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Jul 312010

Was browsing around Youtube and I came across an interview with new Spurs signing Sandro, I don’t know if many of you have seen it but for those of you who haven’t here it is.

He looks decent enough, let’s face it if you play for Brazil you can’t be too shabby can you. He seems keen to join us which makes me like him even more. He goes on to say that he will always give us 100% and was happy to see us finish 4th last season. I just hope he is the real deal and not another over hyped youngster like KPB. He plays the defensive midfield role which you would think that Harry has no plans to play him alongside Palacios, so is he going to be backup or can he actually offer something different?

The midfielder has signed a five-year contract with Tottenham Hotspur and will join the club once Internacional end their run in the Libertadores.

  24 Responses to “Sandro Interview”

  1. Do you feel better after having a swipe at KPB? He proved for Portsmouth and in the WC that he’s a good player. Spurs should be looking internally for the reasons why he didn’t perform for us. You’re an idiot.

    • Shannon, KPB is a decent player but he is not world class nor has he lived up to the potential he was said to have had, He was supposed to be the next best thing since sliced bread according to reports in Germany, if you can say KPB has lived up to this reputation then I hold my hands up but I disagree, i am not saying he is poor and he has done a lot better for Portsmouth than for us but that is because we have a better squad with better players, yes he improved at Portsmouth but he was playing in a team that finished bottom of the league so an average player will look better than he is in a bottom of the league team, when he plays in a team with Lennon Modric Huddlestone etc he looks below average because they are all better than he is. So if by stating these facts I am still an idiot then fair enough but that is my opinion and that is what makes this a beautiful game, I never said what I state on here is always factual, if you don’t like it then go and start your own blog called KPB is amazing!!

  2. Agree completely with Shannon, we sign so many players with potential, they fail, yet perform elsewhere, KPB is going to be a quality player

  3. Totally agree Shannon. I had heard good things about this site. Idiotic renarks about KPB tend to douse the enthusiasm for a relative newcomer. I trust the writer has had his or hers 15th Birthday

    • smith, can you please point out my idiotic remark as you call it? can you honestly say that KPB was not given an over hyped reputation when he joined Spurs? did I insult him as a footballer? did I call him shit? No i said he was over hyped, meaning he never lived up to his reputation, so if that makes my remark idiotic because it is an honest opinion then I am sorry, but if you think KPB was amazing for us then you must have been watching another player to me. My point was we always buy these young players who are wonderkids and the only 1 in recent times who has lived up to it was Lennon so far. The likes of Routledge, blondel, KPB etc came and went within a season or two, please read the comment in future mate. I am Spurs through and through and I will never dig at Spurs players past or present without good reason, KPB is no exception he tried and it didn’t work out but I am sure I am not the only Spurs fan who was expecting more from him. I don’t blame him, it is not his fault if the media gave him an unrealistic reputation.

  4. Interesting interview. Thanks for posting. Looks a good prospect so let’s hope he takes to the Premiership like Gilberto did for Arsenal and not like Kleberson did at United.

  5. KPB is shit, he was to slow, to erratic and doesnt know what to do with the ball. he was average during the world cup

  6. yeah agree wih the above abit but there is no way kpb is are ever was going to be world class, decent player tho who looked a good player in a poor portsmouth team and an over achieving ghana side, fact is he could not get into the germany squad so says it all. sandro looks a really good player who seems to have a good attitude, the way he manipulates the ball when in his control is very similar to huddlestone, he does however have a real natural aggression and speed across the park which will be great to have in our side when he is settled and recovered from his brazilian season. In reguards to wilson i no longer see him as a starter, tommy stepped up to the plate last year and seems to finally be using his weight, thanks to wilson showing how its done, modric proved he can control the game from the middle and no longer needs to be pushed to the left, for the future i see hudd and sandro together with modric in a central 3. If we get parker it will be a short term solution to add some experience and bite something we still lack allowing sandro a year or 2 to come into his own.

  7. As it says in the interview, Sandro was one of eighty-eight players called up to the Brazil squad during his tenure as head coach. Eighty-eight!!!!!

    Yet this 1 cap international is getting overhyped beyond belief.

  8. When Ardiles and Villa came to Spurs in 1978 they were allowed time to adjust to a new league and they both turned out to be great servants and useful players in a developing Spurs side.I hope Sandro and any other signings especially the foreign ones are afforded the same luxury.If the likes of Irving scholar and Doud Alexiou had not interfered in a successful team at the time we would not have lost Keith Burkinshaw as manager.The rest is history ,but one wonders what Spurs could have achieved having won 3 trophies and runners up in another in the space of 3 years.As Shannon and others said was KPB a bad player or is something wrong internally at Spurs remember he was voted best young player in the German league and they are not a bad league me thinks.

