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Dec 312010

So AC Milan have said he can go for around £7m but personally I think Harry and Levy could knock that down to about £5m so do you think it would be worth a shot?

Ronaldinho is 30 and still is quality, he just needs to find a new hom to love him for the last 3 or 4 years of his career so why not Tottenham? He has been one of the worlds greatest players over the last decade and if we could sign someone like that instead of Beckham then it would really make the world take notice of us.

I know a lot of you will be saying “but who would he replace in the team” the answer is nobody but with all our games in the Premiership and Champions League we need to rotate our squad. He can play right or left and behind the striker or even as a striker which means should the likes of Lennon, Bale or Van der Vaart need a rest we could replace them with a player of equal quality.

Spurs are now an attractive proposition and surely he would fancy a crack at the Premiership, he will see we have players like Bale, Modric and Van der Vaart and relish playing with those guys. It would boost the clubs status worldwide and surely increase revenue through shirt sales, so at £7m or possibly even less with a bit of wheeling and dealing do you think Harry should try grab another bargain? If we don’t step in then the chances are he might move to America or even back to Brazil but at only 30 I think he still has 2 or 3 years left in him that could make a difference to us by improving the players around him and bring even more experience to our team.

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  35 Responses to “Ronaldinho?”

  1. I can see the merits of either him or Beckam. Of the two, I would prefer him…but would his merchandising/branding equal that of Becks?

  2. no thanks. the days are gone where we buy has-beens coxie

  3. Too old.His form can only deteriorate from now on.

  4. Best player I have ever watched. I know some may say Messi and Zidane are better, but I don’t think anyone can deny Ronaldinho is the most entertaining out of them.

    Ronaldinho flicking balls over peoples’ heads onto Bale and Lennon runs. Great. Also would mean that defenders could no longer double up on Bale.

  5. Go! Go! Go!4it!

  6. He would want Maaahusssivvvveeee wages :/

  7. No point, he was at one time the Worlds best, not now though! For £5 – £7Mill we are better off putting that in the pot to sign a quality Striker like Fabiano or Suarez. Thats what the team needs, a strong quality finisher with ability.

  8. @beachbum, do u reckon 30 is too old? For 5-7 million isn’t he worth it? We have a busy schedule coming up

  9. I think him and van der Vaart would create a formidable partnership. They’re both “midfielders” but both play in such an advanced way that they could easily be considered strikers. Especially Ronaldinho, he doesn’t track back or help out defensively, but will come back a little deeper than your average front man. Keane and Berbatov worked because they linked up exceptionally well, despite both of them not being considered “out and out strikers”. Both van der Vaart and Ronaldinho have been prolific enough, and both are smart enough to make it happen.

    Why is it that when a player reaches 30 they’re considered a has been? He’s still a goalscorer, a great character and a brilliantly skilful player and 30 is not old at all. He was also considered the best player in the world for a while, and as a result will always bring the benefits from merchandising too.

  10. Why aren’t Milan working hard to keep him? By all accounts he’s still a bit of a party boy, it was partly the reason Barca got rid when they did.

    We’ve been unable to tame Giovani dos Santos, so why would harry take the risk with Ronaldinho?

    Don’t get me wrong, I love his style and it’s even better that he smiles when he plays – like he still loves the game – had we got him earlier in his career I’d've been absolutely chuffed to bits…

    We need a BIG centre foward. Let’s spend £40m in January and win the CL at Wembley!! COYS

  11. Yeah we should put it in the pot to sign Fabiano…another 30 year old who has never been as good or prolific as Ronaldinho, but would be more expensive, has a worse disciplinary record and has only proved himself in one league.

  12. No thanks.

    Harry does not sign has beens just for the shirt sales.

    Same goes for Beckham too.

    The links with those type of players are from the Spurs past when we were mid table and desperate for glamour.

    Now we got a proper manager in charge and a team going places we don’t need to look for stunts like signing these two.

    Just a couple of strikers and we are sorted.

    • I am not saying he’s a has been, he is only 30 we have players of that age so should we sell them because they are has beens? It is important to any team to mix youth with experience that is why Chelsea are now starting to struggle.

