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Oct 262011

An awful lot was debated on Tottenham forums both before and after the signing of Scott Parker. “Will he bring anything to the team?” “He’s too old.” And such like. Well we’ve seen a few games played now, some with and others without Scotty in the side. And I think he’s done an stirling job holding that midfield area together.

So well in fact that he has won September’s player of the Month award on Xtra, @SpursOfficial at Twitter and via Tottenhams official page on Facebook. They asked fans to send in their questions for a Player of the Month Q & A and, as always, people responded in style – they had over five hundred questions inside two hours.

Obviously, The official site couldn’t ask all of the questions, so here’s the best from Twitter, Facebook and Xtra.

If you haven’t before been on the Official Site look out from Monday, when they’ll poll the fans again for October’s Goal of the Month and Player of the Month awards – followed by another chance to quiz the POM winner!

Until then though. Here’s your very own Scott Parker. (I have chosen a few questions for you to look over, to view the rest visit Tottenhams Official Site).

What are the main factors that have helped you settle so quickly at Spurs? From Robert Flockton, ‘Robert_Flockton’ on Twitter.

“The main thing is that the lads have been brilliant. It’s been an easy transition for me and the lads have made it easy because they’ve helped me settle in quickly. It’s like any walk of life when you go into something new, I think I described my first day here at training as being like the first day at a new school, it’s quite nerve-wracking. However, when people are so warm towards you, players and staff, it’s a massive factor in terms of settling in.”

Your partnership with Luka Modric has been hailed by fans as one of the best in the Premier League. What do you think of Luka? From Brendan Moorhouse, via Facebook.

“I said last season when I was at West Ham what I thought of Luka as a player and I’m now delighted he’s alongside me and not against me. He’s a brilliant footballer and we’ve got many, many technically gifted players here. It certainly makes life easier for me playing alongside someone like Luka and it’s probably unfair just to say Luka, there are so many talented players here.”

Who was your football idol growing up? From George Sessions, ‘GeorgeSessions’ on Twitter.

“Paul Gascoigne. I used to watch him a lot and he was everything you wanted to be as a footballer when I was growing up. I remember the 1990 World Cup, Gazzamania and he was just a fantastic footballer. Gazza was the one I looked up to.”

Who lightens the mood most in the dressing room? From Matthew Spencer, ‘mattyspencah’ on Twitter.

“I’d probably say Sandro. To be fair, he has an absolutely great personality about him, really warm and he’s got a lovely way about him. He’s always happy around the place, a real positive vibe about him, always cracking jokes or trying to make people laugh. So I’d say Sandro.”

How was your first North London derby? From Harry Hunt, ‘harry_hotspur’ on Twitter.

“I’ve got to say it was pretty special. I’ve always watched this derby from afar and people have told me all about it but you never get a real feel for it until you are involved. The atmosphere was something special and on the day we won the game and got the three points, that made it more even more special. It’s a memory that will stay with me for a while.”

Who is the hardest midfielder you’ve played against? From Jack Bagley, ‘Jack_Bagley’ on Twitter.

“In terms of physically tough, I’d say when I was first starting out and played against Patrick Vieira. It was always a physical battle. He’s a big man and he used to let you know that in the way he played, skilful as well. In terms of most skilful, I’d say Eyal Berkovic. Maybe it was because I was young at the time, I played against him and he was very hard to mark, technically a very good player.”

Would you ever consider a haircut like Sandro? Kenneth Krey, ‘kennykrey’ on Twitter.

“No! I don’t think I could pull off a hairdo like that, it needs someone like him to do that!”

What position do you think we will be in at the end of the season? From Jack Lim Jit Sin via Facebook.

“The manager has stated that we want to try and be in the top four and I think on our day we can beat anyone. If we continue to play as we are at the moment, keep being solid away from home, we’ve certainly got enough in the squad to get into the top four and if not, more than that. I honestly think we can have a real good go this season.”

As one of the older players in the team do you feel you have more responsibility in helping the younger players coming through the ranks? From Scott Metherell, via Facebook.

“Yes, I think so. I always look back at when I was coming through and the senior players I looked up to at Charlton and now that’s turned around, I’m a more senior player in the squad and there are younger players coming through, so there is a responsibility in terms of conducting myself in the right way and always helping the younger lads if they want my help. I’d be more than willing to help and always there if they wanted advice.”

What is your most memorable footballing moment? From Kyle Freeman, ‘kylewozere007’ on Twitter.

“A few years ago at West Ham, we were struggling under Gianfranco Zola and played Wigan at home, a massive game and I managed to score and we got a vital three points. That stands out. Then with England, the Wales match at the Millennium Stadium (March, 2010) was a massive game for many reasons, special for me to represent my country and making my debut under Fabio Capello. I’d go for those two at the moment.”

Have you ever had the opportunity to play abroad? Would you have always stayed in the Premier League even if that opportunity came along? From Dan Moriarty, via Facebook.

“I think I would always stay in the Premier League. I’ve always said that certain players are suited to certain leagues and certainly the way I play is suited to the English league.”

I hope you enjoyed reading them as much as I did. Make sure you get on the Official site next Monday and get your questions in. COYS.

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  6 Responses to “Scott Parker: Question and Answer.”

  1. Great work to the boys at TTND. Keep it up. Scotty… you are a legend and by the sounds of it a true gent. It’s a great time to be a YID.

    Come on you mother fuckin spurs!!

  2. Scotty makes the team just that much better. And I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, his attitude on and off the pitch, the clean haircut, and the tucked in shirt tell you all you need to know about him: he’s a gentleman, full of both class and quality. He’s been here for two months and he’s already a legend. If he retires at white hart lane he will be remembered as one of the spurs greats. There can be no better captain and leader in our squad, save ledley.

  3. Who was the coach at spurs who used to take the warm ups has he gone to man city?

  4. I used to play with him as youngsters, was a top lad back then and seems to be now. Glad we got him at Spurs he has added a lot to our team already.

    • Coxie you are great. its only luck he got there and you are stuck blogging with us. twat.

  5. Trojan.IS.Agent.EMI…nice little virus blocked from this site.
    Nonlethal but still a virus. Congrats

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