  9. KPB is definitely not the finished article, but he is still young and I believe he shows tremendous potential. It was something Harry spotted too when he arrived and KPB and a few others had been banished to training with the youth team. Harry expressed positive thoughts about KPB but by then the damage had been done and the youngster was on his way out. Sad.

  10. KPB at portsmouth was twice the player he was at Spurs, maybe that’s down to the fact he was playing in a poorer team and the other players looked to him for inspiration, his effort can’t be brought into question either. Maybe he was better at Portsmouth because he was given a better run in the team or because he gained more experience and confidence. I think to myself sometimes that maybe we should have held onto him a little longer, but I really don’t think he would push anybody out of our team, maybe in another 2 years he might improve even more, who knows. It’s one of them funny things in football you just can’t understand, like why is Berbatov not as good for united as was for us, maybe because at united he is playing also with better players so he doesn’t stand out. Its a myth, I just hope Sandro is one of these kids with so much promise who actually deliver for us early on.

  11. Oh by the way, i’m working on a video to get you all in the mood for the champions league, check back here tomorrow when I’ll put it in a blog.

  12. Glad you got the video working Coxie.

  13. KPB was useless he used to foul the player everytime he tried to tackle them! many youngster come in and dont perform like routledge, reid, taarabt, devenport, dervitte etc. they are at lesser clubs except taarabt who just simply isnt good enough! we signed lennon, dawson, huddlestone, BAE, bale, bassong, danny rose and so on as youngsters now next season will all be a part of our champions league push! KPB showed a little bit at portsmouth he was good but lets face it o’hara was theyre best player and his not good enough for us

  14. I like the look of him. I especially like the fact he talks about celebrating when Spurs qualified for the Champions League qualifying rounds. Look, he’s an unknown quantity. But I’d take an unknown quantity over the known quanity of Jermaine Jenas anyday! Bring him in, throw him on as substitute to start off with and see how he goes. By the end of the season, he may well be a Premier League star. Welcome, Sandro!

  15. “lets face it, you play for Brazil, you can’t be too shabby can you?” I’d love to agree but Lucas at liverpool has 4 caps and is one of the worst midfielders in the league. Kleberson has 32 caps and is shit, remember that old center back for Newcastle? He was shit, and still had a few caps. And of course our very own fan favorite, Gilberto – 35 caps. 35!! I’m not sure who was worse, him or Raziak. Just cos you play for Brazil, doesn’t mean your good. Sorry Sandro. Great interview though, cheers.

  16. You lot that defended KPB obviously didn’t see him play in a spurs. He was a selfish git who tended to have tantrums with other team mates when it didn’t go his way. Good luck to him but he was never going to take spurs to the levels we hope for. Get over it. He’s gone.

  17. I’m over it, Stoney. I didn’t bring up the subject.

  18. he seems a bit more technincally gifted than placios seems a bit similar to parker , i dont think kpb was that bad but he still not tottenham standard would still prefer kranjcar and bentley

  19. lol 21? really! he looks like a proper adult, could he be the next kanu?

    also, wilson needs some help after his incredibly long stretch of continuous football, without a break. wigan, confederations (?), spurs, world cup plus the personal stuff….

    so sandro could be our new mikalele… hopefully

    ps: we do need to do more with our youngsters, luke young would have saved us years of pants right backs if we’d stuck with him and now both kyles and bostock look to be going nowhere fast. only rose has true potential in harry’s eyes and even o’hara is finished now 🙁

  20. Living here in Colombia, I have watched all of the Copa Liberatores games and of course closely watching Sandro ply his trade with Internacional.

    I can say that this guy has incredible speed and his ability to track back and chase at every given moment proves that. He is not too shy at all when it comes to tackling either and given some time to adapt to the PL, I can see him being an incredible asset to our team.


  21. lol shannon, please grow up. “i didn’t bring it up”.. you sound a lot like a little kid.. and you did bring it up. you made the first comment, calling the writer an idiot because of what he said about KPB. if you dont agree with him thats one thing but to call someone an idiot because of something said about a sport seems pretty damn idiotic to me

  22. KPB was over rated and still is…if him and jamie ohara (both center midfielders) are that good then how comes they never helped portsmouth out more. midfield dominance wins you games as Spain and Barcelona have proved. They were average players that worked out there socks for a struggling portsmouth and thats shannon thinks they are good

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