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Aug 292010

I have heard a few words in the last few minutes and some Inter Milan sites are reporting that they have sold Sulley Muntari to us, keep an eye on this space I will update this page with more throughout the evening as and when I find out.

There are a few Italian sites saying that Tottenham and Inter have agreed a deal to do business for Sulley Muntari, they claim the news of this will break out within the next few hours.

Redknapp who managed Muntari at Portsmouth has always been an admirer of the player and has made no secret of his desire to bring some of his former players to Spurs.

It could be that due to Liverpool being linked with the midfielder after the sale of Javier Mascherano that Redknapp has decided to make his move fast for the 26 year old.

This Article will be updated over the next hour or two while I dig in for more research so keep checking back…..

I quote one Italian site here although they are all reporting the same thing:

“Sulley Muntari is a new player of Tottenham. The Ghanaian midfielder after nearly six months of hesitation decided to accept the offer of the British club and will move immediately to England to get employed by the technical Harry Redknapp.

The two had been together at the time of Portsmouth and is therefore a return to basics. Happiness for the player who, having realized that he had more space in the Inter team, she decided to run in London that training will also attend the Champions League.

The deal has already ended but because everything will have to wait until we formalize the classical specifications related to bureaucracy. The transfer from Italy to England will in fact some slowdown. Muntari should be available to his new team from the next round of the championship.”

So lets wait and see if this is true or not, no English tabloids have picked up on this yet, you heard it here first at Triffic.


More Italians are picking up this story now here is another quote:

International markets – the adventure ends after two seasons at Inter’s 26 year old Ghanaian Sulley Muntari, according to what is reported in these minutes of the on-line Tuttosport, was transferred from Inter to Tottenham. The Spurs player had at least one season, Muntari, where the negotiations would end favorably, soon found himself against the old fellow in the double challenge of the Champions League between Inter Milan and Tottenham.

So it is gathering pace in Italy but not so much in England yet , one site is even reporting that it is Inter who are trying to sign Bale and have thrown in Muntari + cash for the deal. I can’t see that Harry would ever let Bale go.

*Update 2*

More Italian sites still reporting this story

“Considered absolutely transferable by Inter manager Rafa Benitez, the Ghanaian midfielder Sulley Muntari (26) after two seasons spent in neroazzurro could be about to leave the club champion of Europe in order to land back in the Premier League season in which he already collected a season with Portsmouth in 2007/08. According to the indiscretions gathered from Tuttosport and highlighted by FCInterNews, former Udinese, currently tied to Inter until 2012, was close to Tottenham Harry Redknapp, engaged in running for cover after the disastrous early stage of the season.”

  61 Responses to “Rumour Emerging That We Have Signed Sulley Muntari”

  1. much rather this than parker

  2. Yeah, that’s what we need- another Defensive midfielder! We would have beaten wigan if we had another DM in there.

  3. What a crap purchase. Of all the possibilities , muntari ??
    Come on, pls be false

  4. Although Sully is a quality player, where is he going to play? Harry and Levy should be concentrating on bringing in a quality front man that we are crying out for. Always thought the Young deal was unlikely and didn’t make sense, maybe that was a smokescreen for this deal? We shall see.

  5. Well, if this is true, you are the legend, coxie…

  6. I was thinking about him and why it had gone so quiet and if he was still a possibility as we were being linked with Parker & Diarra.

  7. check wikipedia it says hes a spurs player !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Rather have Lady Penelope than Parker

  9. Is Diarra or Muntari the better player?

    • Both similar, I would probably say Diarra edges it for me but others might beg to differ

  10. Where’s our new striker, more importantly?!

  11. If this is true then its a very good signing and will almost end the hope of signing Diarra or Parker

  12. Not sure we can believe this I mean would Inter sell a useful player to us we are now one of their competitors in the Champions league group stage

  13. Wikipedia also said Luis Fabiano was officially a spurs player for 15m euro’s, two days ago. These people messing around with online ‘facts’ before deals are completed are not helping our cause. If Sevilla’s directors etc. had caught wind of it they might have carried on fannying about with the price, as might Inter now.

  14. Annoyed with persistent links to inadequate players. We have not been playing well this season despite a 4-0 victory over a “championship” level european side and need to freshen things up with a couple of world class players. I trust Redknapp as a manager but not in the transfer market unfortunately. Parker, Muntari, Rossi….please leave off!