  13. Agreed we should keep krancjar or sign Pienaar if we want back up for those positions he could cause problems if he dont play and as said above he doesnt track back watch Lennon and Bale people take for granted the work they do without the ball.

    I would use that 7mil as a part of kitty to sign a striker, I think our transfer record is 16 million, I believe we should go and smash that. 30million should be the reward for getting us to top4, champions league knockout stages and the fact we will sell more dead wood, we spent about 12 mil on VDV and Kaboom in the summer thats all.

    I say 30mill 1 striker whoever we want from Carroll, Suarez, Fabiano or Benzema

    Id have Benzema

  14. if he came in within the wage structure and cost no more than we get for keane then we would have to have a sniff, i dont want to sound whingy but can we please stop calling for fabiano/suarez as the answer, neither are proven in the prem, i get the feeling that because they sound exotic everybody fancies them, remember, dos santos made the world cup team and cant get a seat on our bench, genuine world class strikers are like hens teeth,so lets stop talking about 25-30 million pound for what is really nothing more than a punt!! i’ll scream it again eto,eto,eto

  15. No I base my decision on Suarez for his physical build and his ability on the ball, Fabiano is a risk agreed but he scores goals.

    Who do you suggest then because Pav Crouch and Keane arent good enough

    And stating that they are unproven in this league is ridiculous no rival would sell to us, and Van Nistelrooy, Henry, Bergkamp, Klinsmann, Cantona, Drogba were all untried in this league at one point wasnt they?

    Giovani hasnt got the personality or the build for this league and the position he plays we have better players

  16. Offer him free dental cover, otherwise, I wouldn`t waste any toothpaste over it.

  17. The only player we could get in this league who is proven in his own way is Elmander, man city wont sell us anyone and Carroll wont leave Newcastle.

    Now I would rather take a risk with an import than sign someone below par.

  18. Oh I see Etoo I didnt read it properly, yeh he is the best option, agreed get Etoo I shat myself every time he touched the ball at WHL

  19. He is only available because of Gremio can’t afford him..He is perfect for Harry and Harry is perfect for him. Di Canio anyone?

  20. WTF ?? Why do we have to sign this player ??? I’ ll give you some points :

    1. He would be cheap for 5 M but wtf his salary at ac milan is 8 million euros and becuase of taxes milan pay 16 million every year.
    2. Milan don’ t want to play him because he partie’ s alot so wtf again we have a world-class midfield but this is not the right pick.

  21. He could ruin everything we’ve achieved until now. Only if your intention is indeed to destroy Spurs you could take him. We need players with strong personality and a winner’s mentality. No jokers any more for Spurs.

    • Didn’t we all say the same thing with Gallas, and how many of us have no changed our view on him and see him as a great signing?

    • are we talking about laughing boy or the plague, he will want to prove it to himself as much as anything and he wouldn’t be the biggest fish in our exotic lake just an ugly one!

  22. We have a technically gifted AND hardworking team. Not sure if Ronaldinho would fit into that 2nd catergory though I cannot deny that he’d be an exciting player to see. Cup-tied for the CL though I guess.

    If we could get him on £3m or so, as he’s out of contract in the summer, and wages of around £50k pw then it may be worth it.

  23. I think he would be an awesome signing, dos santos would make that step to the next level learning from players like him

  24. I’d be more worried about his attitude and its effect on the dressing room than anything else, never had that worry where Gallas was concerned, just about his sanity…..still do.


  26. i only say have a sniff because he has been there and done it, which is the difference with vdv, mancity apart its genrally agreed that we have the best SQUAD in the prem but lack the experience, world cup winner, champions league winner,la liga winner, not only that think of the comedy teeth that will be available outside the lane!!

  27. If he could still cut the mustard why would Milan be getting shot of him at that price?, perhaps Dos Santos needs a mate to out clubbing with but other than that reason, there’s no footballing one that merits either him or Beckham joining us. The aim surely is improve the squad not fill it with has-been’s and expensive ones at that!

  28. It was only two years ago when we could only ever DREAM of having him on the team sheet.
    Now we’re in a better position to ask for him.


  29. Deluded TWATS. Ha Ha

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