likely to be
    Corluka Gallas Daws BEA which immediately puts Captain DAWS on the wrong side.

    • that is absolutely crazy to think rose should be starting at left back….have you watched any spurs matches?? BAE has been the outstanding defender this season, not gallas and certainly not daws…

      • ZAK,
        BEA has been superb, but within minutes of each match starting you can tell whether he is going to have a nightmare where he gets caught cold and gives away sloppy goals. BEA is also a weakness at the back for his heading ability. I could name several goals that are down to back post crosses where BEA is to blame. Rose is young and hungry. Bombs up and down the left wing the whole match and generally has been faultless with outstanding tackling and defending since coming into the team. I for one would play Rose!!!!!

        • It should be a healthy rivalry between the pair of them.But its got to be BAE to start with

    • its also crazy saying Walker has greater scoring ability, he scored once last season whereas Naughton scored 5. You would think people would check facts out before posting really ; )

      • Naughton was at Leicester in the Championship, scoring 5 goals. He is great going forward, but anybody who saw the Spurs v ARse C.Cup match this season would have seen a right back totally out of his depth. He was totally exposed against the Arse, but undoubtedly has talent for the future. He needs another loan season.

        Walker’s crosses and shots for Villa in the PL showed he is ready for THFC. He has made the England senior squad for Switzerland. He is big, strong, pacey. Great going forward but is also a superb defender. He will push Corluka all the way next season. No question, at which point I will tell you Yidster you are the crazy one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Walker has all the attributes to become brilliant. But Charlies our main man. Bilic said his best position is def midfield, yet never played him there?

  6. at LB rose and BAE to battle it out. for RB sell hutton. tbh i dont rate kaboul at RB. much better CB imo. at RB charlie to stay as 1st for now. they should be rotated so they get to play. i also think walker could be backup to lennon so naughton can also play. i think naughton will play in el/cc. so our RBs will be charlie, walker, naughton. id only play kaboul there if something happens and we have no choice. its just lennon and charlie link up so well together. i hope walker and naughton also. naughton just seems to be a bit behind in development but should be kept

  7. Hutton in a spurs shirt is an embarrassment !!!! SELL!
    Corluka is a very clever player, have seen oil tankers turn quicker but some how he more than holds his own, great when linking with Lennon. Keep.
    Kaboul I prefer at centre. Keep.
    Walker is a great prospect. Keep.
    Nauhton, dury Still out.

    • Agree completely Mario, and a great line about the oil tankers. Would have Charlie, Kaboul-King, Daws-Galas and BAE as Prem starters and in Europa have Walker and Rose to gain experience. Also would have Kaboul ‘do a Vidic’ and get up front more for corners, as long as Vdv doesn’t take them.

  8. I think Carlie and Modders are best mates, I’d like to think that keeping Charlie will help keep Luka happy at the lane.
    As for a right back…
    I think hutton will go,
    Naughton will probably get sold/loaned out,
    Kaboul, i think he’s quality. but better at centre back.
    Walker looks like a future star.but maybe not yet… hopefully he’ll step it up a notch when called on to cement his place.
    Charlie’s a solid player but got no pace… he should be first choice with walker playing against quicker wingers.

    another thought… Boswinga (spelling?) his contract is out i think. chelsea forked out £16M-ish for the lad so he cant be bad.

  9. Keep Charlie. Luka likes being around other Croatians. I wouldn’t care if he only had one leg, we need him to keep Luka happy, especially with Krancjar (unfortunately) probably moving on.

    • Completely agreed. Charlie goes, Luka’s days at the lane are numbered…

  10. Well there are whispers of kranjcar staying which I’d be very happy with , he’s always impressed me apart from Bolton

    • It would be very useful to have a happy Niko Kranjcar at Spurs next season.

      But with VDV at Spurs too Niko will always be a bit part player so I don’t think he will be happy to stay.

      At this stage of his career he needs to be playing and would grace most clubs in the top half as a first team regular.

      As good as VDV can be buying him probably caused more problems than it solved especially when we needed a striker far more than a Niko replacement.

    • Apart from when he has scored, Niko has always disappointed me when he has come on. He does not find it easy to get into games when he comes on. However, when the shooting chance comes, he is ready for it. He needs more starts, and is just not going to start with VDV & Bale & Modric preferred to him in his positions. He wants to go because he is not a first teamer at Spurs any longer.

  11. Kaboul and Gallas are cover for R-Back and C-back and they WILL play as we have enough games for them to feel they are part of the squad. Kyle should get the nod ahead of Corluka but they be first choice r/backs Hutton – bye bye. Like wise Rose can cover for both BAE and Bale so Tick there. Bale can also cover l/back so we are sorted and Woodgate/King and Daws are he first choice defenders and if we can manage Woodgate and King through the season we will have a quality pairing. JUST DO NOT play them together even when they are both fit. And we do have the young Caluker that should come into the squad like Rose did. I say let the FULL Squad compete in the 4 competitions we are in.

  12. I think I would most like to see Naughton, you have to have balance in the side. Although he has actually scored more goals than Walker he is more defensively minded. All for RB are good enough, but we don’t need for. I would be tempted to give Walker 1/2 season on loan in the Prem sell Hutton as he could command a reasonable £5M + lets see who is looking best at the end of pre-seaon with Corluka and Naughton, I think fans will be surprised when they see more of Naughton at how good he is. Looking at Walker he just needs to understand his defensive positioning. Although he could do a Bale and turn into one hell of a Right Winger with his direct running, could be kept as cover for Lennon (might even be more effective)

  13. I would try to get Hutton off the wage bill – as it is well known that he is a top earner, and by no means first choice. I would keep the rest. Naughton has played LB for Sheffield United. So I think he could help ease Ekotto’s burden. Corluka is No.1, and Walker should be eased in to get experience, and when more pace is required in an attacking sense. Or when Corluka is being done for pace, we can bring on some pace in that area. What is important in a squad game is to have different types of player in each position. Hutton did well last season – if not blessed with natural defending ability. Hutton was useful when Lennon was absent because covers the entire wing well. However, it looks like Walker can cover that too.

  14. Why would sell naughton ? We have only just bought him, walker to start RB next year. Naughton to be back up. Sell hutton and charlie (hes so slow in unreal) and keep kaboul for center back cover

  15. Its unlikely harry would sell the 2 experienced right backs and keep the younger ones. its more likely he would sell hutton and one of the kyles and loan out the other one. also he would probably want another average past his best player from everton: neville

  16. Hutton looks excellent when he gets a good run of games, but apparently him and Redknapp don’t get on so that’s not going to happen. Let’s buy a new one, keep Walker and Naughton and Kaboul because he is flexible back up for a few positions.

  17. – Sell Hutton
    – Play Corluka
    – Walker on the bench, play when we need going forward
    – We have top central defenders when they are without injuries in King+Woodgate

  18. I like Corluka, he’s very calm and assured. And versatile, he’s had a few good games at centre back. Just hope Ledley gets a run next season, It could have so different for us this season if he had been fit. He slotted back in and was outstanding against Liverpool, and Daws looks so comfortable next to him. Danny Rose was excellent in the games he played at the end of the season but for me BAE was possibly our best player player after Modric last season. Yes he made a few mistakes as someone else pointed out but so did every other defender in the EPL. Also think Kaboul is a very good defender and Gallas had a very good first season.

  19. Walker is weak at defending at the moment and had a poor second half of his spell at Villa. Walker may improve us in a year or so but doesn’t right now, which is what we need.

  20. I like Hutton, but that has more to do with being a Scot then due to his quality… 🙂

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