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Jun 192011

Calling all fans of The Spurs Show! It seems the highly regarded show has hit troubled times and may not be able to fund the new season. 

For those of you that don’t know of the show or have never listened, The Spurs Show is a highly comical weekly podcast focused around our beloved Spurs. Hosted by Phil Cornwell and Mike Leigh, the show has also welcomed many top guests including Paul Whitehouse, Ricky Villa, Paulo Hewitt, Martin Chivers and Theo Delaney, to name but a few.  

The podcasts are light-hearted, generally consisting of whinging and moaning about Spurs’ ability to bottle completely winnable games. 

The show has won the EPL talk Best Club Podcast and Editors Choice Awards for the 09/10 season amongst numerous other awards. 

Unlike many shows, the presenters do not get paid but in fact fund the podcast out of their own pocket. It seems the show is in trouble of not making it to the new season due to lack of funding, so the show is asking for donations, however large or small to enable it to continue into the new season. 

To view the official appeal click here:

To donate please go to:

  12 Responses to “Save The Spurs Show!”

  1. We should make a £4m bid for Drogba.

  2. For 4million i want Drogba and Lampard.

  3. fuck chelsea , fuck modric ..fuck em all

    • Fuck Chelsea yeah,fuck Modric ….lets wait and see,fuck them all… maybe.Levy must have some bollocks and Harry better be playing a straight hand.

    • Yeah fuck Tottenham.

  4. YEAH!..The SPURS show is coming to an end,Modric want’s to leave and so does any other sensible player at YIDD land.

    Spurs have ruined a great deal of very promising player’s over the years,and its good to see the wheel’s falling of the smelly cart that is Tottenham Hotspur football club. hahahahaha.

    That bald headed little Levy should be made to kneel before Chelsea and hand over Modric for about £5 Million,he’s worth no more than that.

    Tottenham will never win any silverware ever again in your history.FACT.

  5. The judge has blood on his hands just like that financial terrorist d abrominator we the people are paying for banking crisis because of this bonds gambling pirate remember that next time you put money into this arms dealing cash cow, I urge all fans of every single club to boycot all chelski matches whether it be home or away this Satan cocksucker has taken enough of our money already!! Abrominator go Rape some other league….this message is terminated

  6. ah, school’s out I see

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