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Aug 282010

Just when we start believing all the hype that we might actually be really good this season and other people saying we are title challengers we go and get a nightmare result against a poor Wigan side. Now I tipped Wigan for relegation this season and I still think they will go down, so why do we always struggle against teams like this, why do we fail to find the net?

I then watch Manchester United v West Ham and at no point before, during or after did I think United would end up the way Tottenham did today, I don’t know why but the top teams win these games and when they struggle they grind out a result and rarely do they lose. Can you imagine Arsenal, United, Chelsea even Liverpool losing at home to Wigan today or like we did last season to Wolves? Whenever Arsenal play at home I am pretty sure that they will end up with a win but with us you just never know.

I had already told myself today that Blackburn would get something from the scum today and we would beat Wigan, giving us a three point gap but never did I think it would be the other way around, maybe I am guilty of believing the hype that we are actually a top team. There’s no doubt we have massively improved but was last seasons 4th place a fluke?

You have to credit Wigan, they got humiliated last season and were obviously out for some payback but my question to everyone is why oh why do we struggle at home agaisnt the teams we should easily beat and then go and beat the top teams. We really do enjoy making it hard for ourselves don’t we. It reminds me of Hull, Wolves and Stoke at home last season, silly points dropped. Is it a mental thing? do our players think the game is already won before even walking onto the pitch? Someone please help me out here.

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  1. We lack the 2 or 3 players of top class to gel the whole thing together. With out them we’ll strugle for 4th again, but with them, we really stand a chance of greatness.

  2. As an ugly American watching Spurs from afar, it seems as if the overwhelming emphasis was on wing play, which certainly has worked against Man City and Young Boys, but did all notice how much Wigan packed in against Bale and Lennon? Loads of room through the middle to attack but not the skilled player to do so

    HR laments the absence of Modric, but who else could take this role – Dos Santos, particularly with Hud in support. If the opposition leaves the wingers, it can be Bale and Lennon all day. If opposition packs it in, simply need at least one ball handler that can run through the middle.

  3. Woah woah woah, I never thought we’d be title contenders this year, certainly not after what we had to watch in front of our eyes today anyway.

    Anyway, it is a mixture of things. Complacency (which also got us a 3-2 thumping from Young Boys in the first leg of the CL playoff), dodgy officials (Dowd gave us absolutely NOTHING and gave Wigan every benefit of the doubt!), but mainly sloppy play by Spurs (in particular Palacios and is erratic passing to particular blades of grass).

  4. bunch of tosssers mate!

  5. Bale was out of position for those three attempts that cost us one goal, we were stretched. We are now the sort of team that people are frightened of. They will park the bus, we just need to get more creative about dissecting them. I can see now why Harry is constantly looking at midfielders. We need a striker but a midfileder who can unlock this time of teams. We are a next tier side now, and we need to adjust our game accordingly.

    Chelsea, Arsenal and to some extent Man U have it. We just need to find that way to get around teams who dig in to defend. Or a defensive lapse in concentration will cost us a precious 3 points

  6. The Spurs franchise has not yet understood all it takes to deliver consistently high performance. The players feel entitled to take it easy after a victory – rather than seizing every opportunity to demonstrate their superiority like champions do. For Spurs management – this would be high priority – to change the mentality of being almost good enough and fooling yourself that you are equal to the top 4.

    We all have friends to talk about their life goals and ambitions. But a goal without a plan is just a pipedream.
    Spurs need to shake themselves up and change this lazy second rate mentality.

  7. ignoring the gooners all the other top 4 contenders have world class strikers who will score 25+ league goals per season. we just don’t have that class up front, chelsea have drogba, man u have rooney, liverpool have torres, man city have tevez and adebayor. defoe last season scored 18 league goals, 8 of which came from 2 matches, so ignoring those two games, he scored 10 from 32 games, crouchy, keane, and pav aren’t any better. I think we would have a better record against these lower teams if we had a top striker in our team.

  8. F-g tottham, hate em..

    I´m g*yid!

  9. for me spurs are only a humiliation.i dont know if i lough or i cry when i heard harry saying that we are challengers.they never going to make it.they are going to be sorry for entering in group champions leaque.they are going to feel embarrasing.they are not going to 4th place again, they are going where they always where,a midlle classe team.they are going to be forgatten.shame on me for supporting spurs,never happy.