  15. Muntari is an attacking midfielder and used to play on the right-wing when with Harry at Portsmouth. He’s played in CM for Inter

  16. I think that this is either nonsense or is Harry building a Portsmouth mark 2. I think that over the last couple of weeks we can not depend on BAE, he can either be great or complete rubbish and if he does not play well then Bales as to go back into defence. Why is Harry not sorting this area out, Bale is much better on the wing. Secondly we need a DMF as soon as possible. If the stories are true that Keane is going to Newcastle, we are getting around £12 million, then we have got the money to gfet a striker who actually knows where the goal is. Come on Harry get this sorted asap, otherwise we cxan expect further shock results during the season.
    By the way Muntari is not the answer, sounds to me like panic buying, maybe another Rasiak??
    All summer and we have Sandro who seems to of disappeared. Gallas, a good buy or not, jury is still out on this one. Then you say Muntari…… Not looking good and this is not me being pesimistic, its being realistic!

  17. mmm hope the Fab deal isnt dead in the water, a quality striker and another defensive midfielder would really beef up the team just enough and give them options in games like yesterdays.

  18. He can take palacios’ place. He had another appalling game yesterday.

  19. Young, fabiano, diarra, or muntari? I am gutted that we will end up with him. He is attacking midfielder. Not creative just speed and power, not technically great either.
    No wind left in my sails!! Pls no no no no no

  20. Nice to see wikipedia being updated….


    On 29th August 2010 Middlesbrough agreed a deal to sign Muntari from Internazionale for 6 monkeys. He penned a 3 year deal at the English club.

    Oh dear…

  21. If Bale was part of any deal there would be a riot.

  22. I personally think Muntari is better than Diarra; Don’t understand all the hype surrounding Lassanna, he spent time at Ar5ena1, Chelsea & pompey and he didnt do much, Sulley had more of an impact in his season at pompey; also remember he scored a few screamers from long range.

  23. Surely we should be spending all available funds on a top class striker? We have plenty of Midfielder’s we should be concentrating on a top class striker it is the one positionn we are crying out for, all we need is one really good striker and we will be away, stop wasting money on more midfielders and buy a proper fcking striker spend all the money on him if we have to all of it.


  24. What are the urls of these sites?

  25. I’ve learnt to trust you, Coxie 😀

    Is this a go-er?

    • lol took you long enough stratty, I bet not but you never know because this one has started in Italy and not by our media so there might very well be some truth in it, either way the club won’t be saying much now.

  26. TopYid, we don’t need a striker, we have Robbie Keane! Hahaha 😀


  28. Muntari, Diara, whoever. I am willing to trust Harry and Levy on this. I’m pretty sure Harry knows who he wants and i’m sure we have adequate funds to strengthen the team. I am also sure that there are negotiations for other players going on right now but I am always left scratching my barnet at how many people posting on these forums seem to think there is a player supermarket and all Harry has to do is stick a player in the trolly and cart him off to the checkout! Not that simple i’m afraid. Players have contracts with clubs that may or may not want to sell and every manager, owner and chairman is trying to get the best deal for their club. Whatever will be will be but I am certain that Harry and Levy will do the best they can for our illustrious club. And remember, Muntari may not be your first choice but he would be an improvement on someone in our squad and therefore we would be better for having him. Wilson is hardly impressing at the moment or perhaps we should let Jenas have another chance!!!!

  29. Underwhelming. That’s what I honestly feel. Is Redknapp’s vision totally limited to his ex-Portsmouth players?
    Do we need another midfield player, unless we are going to unload Jenas or Palacios? Sandro is supposed to here any year soon and O’Brien will be back from injury eventually. We are simply accumulating players of similar quality who might get us 4th place in a good year but are not going to take us to the next level.

  30. Who are these people saying Muntari is rubbish. He was a decent player at Portsmouth, was sold to INTER MILAN. Has done well over in Italy and if he was that bad don’t you think that Mourinho would have sold him? I say he would be a good buy for us and how many bad signings has Harry actually made since he has been at the club. Who cares if he used to play for Portsmouth. The strikers will come in before the window closes, this is just the way we do business Levy will always leave it to the last minute to get the best deal. Have faith in the Manager and the Chairman

  31. Good signing if its true! Muntari is very versatile and can play defence mid/ centre mid/left mid/left back. Now bring in Young and Huntleaar and we will be getting somewhere. Spurs should also think of a player who can replace modric effectively when he is injured because yesterday i feel we missed him. Van Der Vaart would be good and he wouldnt be very expensive and we could maybe get rid of o’hara/jenas to get the squad numbers right.

  32. Reading Italain Links Jenas could be plotting up at the San Siro as part of the deal????
    One mediocore midfielder for another.
    Need a striker now.

  33. Hunleleaar!! Fellas overrated,suarez or fabiano shit all over him

  34. Why is everyone saying Palacious is shit all of a suden, hes had a few off games, but make no mistake, he turned our hole team around last season, HIM ALONE, we never had any steele in our midfielf for the last 10 years, he’ll come good again, but really need to start playing 4-3-3, 2 holding players with pace and power, tommy stroking the ball around and Bale and Hutton bowbing forward, Thats right Hutton, is perfect for 4-3-3 as he gets forward, the 2 holding players can cover him at the back, until we start setting up like that we will be fcuked in CL

  35. Suarez is cup tied for CL, Fabiano would bankrupt us! be nice though! lol

  36. Coxie, thanks mate – I hope they are not another Caughtoffside bollx site – cos this is the best trannny rumor for ages! STOKEY YID – hutton will never pull on the shirt again, Palacios been shat for way to long now. He’s had time to rediscover his form – enough is enough!

  37. well wiki has just updated from muntari being a tottenham player to being a inter player its a load of rubbish dont belive this folks its not happening

  38. I think it’s very possible, and would welcome it. L Diarra started for Real Madrid tonight, so he’s not being sold. With Sandro going awol (and being young and untried in the Prem), we need someone to put pressure on Palacios, who has lost some of his edge in the past six months or so: it may be that he is still struggling with his brother’s death (having cited him as his inspiration when he first joined us). Wilson will come good again, but we can’t afford not to have cover for him, whether it be for poor form, injury, suspension or just rotation.

  39. Alan Hutton would have provided better crosses that Kaboul yesterday, and Keane would have probably scored a goal with a pass from Jenas, but they were both on the bench, why.

  40. Just seen on the news Jack Wilshere has been arrested on an assault charge where a women ended up with a broken arm.He has,nt made the first team regularly but is carrying on a time honoured Arsenal tradition.At least Arsene can truly say he did,nt see the incident this time.

  41. After months of courtship in the end it was “Yes” for passage of Sulley Muntari at Tottenham. Midfielder back then to the Court of Harry Redknapp after experience with Portsmouth. The deal is now signed and bureaucratic lack some details right, but already in the next few hours could get the official announcement for the operation. It learns from the online version of BBC News.
    Thats what the Italians are saying. Cheers Coxie

  42. If Eidur Gudjohnson is looking at a loan move to Stoke,surely we could get him on loan for another season.His experience would be useful and i thought he played well for us last season.When Defoe goes off to have his operation he would be good cover.

  43. More than the transfer news,was the dissappointmant of Saturadays result againt Wigan.All credit to Wigan for being organaised on the day.But we do not seemed to have learned our lesson from last season in many repects.The loses to Wolves and Stoke at home last season being a case in point.Where teams that come to the Lane,and play a mainly defensive game,we seem to lack the guile to penertrate them.Not that we were in top form on Saturday but things look very ominous and very much like what happened last season.4th spot all being well,but we will have learn to put these teams away if we are to believe our future is going to be brighter.I hope that I am not being too negative here,but it does make one wonder.And I sincerely hope I am proved wrong.

  44. Harry seems to like his old players so much so why not Matt Taylor?
    Saturday proved yet again that Spurs are nowhere near good enough cos its the same old story, Harry needs to toughen up on the squad, Levy, get the fkin money out and get some QUALITY players ffs! OOps..too late again…oh well.


  46. We’ve got to do something,because it’s not looking good when we can’t win against the bottom club at the lane after a game in Europe,that lets face it was a formality.
    I hate to say it but when was the last time we won at Chelsea or Man UTD away.So bare this in mind when we go to Milan needing points to qualify.
    The fact is we needed to strengthen every department of our squad if we are to move on to the next level.
    All our defenders are either sub standard or crocked and this is nothing compared to the problems we have in midfield and attack.
    Lennon is not good enough that’s a fact He’s quick but most of his crosses are stray and Jemane Defoe is the most over rated striker because he can never score against the big clubs,expect him to be exposed as the lightweight striker he is,remember Martin Jol didn’t fancy him this season in Europe we will all see why.

  47. Some of John Cahills post is spot on.We need a top drawer striker and have done for years,a midfield general who can be hard,fair and influential and another defender as well as Gallas.I think we are going to be left feeling flat. Itotally agree with the financial prudence but if we dont do it now while we are in Europe and on the back of a top 4 spot then when are we going to be able to do it.


  49. where’s the quote come from?? how come you don’t give us the link??

    • cos the links are in italian, these are translated for you, and if you read the comments I actually did give a link to one or two.

  50. this site is so rubbish , just put misleading headlines on to increase hits,

  51. we really don`t have enough quality up front. what does arry see in defoe i do not know we`ve had all summer to get a quality striker in and now we`re after rossi from villereal ffs.we`ve been striving for cl for years and when we get it we panic.wigan on saturday was woefull , we`re now relying on movin people out so we can get someone in.arry promised us a top striker and we`re still waiting.muntari will be usefull for cl games but is like wilson imo.frustrated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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