  10. I cldnt agree mo with M Sullivan cos as a Nigerian(a pretty 1 i must add) watching the game from afar i noticed d same thing.All the players(well every1 except M.Dawson who must secretly admire Crouch as he kept hitting annoyin long balls that almost never found anybody in a white shirt) did was win d ball n give it to Bale who always had at least 2 players closing him down(oda manager do watch us n see how formidable he’s become).It got me wonderin wat Azza must have done to d oda lads as he used to be a dependable outlet n in d corresponding game last season ran Wigan’s rear nuts(my man of the match on that day).Given as GDS is lightwt i felt HR shld have allowed Tom to sit deep 4 WP(who was off the boil 2day) n put Niko in front.The boys got feet with loads of tricks,a sizeable rocket in his boots,holds d ball like glue n a good vision for a pass.He may not be Luka(My Luka!) but he’s equally good enough to play CM,HR shlda put GDS LM,Bale LB n Niko CM.I agree with calls for a Fabiano/Klass striker but the present set of players can do much damage.

  11. Bizarre – we go away and beat Stoke and at home when we expect a home banker we dont turn up. Lets just hope its a one off and the players can shake their CL blues after those games. The squad has enough quality and depth to keep players fresh and interested.

  12. Really dont want to be giving out about the team but that was a bad performance. Why did JD start? He is not fit and should have been benched from the start, we miss Luka he will back soon. Lads never turned up today which is a shame wasted opportunity if we want to finish in the top 4 again these are the games we must win, no excuses. We need to sign a proper striker, JD is not the answer and hasnt been for sometime we need to sign someone better than him and get Sandro in beside the Hudd asap. Lets hope this is a once off.


  13. This article is a shocking case of dismissing the ‘little team’ against the big boys.

    Spurs were beaten by a Wigan team more up for the game than Spurs – simple as that. One poster blamed the referee – what utter tosh! You shouldn’t be in the position where a referee’s performance comes into play considering the squad you have.

    Perhaps we (Wigan) will go down – and no doubt you will think we deserve to so do. Despite being the newest team to play in the top league, representing an average sized Northern provincial town, and having been brought back from the brink if liquidation, we have no history or fans eh?

  14. I have to agree with M Sullivan, too much emphasis on the wings and no creativity in the middle, full credit goes to Martinez who definently did his homework and completly exposed arry’s 4-4-2, Arry needs to take the blame also as did nothing in 90 minutes to change the shape, and needs to answer why do you need to have a back for when the oppostion have 11 men behind the ball, in addition why have Kaboul when he offers you neither wing play nor creative midfield.

  15. Forgot to add,…………. why did Harry have two central midfields sitting deep all game? surely somebody must have shouted to Huddstone to move forward, or perhaps they were out numbered? infact everybody was outnumbered except our back four.!!!…. Arry definetly has some answering to do.

  16. We need a finisher and a central midfielder but i don’t trust Harry’s buying skills…keane, palacios, kaboul, bassong (they can’t be THAT good if he thought we needed Gallas) and Crouch (to a lesser extent). We all know Harry likes a buy…i just can’t think of one buy he has made in his managerial history that has been world class – say unlike Fergie or W*nger!

  17. Chenyi is right on the money. Way too many long balls. Re the middies, yes to one holding, one skilled. If not a coach, you should be!

  18. TD & HR – too right re the the deep sitting pair and about the lack of adjustments.

  19. Mr. Martinez did homework and his players just did the job. I saw no adjustment from HR beside putting Niko in the game. It was so obviouse that what we did is to play on the wings and cross it to Crouchy. That was all. Wigan prepared for that. no space for Bale and Lennon with many men in the center in front of their center halves. But HR somehow never changed his 2 defensive mid to move forword to create different dimension of the game. Our players have better skill than them. But tactically we didn’t put ourselves to use that strength. I am getting bored of HR’s tactics against teams who come to sit tight…close space…and use one tricky player to smash us at one chance. And, we have lost to this many times. It wasn’t just a bad day. We just lost tactically and didn’t adjust our play. In Harry I blame.

  20. I am glad in a way this has happened now, so early on in the season. If HR and the Team don’t take responsibility for this and do something about it we can forget 4th this season, can you see Wigan going to either Liverpool, Man City or Arsenal this season and winning, the answer is NO!
    Bale is not a LB dragged out of position too often when he went to LB. Harry should know teams are coming to the Lane with 5 in midfield, why don’t we match them like for like, Im sure that we would have had enough quality to then better them in the middle. Why not line up as Lennon, Huddlestone, Niko, Palacios, Bale with Niko behind Crouchy. Harry has to change his tactics sometimes to counter other teams negativity against us. Yes its frustrating and its points dropped, but after the international break we face West Brom (A), Wolves (H) and the Hammers (A) three games there that we can potentially win and pick up 9 points.

    As for Transfers, well I cant see us bringing in a 20+ goal striker or a Midfield maestro so we have to go with what we have – Fabiano is a NO – Rossi? not sure its what we need and Huntelaar is off to Germany – the sooner Sandro is in playing the bettter, he is far better than Palacios, keeps the ball better, uses it better and can score.

    Early days still lets not get too down hearted with the team, lets not forget its the same team that got us to fourth last season.


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